The Substitute Bride: Making Memories Of Us Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Please Help Me

Ayla clenched her phone tightly.She couldn’t answer it in front of Brian, nor could she keep the phone with her.

‘’I’m sorry, Toby, ‘’ she apologized silently in her heart.

Before Brian could understand what she was about to do, she threw the phone towards the wall.

It crashed on the wall and fell on the cold marble floor.

The phone stopped ringing at once.

She had broken the phone! Along with their relationship! She stared at the broken phone with teary eyes.She had no other choice.


Brain then turned to his subordinates.He waved his hand dismissively.

“Let him go.”

Ayla asked Clayton with a wavering voice, “Dad, are you okay?”

“What do you think? Do I look okay to you? If you hadn’t run away, I wouldn’t have ended up like this!” Clayton snapped sharply.

“Dad, let me take you to the hospital!”

Ayla walked up to him to help him up, but Clayton pushed her away.He glanced at Brian and denied her immediately, “No, I don’t want to go to hospital.You don’t have to do anything for me.You’ve already done enough.I won’t die, so just leave me.”

It was his great fortune that he was still alive.

Brian pulled Ayla back towards him and ordered Jaime, “Jaime, ask someone to take him to the hospital.”

Jaime obliged immediately.

He and the other men left the room taking Clayton with them.Then there were only Brian and Ayla left in the room.

“Mr.Clark, thank you for letting my father go,” she mumbled to him, looking downward.

“I won’t let him go so easily in the future.You should be careful about my warning, otherwise you can’t even imagine the dire consequences that you’ll have to face.”

Brian let her arm go then walked back to the sofa and sat down.

“From today on, you will stay here.”

Ayla looked at him stupefied.Did he want her to be a barmaid here?

“Mr.Clark, why do you want me to stay here?” Ayla was scared.

She knew that she had to pay the price for her escape, but she didn’t know what cruel way he’d punish her.

“Aren’t you good at serving men?”

Brian taunted her.

“If you want to repay the money your father owed me, you’ll have to work here.Otherwise, there’s no other way you can do that.”

Ayla couldn’t help but just accept his decision.

After that, he called Anna and asked her to arrange for Ayla to start to work tonight.

Anna nodded then went and sat down beside Brian.

“Mr.Clark, do you really want her to be a barmaid here? Are you really willing to do that?”

Anna wanted to confirm his decision.She thought that Brian wanted Arlene to have s*x with him whenever he wished.Then why was he letting her stay here?

“She is not that important,”Brian said firmly.

He just wanted to vent his hatred.

The more humiliated this woman would be, the happier he would feel.

Anna entangled her fingers with his and leaned towards him.

“That means, I don’t need to take special care of her, do I?” Brian said nothing.

He lit a cigarette and smoked.

Ayla changed into a tight barmaid dress before Anna led her into a luxurious private room.

“Please take good care of the customers here.If they are unhappy, you will be the one to suffer,”

Anna reminded her sharply, though she believed that her words were unnecessary for a woman like Arlene.

It shouldn’t be difficult for a social butterfly like her to smile and drink with others.However, Anna was surprised to see Ayla was struggling to do so.

Anna thought it was ridiculous.

Why did Arlene keep pretending her innocence everywhere? Even in the club too, which was in fact her expertise.

“Mr.Hamilton, you haven’t been here for a long time.Have a good time today.I’m sure you’ll be satisfied.”

Anna pushed Ayla towards Mr.Hamilton.

“Oh, is she new here? She is pretty, but I don’t know if she’ll be able to satisfy me.”

Mr.Hamilton put his hand on her cheek and caressed it.

Anna smiled seeing that and left the room.

Ayla bit on her lower lip, almost drawing blood.

The strong smell of smoke and alcohol coming from the man made her stomach churn in disgust.

“Get me some wine,”

Mr.Hamilton put his glass on the table and said to her.

Ayla nodded then picked up the wine bottle and filled the glass obediently.

