The Substitute Bride: Making Memories Of Us Chapter 15

Chapter 15: He Has A Fiancee

Brian stood in front of the window, overlooking the garden below.

An inner turmoil was going on inside him.

The room was dark and the only light came from the lit cigarette held between his fingers.

His jaws were clenched together making his aura look more domineering.

His mind darted to the thought of that woman he had made his wife.

He couldn’t understand how she could affect his heart so much.

When he saw her at the coffee shop, getting cozy with that man, something unusual shifted inside him.

It surprised him more when she allowed that man to hold her hand and touch her hair.

The way she smiled at him, it made Brian unreasonably angry.

His phone rang suddenly.

He glanced at the screen before answering the call.

“Jaime, how is it going? Have you got any information?”

“Mr.Clark, his name is Toby Brown, the Deputy CEO of Smith Group,” Jaime answered.

Brian had asked him to investigate this particular person without telling him the reason.

Jaime was slightly confused.

They had no business relationship with the Smith Group.Why was Brian interested in the Smith Group’s Deputy CEO?

“Toby Brown? The Deputy CEO of Smith Group.” Brian repeated Jaime’s words.

His eyes narrowed at the mention of Toby’s name and position.


Wasn’t this the same man she was mentioning that night? Apparently she missed him so much.

“Yes, he joined the Smith Group three years ago.After his engagement with Molly Smith a year ago, he had been promoted to the Deputy CEO post a month ago.Toby is close to the Woodsen family as well.” Jaime informed Brian.

It wasn’t difficult for him to investigate and find everything about Toby.

He thought, perhaps, it was because of the Woodsen family, and Toby’s relationship with them that Brian asked him to find out details about Toby.

Brian fell silent.

So these two were childhood friends turning lovers.

Although Toby was engaged to Miss Smith, he still met with Arlene.

Perhaps, he didn’t love his fiancee.


When Brian didn’t respond after a long time, Jaime called out his name.

“Send his details to me by tomorrow morning.”

Brian wanted to know everything about him.

Ayla still wasn’t over last night’s incident.

Standing in front of the mirror the next morning, she observed the marks Brian left on her skin.

She chose a high-necked dress and a coat to cover up those marks.

When Ayla left her room, Maria was the first one to see her.

She looked at Ayla and noticed how haggard she looked.

In the morning, when Maria was cleaning the villa she saw the mess in the dining room and guessed what might have happened last night.The servants’ house was at a certain distance from the main villa.

Unless Brian called them urgently via the intercom, they were not allowed to come over past midnight.

“Mrs.Clark, are you okay?” Maria asked with concern.

Ayla nodded.

“I’m fine.”

She couldn’t hide in her room forever.She’d have to face it sooner or later.

Maria felt sorry for her.

“Mrs.Clark, you look tired.I am making breakfast.Please wait a little.”

A few minutes later, Brian came downstairs.

He stood at the lowest step of the stairs and called, “Arlene!”

Ayla was sitting at the dining table, face down.

She was, in fact, slightly distracted.


When she didn’t respond, he raised his voice.

It was evident that he was displeased with her.

Ayla jumped up in fright and turned around at once.

She froze seeing him scowling at her.

She was still scared by what happened last night, but she couldn’t avoid him.

She walked towards him in trembling steps.


Her voice wavered.

Glancing at his indignant face, she realized it’d be useless to try to explain things to him.

Because he wouldn’t believe it anyway.

Also, he was a dangerous man and she should never offend him.

“Are you planning to meet your lover again today? Aren’t you satisfied already after yesterday?” Brian noticed the clothes she wore today.

She wore a high- necked dress and a coat to cover the marks he deliberately and intentionally left.

“I won’t go out.”

Ayla knew that he wouldn’t let her go out today.So, she gave in voluntarily.

Brian nodded.


Then he sneered, “Make me a cup of coffee.”

“Yes, sir.”

Ayla immediately went to the kitchen and prepared coffee for him.

She didn’t know how he liked his coffee to be.

So, she asked Maria and made the coffee as per her instruction.

Few minutes later she served a cup of coffee in front of him and stood aside like a servant.

She dreaded his reaction.What if he would be dissatisfied with the taste?

“Arlene, has Clayton called you recently?” Brian asked her.

Clayton loved his daughter the most.

He must have contacted her.He must have discussed his escape plan with his daughter.

Ayla tensed up at the sudden mention of Clayton.She shook her head.

“No, he didn’t call me.”

Clayton would never call her.She’d never be equal to his biological daughter.


Raising his eyebrows, Brian asked, “So, he won’t try to stop me and let me do whatever I want to you? If he hasn’t yet called you, it means, he doesn’t even care for you and your well-being.No matter how you are living, he doesn’t care.So, you want me to believe that Clayton doesn’t love his only daughter? Alright, I might even believe that lie.But you can’t forget that you have been sold to me.Without my permission, no one can touch you.”

Ayla clenched her fists, but said nothing.

Brian continued, “If you dare to go out and try to meet another man again, I’d give you two choices only.Either Clayton dies or Toby.”

Ayla’s face turned pale when she heard the last sentence of Brian.

How did he find out Toby’s name? Her blood ran cold.

Would he make Toby lose everything he had now? At that exact time Jaime came in with the documents of Toby.

He saw Ayla standing aside with a pale face and gave her a smirk.

As he handed the documents to Brian, he said, “Mr.Clark, here are the documents of Toby that you wanted.”

Brian picked up a photo of Toby and looked at it intently.

“This man has a fiancee, do you know that?”

Although he said the words in a flat tone, they dropped on her like a bomb.She couldn’t even stand steadily anymore.

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