The Substitute Bride: Making Memories Of Us Chapter 148

Chapter 148: She Enjoyed Independence And Financial

Ayla crawled out of bed and draped a night robe.

“Mr.Clark, you have nothing to worry about.I get paid to work so I will fulfill my obligations.”

What did he think of her? She was an independent woman who earned her own living!

“That’s fine,” Brian nodded.

Leaving her alone at home to her own devices could spell trouble.She might as well accompany him to the office.

After freshening herself up, she sat alone at the dining table for breakfast.Brian was sipping on some strong coffee.

“I’ve decided to go to the airport and send Ms.Evans off this afternoon,” she said softly.

She believed it was necessary to inform him in advance of her decision so that he would be aware.

There was then no need to inform Anna.

Taking a sip of his coffee, Brian told her, “Wait for me in the office.I’ll go along with you.”

Since Yareli was returning to Italy, Brian needed to see her off.

Ayla almost choked on her milk when she heard those words.Had she said something wrong? Why didn’t it occur to her that he would want to see Yareli off?

“Is something wrong? Are you unhappy?”

Her surprised expression did not escape him.

Were his words so frightening? She seemed to be avoiding him more these days.

Ayla took a bite of her sandwich and said, “Not at all.I can’t refuse your order anyway.”

He would definitely go and see Yareli off, irrespective of what she said.

Linda was patiently waiting at the company gate for a while.

Although she had only spent a few days at Clark Group, she had observed that Brian’s car was always parked at the company gate, never in the underground parking lot.

However, she was surprised to see the car pass the gate and head straight for the underground parking lot, with Ayla seated in it!

“It’s her!”

Linda whispered.

She was well informed about everything.

Word got around that before she and Yareli had arrived, Ayla had been given a private studio in another building and now she had transferred to the Clark Group’s head office.

Wenny was actually Ayla and she had returned from Italy to her hometown.

Perhaps she was in a very complicated relationship with Brian.

But it didn’t matter whether she called herself “Wenny” or “Ayla”, Linda would ensure she didn’t succeed that easily.

Mr.Clark belonged to her only! As soon as Linda turned around, she saw Anna.

“Oh, Miss Anna, what are you doing down here?”

“What? Can’t I?”

Anna glared at Linda.

She only came downstairs because of Linda’s strange behavior.

“Of course you can! I just thought you might witness something disturbing but all seems to be in order.I’ll go upstairs now.If you wish to stay, then by all means! ” Linda turned around, walked into the hallway and headed for the elevator.

As soon as the car stopped, Ayla alighted and said, “Thank you for bringing me here, Mr.Clark.I’ll go upstairs now.”

She had no choice but to travel with him in his car.

But now she could take the elevator without him, couldn’t she? Brian was fully aware that she was deliberately trying to avoid him.

But she couldn’t avoid him for much longer.

As he rushed towards the elevator, he was too late to join her as she had already touched the “close” button.

As the elevator doors closed, he only managed to catch her victory smile.She stepped out of the elevator.She had had two days of solid rest and was feeling much better now.As she entered the office, she was welcomed by Linda’s fierce gaze.She calmly ignored her, walked to her desk and sat down on her chair.

Anna walked in and saw Ayla.She was not the least bit surprised because she knew that Ayla was a very dedicated worker.

Linda could certainly not compete with her in this regard.

However, she was still upset about the fact that Brian had spent almost two days with Ayla.

Anna had waited like a pet puppy the whole night for him to return to the villa, but he had chosen to be with another woman! Anna addressed Ayla, “Miss Woodsen, you are back at your desk! If you are still feeling unwell, please feel free to take off a few more days to rest.”

“How do you know that I’m ill?” she questioned Anna.

“Did you go to the hospital to visit me?” Anna nodded.

“Yes, you were seriously ill. And your symptoms were a little unusual.”

When Anna asked the doctor about Ayla’s medical condition, he explained that Ayla ran a high fever and that there was no cure for it.

In the time that Anna had spent in the entertainment club, bars and other rowdy places, she learnt a little about what these symptoms meant.

Ayla’s hand froze for a second as she reached for the glass of water.

“Miss Anna, thank you for your concern but rest assured that I’m as fit as a fiddle and ready to commence with my work.” Anna had been in the society long enough.

Surely she could be more discerning? Ayla questioned her random bouts of severe fever.

Very often she would just feel feverish without cause and no medicine could break her fever.

Even a general checkup could not diagnose her problem.

As a result, she didn’t dwell on it.

Anyway, her fever would subside by nightfall.

She didn’t mind anymore because it was not as painful as it was a year ago.

Anna sneered and retorted, “All right then.Now that you are in good health, let’s get back to work! I’m looking forward to seeing your new designs.”

“I’ll certainly live up to your expectations this time.” Ayla nodded.

Yareli had clearly spelled out her future to her.She walked into the tea room with a pill in her hand.

Brian had given it to her before they had left in the morning.

She was indifferent to consuming it.

It was her decision whether to take it or not.

From outside the tea room, Linda spied on Ayla throwing the white pill into the trash can.

She then poured a cup of hot water and walked out.

“Wenny! Or should I call you Ayla? I didn’t know you came from Antawood.How resourceful you are! You are so conniving that Mr.Clark bows to you!”

She pretended as if she were just coming out of the office and accidentally bumped into Ayla.

“Linda, you are so wrong.You have completely misconstrued the relationship between Mr.Clark and me.”

Ayla knew that Linda would misunderstand her.

It was senseless even trying to explain it to her.

“Oh! I hope so.Let me not bother you then.”

Linda turned around and went into the tea room.

Peeping into the trash can, she noticed the white pill and immediately assumed it was a contraceptive pill.

She stood in front of the window and pondered, ‘Is Ayla staying with Brian just to have his child? How naive is she! Is she trying to uplift her status by getting pregnant with his child? It seems this is her strategy to always keep Brian by her side”

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