The Substitute Bride: Making Memories Of Us Chapter 153

Chapter 153: She Didn’t Give A D**n, But Other People Did

When Haley woke up, she saw Lucas standing outside the ward through the glass window.Perhaps it was because he knew that she was pregnant, he opted to smoke outside.She touched her belly and propped herself up.

At the same time, a nurse on duty entered the room.

“Haley Green, you’re not allowed to move yet.You just had an accident, almost causing a miscarriage, so you need to rest.”

“I’m doing fine.”

Haley turned her gaze towards the window, causing the nurse to look as well.

“I’ll tell your husband to come in.”

Lucas happened to notice that she had woken up, so before the nurse could tell him to go inside, he had already thrown away his cigarette and walked in.

“Haley, are you feeling better now?”

He looked at her with worried eyes.

Haley nodded.

“I’m okay.I just want to rest some more.I think I’ll get better after a few more days of rest.Fortunately, nothing bad happened to the baby.”

Upon seeing how hopeful and excited she was when talking about the baby, Lucas swallowed his words back.

Asking her to have an abortion would be too cruel.

That baby in Haley’s womb was a living thing.He refused to be like Brian.

That man doubted that the baby in Ayla’s womb was not his, so he forced her to abort it.

Losing a baby was a pain that could not ever be erased.

And so, Lucas didn’t want Haley to suffer through that kind of pain.And as a result, he was caught in a dilemma.

Lucas had been too careless when it happened.He didn’t think about what he was doing, so he ended up in this situation.

Haley held his hand, and said, “Lucas, I won’t force you to be with me, but even if you don’t want this child, I will keep it.It’s our baby.I love you, so I will love him just the same.”

For a long time, Lucas was just muttering to himself, and then he said, “Sorry.”

“Don’t apologize because I don’t want to hear it.” Haley shook her head.

“Lucas, I’m a bit hungry.Can you get me something to eat?”

“Sure.Stay put and focus on resting.”

When he walked out of the ward, she smiled.

“Be a good boy, dear.It all depends on you whether Mommy can be with Daddy.”

Although Lucas had been working for Tatum for as long as he could remember, he could never be ruthless.

Perhaps it was possible for him to harm strangers, but he couldn’t do anything to Haley, not to mention Ayla.

Meanwhile, as Ayla opened her eyes, she realized that she was inches away from Brian.

She was resting her head on his arm, and his other arm was wrapped around her waist.

However, she didn’t remember what time exactly she fell asleep last night, but she recalled that she had chosen to sleep on the side of the bed far away from him.

Seconds later, Brian opened his eyes.

“Good morning.”

Last night, Ayla was having a hard time sleeping.He couldn’t figure out what she was thinking.

She went to bed very late and kept her distance from him.

Naturally, it made him unhappy.And so, he pulled her back into his arms while she was asleep.

That was the reason she woke up to such an intimate position with him.

Ayla was still dazed.

When she heard his voice, she immediately got up.

“I…last night…”

Did she move closer towards him on purpose? It was so humiliating

“What happened last night?” Brian also sat upright, leaning against the headboard, and then lit up a cigarette to smoke.

Ayla shook her head.

“Nothing happened.”

Quickly, she got out of bed and rushed towards the bathroom.

Month’s end was approaching, and so was the fashion season.

The first and second batch of clothes for the fashion show had already been finalized.

For the third batch, Brian had asked Linda and Ayla to each turn in fifteen sets in order to catch up with the fashion season next month.

Few of the second batch of clothes were designed by Linda, because she had put all of her attention on Brian.

In truth, she seemed more interested in him than the fashion season.

As he sat in his office, Brian looked at the designs for the first two batches of clothes.

Linda’s style was completely different from Ayla’s.

Ayla’s design was simple yet elegant, while Linda’s was enchanting.

Moments later, Anna walked in.

“Brian, did you put these together?” Brian took out some of Linda’s designs.

“Linda only turned in three sets of designs, and they were all designed in Italy.Although, I personally think they’re not that bad.”

Upon hearing him praise Linda, Anna felt a bit jealous.She didn’t mention to him that Lucas went to the villa looking for Ayla, and Brian pretended to be oblivious.

Besides, there were some things that he thought were unnecessary for him to know.

“Brian, you seem quite taken by Miss Linda’s designs.” Anna used to be very picky about Ayla’s design.

And now, she had a lot more things to say about Linda’s.

It wasn’t that she meant to deliberately make things difficult for Linda like what she had planned before; it was just that Linda’s designs weren’t that good in truth.

“Anna, there are two sides to every story, so don’t be so prejudiced when you’re looking at things.After all, Miss Evans is a partner we can trust.”

Brian could tell what she was thinking, even though Anna wasn’t expecting him to go home with her to accompany her, nor would she ask him of his whereabouts lately.She knew what he meant.

He was reminding her of what she had done to Ayla before.It was she who had prevented him from seeing her designs.In reality, Brian had his own thoughts.

No matter what it was about, he would do whatever he had set his heart on.

While Ayla was preoccupied with work, he received a call from Hayden.

He was asking her to have lunch with him, so she agreed.He sent a driver to pick her up.

Coincidentally, Linda saw her getting into a car.

‘If she’s capable of getting into such a luxury limo, she probably has a powerful background in Antawood.Does shé have another man besides Brian?’

Instead of following Ayla, Linda went back to the office.She stayed there alone, looking at the design drafts that Ayla hadn’t put away.

Afterwards, she took out her phone and took photos of all of Ayla’s designs.

“Ayla, I am going to destroy your life!”

Linda didn’t care about her designs because she didn’t like Ayla’s style.

However, that didn’t mean that others wouldn’t like so If all of Ayla’s designs would become unusable, then all of the clothes during the fashion season would be Linda’s designs! In that case, not only would she be able to discredit Ayla, she could also improve her own reputation! On top of that, she could leave a striking impression on Brian.

It was just a simple plan, but she could hit two birds with one stone.

While swiping across her screen, she saw an eye-catching design.A smile appeared on the corner of her red lips.

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