The Substitute Bride: Making Memories Of Us Chapter 151

Chapter 151: He Wanted Her Body And Her Heart

As she looked at Lucas, Ayla asked, “Why did you come to see me all of a sudden? Did something happen?”

“I’m just worried about you.You moved to another place out of the blue, so I went to the Clark family villa to see if you were there.I’m aware that you wouldn’t want to go back there, but you’ll be with Brian, won’t you?”

This was what worried him the most.

Besides, he could tell from Brian’s eyes that no matter what happened, the only man who could stand at Ayla’s side was Brian.

It could never be him.

Ayla shook her head.

“Lucas, you don’t understand.There are some things that I have to do by myself.”

“What are you planning to do? Are you getting back together with him?”

Was it because what he had done for her paled in comparison to Brian’s efforts?

“Lucas, you misunderstand me.I don’t want anything to do with him.Didn’t you say that you’d trust me?”

Ayla knew that Lucas might have some misunderstandings due to the fact that she was with Brian right now.

But she still hoped that he could understand her.When she was with Brian, there was an indescribable feeling in her heart.She couldn’t figure out what it was.

But now that she was an employee of the Clark Group, everything was beyond her control.

He would know whatever Ayla was thinking, so what she needed to do right now was to finish what she must do as soon as possible, and then leave Brian.

Upon seeing her resolute determination, Lucas believed that she must have a plan.

As long as she was fine, nothing else mattered.

Besides, it was better if she stayed with Brian for now.

If either Tatum or Haley found Ayla, he wouldn’t be able to do anything to save her.

Just like what happened in the past, Tatum found out Ayla’s whereabouts through Lucas.

After Tatum received the news, he took her abroad and imprisoned her in his villa.

Although she was given enough food, he still forcibly injected her with drugs without even telling Lucas.Tatum had no plans of sending her back to Antawood from the start.

After he got what he needed from her, there was no way he would spare her life.

And even if he didn’t kill her, she would be doomed to rely on taking drugs for the rest of her life.It was already nine in the evening when Lucas and Ayla finished their dinner.

She insisted on going back to the company in order to avoid running into Brian.

And so, Lucas drove her to the company.

“Ayla, give me the address of your new apartment.I’ll visit you whenever I’m free.”

She wrote down her address on a piece of paper and gave it to him.

“HM Garden? It’s in the golden district of the city.Brian does treat you well.”

Lucas put away the note, and added, “It’s getting late.You promised me that you’re not going to stay up late.Get some rest as soon as you get home, alright?”

How he wished he could stay by her side, but alas! It was impossible.

Even if he cast aside his hatred and took her far away, he didn’t want to rob her of her realizing her dreams.Ayla nodded in response.

“Don’t worry, I will.I’ll take better care of myself from now on.”

After saying that, she walked towards the office.

Lucas stood beside his car as he watched her walk away.

Once he saw her safely go inside, he got in his car and drove away.

When Ayla entered the office, she smelled the putrid odor of smoke before she turned the light on.

With her hand still beside the door, she was deciding whether to turn the light on or not.

While she was hesitating, Brian flipped the switch.

“Oh, you’re back from your date? Why don’t you come inside?”

Ayla entered the room.

“Mr.Clark, why are you sitting in the dark?”

“I’ve been waiting for you.”

Brian knew that she would go back to the company to avoid seeing him.

She would rather stay in the office than in the apartment.

The second she saw him, Ayla regretted going back to the company.

She shouldn’t have returned.She should’ve just gone to the apartment directly and made him wait all night.

“I just left something in my office.I’m going home soon.”

Ayla went to her desk to grab a document.

But before she could make her way outside, Brian halted her.

“Lala, you should know what I want to ask.”

He saw how differently she treated him compared to Lucas.

Ayla shook her head, looking at his hand holding her wrist.

“Mr.Clark, I honestly don’t know what to tell you.I have nothing about work to talk to you now.And my personal life has nothing to do with you.”

“Is official business the only thing we can talk about? We slept on the same bed last night, remember?”

Brian embraced her.He hated how intimate she was with Lucas.Even though Ayla was enclosed in his arms, she still felt so far from his grasp.

She looked at him dead in the eye, and asked, “What else do you want? Haven’t you had enough?”

Brian had kept her by his side, but no matter how hard he tried, she wouldn’t give her heart to him.

“It’s not enough! What I want is this!”

He reached out, clutching her chest.He wanted her body and her heart, both.

“Mr.Clark, don’t be so greedy.” Ayla was still calm despite his sudden reaction.

He was overestimating himself.Why on earth would she give her heart to him again?

Two years ago, she suffered through so much pain.She even got wounded and almost died.

Falling in love with anyone again was probably difficult for her now.

Brian leaned closer to hear ear, and whispered, “Yes, I am greedy! Never have I failed to get what I want, and you’re no exception.”

Ayla nestled in his arms.

“Let’s wait and see if you’re right.” She evoked a charming smile.

“Anyway, I’ll head home first.I won’t disturb you anymore, Mr.Clark.”

She stood on tiptoe and gently kissed his cheek, leaving a light pink lip print, and then she left.

Brian watched as she walked out of the office.

How could he not understand that she was still avoiding him? If he hadn’t waited for her in her office, she might’ve stayed here until midnight.

It was good that she went back.

He didn’t want her to collapse again because of overworking.

Brian made himself busy in his office for almost an hour before he went back to the apartment.He figured that Ayla might’ve gone to bed at this time, but he was wrong.

She was still in the living room.

“Why haven’t you gone to bed? Were you waiting for me?” Brian dropped his briefcase, took off his jacket and threw it on the sofa.

When he embraced Ayla, she didn’t move away from him.She was too focused on the fashion magazine in her hand.Brian took it away from her and said, “Why aren’t you responding?”

He hated it when people weren’t answering him.

Ayla cast him a glance and asked, “Mr.Clark, what do you want me to tell you? Do you want me to say ‘welcome back’? You know that I don’t like to lie, right?”

“Okay, then tell me the truth,” he replied with a chuckle.

“I don’t want to.” Ayla turned her gaze towards him.

All she had to do was to do her job well.

And as for everything else, she just let him do whatever he liked.Why did he have to force her?

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