The Substitute Bride: Making Memories Of Us Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Her Freedom Toby had a fiancee?

The unexpected news shocked Ayla.

How could it be possible? Why didn’t Toby tell her anything? It meant the woman she saw with Toby that day was his fiancee.

If he was engaged already, why did he promise to be with her? He promised to give her a good life in the future.Was it nothing but a lie?

“Don’t tell me you don’t know that,” Brian taunted, noticing her surprised expression.

Ayla’s eyes darted towards the documents in Brian’s hand.

She realized they were all related to Toby.

Of course! He was Brian Clark! A man whose one word was enough to decide if a person would continue to live or just die.

It was ridiculous for her to expect anything good from him.

“Why are you silent now? Arlene, I didn’t really expect that you’d date such a man.Why are you now pretending to be surprised?”

Brian dropped the photo of Toby on the table and looked up at Ayla.

Ayla considered whether she should tell him the truth.

She bit on her lips before opening her mouth.

“Mr.Clark, actually, I want to tell you something.”

“Tell me something? Are you even qualified to talk to me? What would you tell me by the way? Apparently I know things more than you,”

Brian sneered, intimidating her.

“Mr.Clark, I can do anything you want me to do.I will help keep your villa clean, c**k for you, and wash your clothes.I will do everything to pay back the money my father owes you.But, will you please give me freedom after that?” Her voice broke at the end.

Ayla wanted nothing but to be free.

No matter what kind of life she would lead in the future, she didn’t want to stay prisoned like this forever.

She had no freedom here, and she didn’t want to lose herself.

Brian and Jaime exchanged a look before turning towards Ayla at the same time.

“I have many servants.I don’t need your help in anything.” Brian scoffed.

“If I give you freedom and let you roam freely, how much would you make by selling yourself? Even if you trade yourself, it won’t be enough to pay me back.Your father took sixty million dollars from me, and gave you to me to pay my debt back.Do you think you can make that much money easily?”

His words struck her like a cannon ball.

She was really scared now.

Clayton owed him more than what she had expected.

She couldn’t make that much money even if she worked all her life.

Did that mean she’d lose her freedom forever? Brian deliberately thought about her request before speaking, “Give me some time to think about it.If you can make me happy, you can stay here peacefully.”

What Brian actually meant was he wouldn’t let her go.

He was possessive over his belongings.He didn’t like sharing his owned things with anyone.

Then he turned to Jaime and instructed him, “Jaime, investigate the Smith Group and see if it is worth buying.”

He would like to see how important Toby was to Arlene.

If he bought Smith Group, Toby would work under him.

How would she react then?

Jaime nodded and stood up to leave.

Seeing him stand up, Ayla immediately grabbed Brian’s hand and pleaded, “Mr.Clark, please, don’t do that to my Toby.”

“Whoa! Your Toby? That sounds intimate.”Brian shook her hands away.

“Why did you even think that I’ll listen to your useless begging? The more you beg to me, the more miserable his life will be, and I promise you that,”

Brian said bitterly then arose from his seat and stepped towards the exit.

“No! Please, no! I won’t see him anymore.I promise I won’t!”

Ayla shouted behind Brian helplessly.

Jaime looked at Ayla disapprovingly.

“Mrs.Clark, please behave yourself.Don’t embarrass Mr.Clark.”

“Jaime, please.You have to help me.Please persuade him to not hurt Toby.Please! I promise, I’ll listen to him always.”

Ayla said that without thinking twice.

Practically, she had lost everything.

She couldn’t afford to lose Toby as well.

She didn’t want him to get into such predicament where the chance of winning was nil.

Jaime didn’t say anything, because he couldn’t make a decision whether to accept Ayla’s request or not.

It made Ayla more worried.

Jaime left after giving her an indifferent look.

She brought out her phone, but couldn’t make herself dial Toby’s number.

After that encounter in the morning, Ayla made herself busy in gardening to distract her mind.

Maria found her squatting in the garden, trimming flowers and plants.

Ayla didn’t even go to her room until it was dark.

As she finished freshening up and changing her clothes, Brian came back.

She went up to him and took the coat from his hand.

Brian sat down on the sofa as his eyes fell on Ayla’s phone on the tea table.

It was a very old model.

Why was she using this old phone being Clayton’s daughter?

“Make me a cup of coffee,” he ordered her then picked the remote control and switched on the TV.

Leaning against the sofa, he concentrated on the news on it.

A few moments later, Ayla’s phone started ringing.

Brian glanced at it, annoyed by the ringtone.

Ayla came running from the kitchen when she heard the phone ringing.

She read the number displayed on the screen and froze immediately.

She didn’t dare to answer it in front of Brian.

“Answer it! Who is it?”

Brian didn’t look at her, but he knew she was hesitating.

Ayla wanted to answer the phone in her room.

But if she tried to avoid him now, she’d look more suspicious.

She had no other way but to answer it.


“Lala, where are you? Why didn’t you come to school today? Are you sick?”

Toby bombarded her with questions soon after she answered it.

He went to the school today to look for her.

When he learned she didn’t show up in the school, he got worried.

He couldn’t help but call her.

“I’m fine.I’m not sick.I had something else to deal with today.”

Ayla tried her best to keep her voice as low as possible, but it didn’t escape Brian’s ears.

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