The Substitute Bride: Making Memories Of Us Chapter 154

Chapter 154: Rumors

The moment Ayla arrived at the restaurant, she noticed that Hayden was already waiting for her.

“Uncle Hayden, have you been waiting for a long time?”

“It’s fine.I don’t have anything better to do today.I suddenly thought of you, so I decided to give you a call.Did I interrupt your work?”

He smiled at her and poured her a glass of water.

“Not really.” Ayla shook her head.

In all honesty, she actually needed to relax.She had almost finished her design, so she didn’t have to worry about it that much.

“I heard that the Clark Group will hold a fashion show next month.You’re their designer, right? Then you must be very busy!”

Although Hayden barely cared about the company’s dealings, he was still keen on what was happening around him.

Moreover, the Clark Group had invited numerous celebrities and ladies to the fashion show.

Even Miley and Molly received an invitation.It wasn’t surprising that he knew about it.

Ayla took a sip of water.

“Actually, I’m not that busy.I just need to submit my design drafts, and the others will do the rest.”

There were several assistant designers and interns, including an overall assistant for the Design Department.

In reality, she didn’t have that much to do.

“Oh, I see.Then I’ll have to see that fashion show,” said Hayden.

“That’s great! I’ll be glad if you can attend!” Ayla grinned.

She was worried that she might be too busy to inform him of the fashion show.

As Hayden picked up some food for her, he said, “Ayla, you need to eat more to replenish your strength.”

He kept his eyes on her as he happily put food on her plate.

Ayla looked so much like that woman at the airport.

The familiar figure he had seen at the airport that day might be the woman he had missed so much.

Unfortunately, he didn’t try to ascertain the truth.He regretted the fact that he didn’t do it.

When Brian went into the office of the Design Department, he tried to look for Ayla, but he couldn’t find her.He glanced at the design drafts on her desk and said nothing.He also noticed that Linda was working hard.

It was already lunch break, and everyone else had taken a break.It was strange that she was all alone here.

As soon as Linda raised her head, she noticed that Brian was there.

“Mr.Clark, what are you doing here? Are you looking for Ayla? She just went out.I overheard her talking on the phone, and then saw her going into a luxurious limo,” she remarked casually.

Just as that one saying said, even if the speaker had no particular intention in saying something, the listener might read into it on his own.

That was what she hoped would happen.

Brian just gave her a faint hum in response and was about to leave the office without saying anything else.

“Mr.Clark, would you like to have a cup of coffee with me if you’re not too busy?” Linda got up from her desk and approached him.

However, he just stared at her without giving a response.

“Or would you like me to make you a cup of coffee instead?” Linda added.

“Sounds great! It would be my honor to taste the coffee made by one such as yourself, Miss Linda.”

With a faint smile on his lips, they went into the tea room together.

There were good coffee beans and a coffee machine in the room.

Not ten minutes later, Linda managed to prepare two cups of fragrant coffee and placed them on the round table.

“It smells nice.It’s a cup of good coffee,” he said to Linda while stirring the coffee with a small spoon.

As she grabbed the milk and sugar, she asked, “Mr.Clark, you prefer drinking black coffee, right?”

After saying that, she put milk and sugar into her coffee.

Brian nodded.

“Miss Linda, you seem to know my preferences well.”

“It’s not that I know your tastes well.It’s just that your temperament shows that you prefer strong and pure coffee.Although it’s bitter, it gives a long and fragrant aftertaste.”

Linda sipped her coffee.

“Is that so?” Brian also took a sip of his.

“This coffee is really good.You’re not just a talented designer, you’re also great at brewing coffee!”

“I’m flattered, Mr.Clark.It’s also because the coffee beans I used are of premium quality.They’re the purest first-class coffee beans from Jamaica.”

Linda also liked to drink coffee, so she knew a little bit about to Brian smirked in response.

As they sat in the tea room, they made small talk and spoke about irrelevant matters.Linda was a sensible person.She knew that the more anxious she was, the faster she would lose something.

While they were busy chatting in the tea room, it was inevitable that someone might see them.

And this matter would quickly spread around the office.

People in this building started talking about them in just one afternoon.

The attitudes towards this matter varied from person to person.

Some had good things to say, while others expressed their disapproval.

Only Ayla ignored such issues.

Some people had said that Linda was attracted to Brian because of his good looks and wealth, while others said that he had grown tired of the women around him, so he wanted something new.

And so, he decided to be with a beautiful foreign woman.

In reality, it wasn’t that Ayla didn’t give a d**n.

It was just that she had expected that Brian and Linda might get into a relationship.

That woman had always been actively dating people.She had always been this way, even in Italy.

After she finished working, Ayla put away her drafts, grabbed her handbag, and went out.

As soon as she arrived at the first floor, she saw Brian and Anna coming over.He was wearing a black suit, and on the other hand, Anna was wearing a bright red luxurious evening dress.

They probably had a dinner party to attend tonight.

Ayla was happy to see them together.

This way, Brian wouldn’t bug her tonight.

Just as she stepped out of the company’s building, Brian pulled her arm.

“Mr.Clark, what’s the matter? I’m off duty now.” Ayla pointed at her watch.

She didn’t want to delay him, and she didn’t want him to cause trouble for her either.

Brian gestured to a man to call him over.

This man looked a bit familiar.

Ayla didn’t know his name, but she was certain that he was one of Brian’s underlings.

“Hank, drive Ayla back to the apartment,” he said.

He couldn’t take her home by himself, so he arranged a driver for her instead.

Anna saw this scene, but she didn’t know how to react.

Brian watched Ayla get into Hank’s car.

After the car drove away, he took the key from Anna.

“Brian, have you heard the rumors circulating in the company this afternoon?” Anna asked as she sat in the passenger seat.

“No, what is it?” Brian asked indifferently.

He didn’t seem to be interested in such trivial matters.

Anna leaned against the seat of the car and said, “The employees are talking about you and Linda.”

Although she didn’t go into that much detail, he understood what it meant.

“Really? And do you believe any of it?” Brian responded with a question.

He knew that Anna never indulged in gossip, but if the rumors had circulated, people were bound to believe it, weren’t they?

“Are you really planning to be with Linda?” She didn’t actually believe it.

Even if something happened between Brian and Linda, that woman would probably be the one who initiated it

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