The Substitute Bride: Making Memories Of Us Chapter 30

Chapter 30: She Was Willing To Do That

Brian glared at the disheveled woman in front of him.

“Do you think you have a say in this?”

Brian still couldn’t understand why was she pretending to be innocent?

“I know this is not up to me to decide anything, but you can’t do this to me.”

Ayla felt nauseous as the effect of alcohol kicked in.

Her stomach twisted as she leaned against the wall.

“Then what do you want? Are you not satisfied with one man? Do you want several men at one time? Huh?” Brian gritted his teeth.

He was now frustrated with her.

She was the only one who dared to touch his tolerance limit.She was testing his patience over and over.

“I can do anything for you, but I don’t want to stay here.I will do other jobs and make money to repay you.”

He just wanted money, didn’t he? Then he should not care how she made money.


Anna opened her mouth.

She looked at the stubborn woman named Arlene and wondered what if she was scheming a plan to escape.

But why was Brian so furious with her? Brian always remained calm in situations like this.

But now he was bothered by this woman’s condition, maybe a little concerned too.

“Let me do something about it!”

Anna held Brian’s arm and led him away from the scene.


Ayla mumbled his name before collapsing on the ground.

She watched them leave arm in arm, as the nausea she had been suppressing hit her suddenly, making her throw up.

Jaime frowned, then said, “You better listen to Mr.Clark.”

He put his coat on her shoulder and helped her up.

Ayla thanked him quietly.

Jaime watched her staggering away.

She finally got rid of those men.

She didn’t have to entertain the guests of the club anymore.

Anna assigned her in the kitchen.

She helped in washing the bowls, dishes and cups.

Every day she washed so many dishes that her hands became rough and her skin started to peel off.

Even she wasn’t allowed to sit while working.

Her legs ached constantly, but she didn’t complain.

Anna noticed this behavior of Arlene and wondered how strange it was of her.

She stood at the kitchen door and watched her silently washing the dishes.

When they asked her to drink with the men, which was practically her forte, she desperately begged for mercy.

But now, even if she was so tired that her limbs were cramped, she didn’t say a word.  Meanwhile, Brian was in a meeting inside his private room.

Several men fawned on him for getting the new project.

A middle-aged man handed over a check.

“Mr.Clark, are you satisfied with this?”

“Mr.Willis, you are so generous, but…”

Brian raised his eyebrows as he took the check and read the amount written on it.

Of course, everyone was after the big project he was launching currently.

He knew that the Smith Group also wanted this project.So, it was time for him to meet Mr.Brown.

“Mr.Clark, do you think it’s not enough? Please tell me how much you need and I will try negotiating.” Mr.Willis had been trying to meet Brian for several months.

He must get this project.

This project was worth millions of dollars.

If this project succeeded, they would meet a grandiose profit.

This was why everyone wanted to get their hands on this project.

“I’m more concerned about the work plan than the amount this time.I want to pick the best plan and for that I’ll have to make a decision by discussing with the board of directors.”

Although Brian said so, everyone knew that it was just an excuse.

However, no one dared to object Brian’s decision.

“Sure.I’ll try my best in making the work plan.” Mr.Willis nodded and bowed at him.

“Then I won’t disturb you until the plan is prepared.” Brian nodded at them before the men vacated the room.

Everyone was aware of Brian’s bad temper.

Once he was annoyed, the consequences were always severe.

Anna came in after the men left.


“What do you want now?”

Brian put down his wine glass and stared at Anna.

“Mr.Brown, the Deputy CEO of the Smith Group, is here.He has been waiting for you for over an hour.”

Brian said nothing but nodded once Anna sat down beside him and asked, “Are you still going to leave Arlene here at the club?”

“What’s wrong with her? Is she making any problems?”

For so many days, Brian hadn’t seen her.She also hadn’t come to him to negotiate.

If she could do that difficult work, then let her continue.

She was more stubborn than he thought.

“No, she’s not arising any problems, and that’s why I feel strange about her.”

Anna said seriously, “As the daughter of the Woodsen family, the social butterfly in people’s eyes, she is not willing to drink and entertain those men, but willing to wash dishes in the kitchen.Don’t you think, it’s kind of strange?”

“It’s none of your business.I have noticed that already, ” Brian said calmly.

“Okay fine.Then do you want to see Mr.Brown now? Should I send him in?”

Anna reached for his wine glass and poured wine in it.

“I’m not going to see him, yet.Ask Arlene to bring a bottle of wine to Mr.Brown.” Toby was waiting along with his personal assistant Fred in another room.

“Mr.Brown, do you think Mr.Clark will meet us? We have been waiting for over an hour.” Fred suspected that Brian was playing with them.

“Don’t worry about that.I’m willing to wait.”

Toby was drinking.

In fact, he wanted to know where had Brian taken Lala since she disappeared after that day.

What had he done to her? He wanted to tell Brian that she was Ayla, not Arlene.

He had to let her go.

4% Fred didn’t say anything after that and waited with him silently.

Of course, this new project would be a big project for the Smith Group.

When Anna handed her a bottle of wine, Ayla stared at her, puzzled.

Anna ordered, “Send it to Room 2808.”

“Miss Anna, I was already told I don’t have to drink with them.”

Why was she asking her to do that again? Ayla would never do that work of entertaining guests.

“Don’t worry.We won’t stop you if you want to pleasure the guest willingly this time.”

Anna’s words confused Ayla.

What the hell did she mean by that? Why would she willingly pleasure the guest?

“Miss Anna.”

Ayla held the bottle and looked at Anna in confusion.

“Go ahead! Don’t make Mr.Clark angry.”

Ayla glanced at her.

She had been safe these days from Brian.

So, she should not make him angry again.

I She was wearing a white and red dress of a waitress with an apron.

Her ponytail was a little messy.

She looked dirty and disgusting.But she had no choice.She walked towards that specific room and knocked on the door before pushing it open.

Toby raised his head when he heard the noise.

As soon as he saw the person entering, he froze in his place.

“Lala?” Ayla froze at the voice as well.

She was so shocked that her grip on the bottle loosened and it fell to the ground.

It crashed and wine spilled everywhere.


“Lala! What are you doing here? How did you end up like this?”

Toby immediately arose and stepped forward before pulling Ayla in his arms.

“Don’t.Don’t do this, Toby.”

Ayla pushed his chest, but Toby held her more tightly.

“Lala, tell me.Did Brian make you do this?”

Toby took her rough hands in his and studied them furiously.

Ayla smiled sadly.

“I’m fine.It’s alright, Toby.I am willing to do this job to pay him back.”

As long as she wasn’t getting insulted, she was willing to stay in the kitchen for a lifetime.

“It’s alright? How is this alright, Lala? Look at yourself.What’s wrong with you?”

Toby looked at her hands then at her pale face.

He felt sorry for her.

His heart broke into million pieces seeing her like that.

Ayla stepped away from him and said, “I have work to do, Toby.I should leave now.”

How could she stand before him looking like this? Didn’t she decide to stay away from him and not become his burden?

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