Then she handed it back to him.But Mr.Hamilton didn’t take it.

Instead he ordered her, “Drink it!”

“I…I do not drink.”

Ayla looked at the glass of wine uncomfortably.

She couldn’t drink it.

If she consumed alcohol, she’d end up falling sick again.

“Really? I don’t believe that! You just don’t want to drink with me.Isn’t it?”

Mr.Hamilton pinched her chin, held the glass in front of her mouth and forced her to drink it.

Ayla struggled and instinctively pushed his hand away causing the glass in his hand to be thrown away to the ground.

The glass broke and the wine spilled all over.

“You’re such a b***h! How dare you refuse to drink? It’s your honor that I’m letting you drink with me.You’re a shameless, pathetic s**t!”

As he humiliated her by those words, he slapped her hard across the face also.

Blood oozed out from the corner of Ayla’s mouth as she was pushed to the other side of the sofa.

“Drink it!”

This time, Mr.Hamilton gave her a whole bottle of wine and poured it directly into her mouth.

Ayla didn’t even get the chance to refuse.

Her throat burned as the wine ran past her throat to her stomach.

The strong wine made her feel sick.

More than half bottle of wine was poured into her mouth, while she lay there helplessly and coughed violently.

“It doesn’t matter if you can’t drink.As long as you stay with me, I will make you drink all kinds of good wine.”

Mr.Hamilton pulled her up and close to him once she had downed the wine.

“Tell me, which kind of wine do you want to drink?”

His voice suddenly turned less vicious.

He pointed at different kinds of wine on the table.

Ayla felt her stomach twisting and she felt nauseous and dazed.

She sensed the unfamiliar touch all over her body.

The man beside her was touching her and a sense of fear spread through her.

“Don’t…Don’t touch me!”

Ayla pushed the man’s hand away.

“There is no woman here that I can’t touch!”

Mr.Hamilton smirked as he said so before he tore her clothes and pressed himself on her.

Ayla struggled under him.

No! No! This couldn’t happen! She couldn’t let this man touch her! As he forced himself on her, she bit his arm hard.

Mr.Hamilton let go of her in pain.

Ayla quickly collected herself and went to the door.

But Mr.Hamilton grabbed her waist and pulled her into him as she tried to open the doorknob.

“How dare you bite me! I’ll teach you a lesson!”

Mr.Hamilton pushed her to the ground and pressed himself on her again.

He kissed her forcefully and held both of her hands above her head.

Ayla felt sick from the bottom of her heart, but she couldn’t let this happen to her.She raised her leg and kicked him hard in between his legs.

This was the only way she could escape from his claws.Ayla got up and ran towards the door.

But as soon as she opened the door, she bumped into a person.

“Help me, please help me.”

She hastily called for help.

Jaime looked down at the disheveled woman in front of him but couldn’t see her face clearly.

Only her voice sounded very familiar.

“Mrs.Clark?” Ayla looked up at Jaime.

“Please help me.”

Brian and Anna were coming from the other end of the corridor.

Their eyes found Jaime and Ayla when Ayla threw herself into Jaime’s arms.

“Today is only the first day, and you’ve already messed up!”

Brian’s voice boomed across the corridor.

Ayla flinched at his voice and looked at his way.

She lost her virginity without her consent on the first day of their marriage.

But if she had to bear this forceful s*x every day in the future, her life would be a living hell.

“Mr.Clark, you didn’t say that I need to use my body for pleasuring the customers!”

Ayla put one of her hands on the wall to support herself.

She felt too weak from the alcohol she consumed earlier.

“Do you think this is a place for children to play games?”

Brian countered harshly.

The entertainment club was a place for the customers to have fun.

They spent money here to find pleasure in alcohol and the barmaids.

“I won’t give away my body to please others.”

It was enough for Ayla to get sold to Brian for a lifetime.

She didn’t want to be insulted by everyone else.

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