The Substitute Bride: Making Memories Of Us Chapter 149

Chapter 149: She’s Not Here, Neither Is She Planning To Come

As soon as it was lunch break, the secretary took Ayla to the ground floor.

“Mr.Gates, what’s going on?” Mr.Gates shook his head.

“Mr.Clark told me to escort you downstairs.He said that you had to wait here for a while.”

Ayla waited in the company hall with Mr.Gates by her side.

About five minutes later, Brian came in and strode towards her.

“Let’s go! Ms.Evans is waiting for us in the car.Let’s have lunch and then go to the airport together.”

Worried that Ayla would refuse him, he took the liberty to bring Yareli with him, so that he could have lunch with her.

When she heard that Yareli would have lunch with them, she didn’t object at all.

“Mr.Clark, please take good care of Lala,” said Yareli.

She had faith in both Ayla and Brian.

He nodded in response.

“Don’t worry, Ms.Evans.I also attach great importance to this coming fashion season.I hope you can come by when the time comes.


Yareli clinked her glass with Brian’s, and exchanged smiles with him.

After nearly an hour’s drive, the car finally stopped at the airport’s gate.They waited in the cafe together.

He had already asked someone to deal with the necessary formalities for Yareli.

All she had to do now was wait for the time to board the plane.

Ayla hugged her and watched as she walked to the departure gate.

Meanwhile, Hayden was also in the airport to send his daughter off abroad.When he turned around, he saw a familiar face.

Even though he only saw a portion of the face, he was shocked and certain that he knew the person.

“Hayden, what’s on your mind? Our daughter is about to board the plane.” Miley looked at him, wondering why he was staring blankly into the distance.

Hayden finally came to his senses and answered, “Nothing.”

When Ayla turned her head, she noticed that Hayden and Miley were there.He also noticed that she was looking at them.

“Lala? Are you here to see someone off? Or are you perhaps departing?”

Actually, what he wanted to hear was the former one and not the latter.But since she didn’t seem to have a suitcase with her, she was probably not leaving.

“Uncle Hayden, I’m here to send someone off.” Ayla smiled at Hayden.

On the other hand, Miley didn’t seem friendly.

“When did you two become so close?” Miley wasn’t deaf.

She found it ridiculous that Ayla was calling her husband “Uncle Hayden”!

“Hello, Aunt Miley,”she greeted.

She knew that Miley had never been fond of her, but that was her business.She was younger than her, so she must respect the elders.

“Miss Woodsen, I’m afraid we’re not that close.You better call me Mrs.Smith instead.”

Miley wasn’t going to stand for it.

Brian had only stepped away for a few minutes to take a phone call but Ayla had already gone off to bother the Smith family.

“What’s going on, Mrs.Smith? Did Ayla do something to displease you?”

As soon as he appeared, Miley’s face became friendlier.

“Mr.Clark! No, Miss Woodsen didn’t do anything.We’re not that close anyway.I just thought it was weird that I ran into her here.”

“Is that so? There are numerous people coming and going into this airport every day.It’s not strange to see someone familiar.”

Brian looked at them and wrapped his arm around Ayla’s waist.

Hayden nodded and interjected, “Anyway, Lala, I have to leave.”

Since Miley was there with him, no matter what the topic might be, she would still cause an unwarranted awkwardness.

Nodding back in response, Ayla called out, “Uncle Hayden.”

When he turned to look at her, she continued, “Take good care of yourself.”

Hayden smiled at her before he walked away.

As they strode forward, Miley turned around to stare daggers at Ayla.Ayla pulled Brian’s arm away and said, “It’s time for me to go back to work.”

“You used me just now, and now you don’t need me and push me away.How heartless you are.I stood up for you just now,” he said to Ayla as they walked side by side.

“I didn’t ask for your help.Besides, your words won’t be able to solve the misunderstanding between Mrs.Smith and I.Didn’t you see the resentment in her eyes when she looked at me?”

She had gotten used to their cold confrontations.

“You’re so stubborn.” Brian glanced at Ayla.

When it came to Hayden, she showed so much care and compassion, but when it came to him, she was so indifferent.She always wanted to be as far away from him as possible.She was completely different from who she was two years ago.

In the past, she never dared to hide nor go against him.She was submissive to him in every way After returning to the company, Ayla went back to her office.

Just as she sat down at her desk, the assistants began to whisper amongst themselves, save for Linda.

Since Brian had dragged her away in the hall on the ground floor openly, it was only natural that she would be the center of gossip in the company again.

Previously, she was in another studio with Ellie.But she suddenly got transferred here.

In addition, Linda was the kind of person who drew people over to her side.

And so, with the exception of Ellie, everyone else had a bad impression of Ayla.

They probably hated her now.But she couldn’t care less.She didn’t give a d**n about their attitudes.

The only thing that mattered to her was the completion of her work.

However, little did she realize that in such a big company, despite the fact that she didn’t care, others would still try to cause trouble to her.

When Lucas arrived at Ayla’s apartment, he found that she was no longer there.

In addition, the security guard of the apartment complex told him that she had moved away.

Where could she have gone? Did she go back to the Clark family’s villa? Lucas drove his car to the gates of the Clark family’s villa.

He waited for Brian the whole afternoon.He wanted to know whether Lala was with him or not.

Moreover, he knew that there was something that she still couldn’t let go.

Ayla had once mentioned that she might go back to the villa for the sake of their unborn child.

Unfortunately, Lucas didn’t see any car going into the villa even when the sun began to set.He then stepped out of his car to smoke a cigarette.

Anna drove towards the villa.She knew that Brian had no plans of coming home to the villa.

Kenzo mentioned that he had moved into Skiyton, so maybe Ayla was staying there, too.

From a distance, Anna noticed that Lucas was leaning against his car.

She pulled her car over next to his, and asked, “Lucas, what are you doing here?”

“I’m here for Lala.”

He didn’t beat around the bush regarding his relationship with Lala, because Anna had long known about it when she was in Italy.She shook her head.

“You’ll be disappointed to know that she’s not here, and neither is she planning to come by.This place brings her nothing but sadness.Even if she was left with no other choice, she wouldn’t come back here.But perhaps she might be willing to reconsider if she had forgiven Brian.”

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