The Substitute Bride: Making Memories Of Us Chapter 37

Chapter 37: Can’t Escape From His Control

Arlene looked at the man sitting in the middle, and he immediately attracted her attention.

His handsome face and unruly temperament made her red lips curved into a charming smile.

“Sir, are you looking for me?” she asked.

As she spoke, her fair arms clung to his arm.

“Miss Arlene Woodsen?”

His voice was so cold that Arlene felt like she froze for a moment.

Her brows furrowed, wondering how did this man know her real name.

She had always used the name Lene everywhere.

Even when she went abroad and went back, she had used the same name.

If this man knew who she was, it meant that he had investigated her.

But she didn’t want to confirm her real identity to him.

“Sir, my name is Lene.”

She smiled seductively and leaned over to him.

“Really? Your father mustn’t have told you who I am.”

Brian pushed Arlene away.

His sharp and deep-set eyes glared at her as if he could already see through her.

“Who…who are you?” she couldn’t help asking.

She had never been a curious person, but this time, he aroused the spirit of inquiry in her.

“Miss Woodsen, let me tell you this.Your father helped you escape from my control and let your so-called sister be your substitute.Have you been living a comfortable and contented life since then? Enjoying your freedom? I heard that you come here almost every day.Should I thank you?”

Brian said coldly without taking his gaze away from her.

He noticed that the expression on her beautiful face slightly changed.

Was it fear? Back then, was she so scared of him that she let someone replace her? She must be very happy after that.

“You…you are Mr.Clark?”

Arlene’s face turned deathly pale, and she leaned against the sofa feebly.

For a moment, she was too shocked to move.

She knew that Brian was so powerful, so she thought that he was a bad old man.

It never occurred to her that he was young, handsome, and so mature.

If she had known, she would never have refused to take the crown as Mrs.Clark.

“So you know me.That’s good then.You must also know why I’ve asked you to come here, right?”

Brian looked at her carefully, studying her features.

Indeed, she looked a lot like Clayton.

She was like the female version of him.

While Ayla, on the other hand, didn’t have even the slightest similarity to him.

“I…actually don’t know.”

If he had really investigated her, Arlene didn’t think that he asked her to come here to make her his legitimate wife.

“You don’t know? I’ll tell you then.Since you are the real daughter of the Woodsen family, it is your responsibility to pay off your father’s debt using your body,”

Brian explained clearly, looking straight into her eyes.

“Me? Why me? That b***h Ayla is already your wife, isn’t she? Can’t she satisfy you, Mr.Clark? Well, I must not be surprised.That woman has always been lifeless since she was a child.”

Arlene snorted coldly when she suddenly remembered her mother.

She had always believed that Ayla was a jinx.

If her mother didn’t adopt Ayla and bring her back to their home, her mother wouldn’t have died of illness.

Brian’s and Jaime’s expressions changed upon hearing what she said.

It turned out that Ayla was the humblest in the Woodsen family, so they sent her to Brian and made her suffer all his humiliation.

If he hadn’t investigated, would she take Arlene’s identity for the rest of her life?

“Miss Woodsen, no, maybe I should just call you Lene.Do you think I will need a woman like you?”

Brian walked up to her and added coldly, “All I need is for you to pay back the money the Woodsen family owes me.”

“Mr.Clark, let me be honest with you.I don’t know how to make money.But if you don’t mind, I’ll serve you well tonight.I’m sure you will be satisfied.What do you think?”

Arlene caressed his handsome  face flirtatiously.

“I don’t need your service.But the guests who come here every night will definitely need it,” he said coldly, shaking her hand off.

“You want me to be a bar girl?” Arlene asked incredulously.

Of course, she didn’t want to.

Although she flirted with different men, not any man could just touch her casually.

“At least you’re smart enough to know.”

Brian hated being deceived and fooled the most.

But Clayton, Arlene, and Ayla conspired to do such things to him.

“No way!”

Arlene used Ayla as her substitute before because she didn’t want to lose her freedom.

And now that she was involved again, what would happen to her? She needed to be free to enjoy her time, her youth, and everything she had.

“Well, it’s not up to you.”

Brian sat down on the sofa and looked at Arlene.

He didn’t only want to keep her, but he also wouldn’t let Ayla go.The Woodsen family caused this to happen.

He didn’t do anything wrong, so they couldn’t blame him.

He was a man who could do everything he wished and could get everything he wanted, by all means, be it unscrupulous.

“No, I won’t do it! Mr.Clark, if my father owes you money, go to him and ask him to pay you.”

Arlene would never agree to become a lowly bar girl.

She had high ambitions in life.

Her main goal was to find a rich man she liked and live a luxurious life.

Not to stay in this bar and let any random man touch her.

After all, she believed in her own charm.

“Do you think I will let go of you so easily?”

Brian had already known that she would refuse.

But for a man like him, it was impossible for her to escape.

If she was able to enter this place so easily, then she would find it difficult to go out.

Arlene turned around and ran to the door.

But when she opened it, two burly figures stood in front of her.

She turned to Brian and snapped, “Mr.Clark, what is the meaning of this? You have to let me go.Ayla can also do what you want.I’m sure she can make a lot of money for you.”

It was only then that she realized that she had offended him.

He might be good-looking on the outside, but she knew that he was not a good man.

He was someone she could not afford to offend, let alone resist.

“She is my wife now, so I can do whatever I want to her.But you are different.You are the real daughter of the Woodsen family.No one is more responsible to pay for Clayton’s debt than you.”

As he looked down at Arlene, who was now kneeling in front of him and begging for mercy, Brian’s heart didn’t soften a bit.

For him, she didn’t deserve to be pitied at all.

Right now, she was wearing designer clothes, and she looked charming and enchanting.

But although he was a normal man, he felt nothing but disdain towards her.

“Mr.Clark, please, don’t give me to them.I don’t want them to touch me.”

As she spoke, Arlene glanced at the two men walking towards her.

Their wretched faces and the obscene look in their eyes gave her goose bumps.

She couldn’t let these men insult her.

“Then you’d better stay here quietly.Before you dare to escape, think about it a million times.I assure you, the consequences are unimaginable.”

Brian then stood up from the sofa and kicked her away rudely.

Arlene couldn’t do anything but just watch Brian’s back dejectedly.

Was there really no way for her to escape? She didn’t want to be rotten in this place and be bullied by men all the time.

As the real daughter of the Woodsen family, she had a noble bloodline.

Although their family was now suffering from huge losses, it wouldn’t change that fact.She was not like Ayla, who was so humble and easy to bully.Looking at Arlene, Jaime suddenly felt sorry for Ayla.

It turned out that she was not pretending.She was really innocent

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Arlene asked.

She stood up and walked in front of Jaime.

“Do you like me? How about you being my first guest then?”

At least, the man in front of her was able to attract her attention.

He was also handsome and elegant.

But of course, since he worked for Brian, he must be a bad guy too.

However, at this moment, she didn’t care whether he was a good man or a bad man.

As long as he was rich, powerful, and handsome, she would not refuse.

She was even willing to take the initiative.


Jaime shook her hand off, turned around, and walked out of the room.

In the villa, Ayla dragged her exhausted body downstairs.

The living room was dark and quiet.

In such a big villa like this, she always felt empty and lonely.

Brian didn’t come home often, and she also didn’t ask.

He only came back whenever he wanted.

She pressed a button on the wall with her slender and fair finger, and the whole living room turned bright.

But she was utterly shocked, and she froze when she saw a figure on the sofa.

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