The Substitute Bride: Making Memories Of Us Chapter 146

Chapter 146: An Embarrassing Situation

When Ayla looked at Brian, she could see the satisfaction on his face.He kept on acting like he didn’t know what had happened, then so be it.But she wasn’t going to play along with him.

Ayla wanted to say something.

But before she could speak, Brian suddenly pulled her into his arms.

“Lala, stop being naughty,” he said.

He kissed her cheek, and then his lips moved to her mouth.He gently licked her lips and said, “Don’t lose your temper again.”

Ayla pushed him away and grimaced.

“I didn’t lose my temper! It’s just I’m still not done talking yet,” she said.

However, Brian didn’t give Ayla the chance to speak whatever she wanted to say again.He knew that all she would say was just about her going to leave.And he wouldn’t let her leave him.

It hadn’t been easy for him to get Ayla and bring her back to his side.

So why would he let her go so easily? Would Brian be kind enough to let Ayla go back to Lucas? There was no way! She’d better stop thinking about it! Brian held Ayla’s arms and pulled her again into his arms.

“You should stay here until you fully recover,” he said.

Ayla shivered when Brian’s lips touched her lips again.


His lips covered hers, not giving her any chance to refuse.He was domineering again, and he was not giving her the authority to leave.


Suddenly a voice came from nowhere.

The two who were kissing passionately in the living room quickly distanced their face from each other.

Ayla came back to her senses and realized how she was intoxicated in Brian’s kiss just now.She couldn’t deny how his kiss, lips, and tongue were so charming that they had deeply attracted her.

This man’s superb kissing skill had made her senses fly away unconsciously.

Brian turned his head at the servant, who was quite ignorant.

“The dinner is ready, Mr.Clark.”

Looking at the two in a daze, the servant realized that she just did something wrong.

Maybe she shouldn’t have disturbed them.She should have gone back to the kitchen and just ignored them.

While holding Ayla in his arms, Brian stood up and said, “Let’s eat our dinner first!”

Surely, the things they wanted to talk about could wait after dinner.

Besides, whether Ayla would have her chance to speak it out was also a question.

Ayla looked down as she felt her face heated.She was so embarrassed that the servant had seen them kissing just now.

It started to bother her that she might be ill at ease in this house.

Though, suddenly, Ayla stopped thinking about the things that might happen in the future.

Why would she think about the future? Would there be a future? She planned to leave here and finally separate ways with Brian after the dinner.

Ayla didn’t want anything that would be concerned with him anymore, or their entanglement would never end.

Brian and Ayla walked to the table and sat in their seats.

The dinner that the new servant prepared looked so rich and delicious.

Brian had let Kenzo make the arrangements for him this time.

When Jaime was around before, he was the one who ran these errands for Brian.

Ayla just kept on eating the rice in her bowl and didn’t give any attention to the food from the serving dishes.She was acting like this to protest against Brian.

However, Brian just let her and didn’t mind her at all.He just watched her eat the rice in a big gulp.

So this was what she meant by a protest? She just kept on doing things that would make her suffer.

Brian shook his head and said, “Are you hungry? You can fill the bowl with more rice if you want.”

Brian’s voice was not loud nor low.But when Ayla heard it, she turned so mad that she was even choked on the rice and kept on coughing.

The servant immediately approached her and handed her a glass of water.

“Miss Woodsen, here.Please drink some water.”

Ayla took the glass and sipped some water.Her breathing had finally turned to normal.

“Lala, what’s wrong? Are you okay? Drink more water.” Brian asked as he walked to Ayla and sat beside her.He patted her back gently.

‘What a hypocrite!’ Ayla was not dumb to not realize that Brian was just pretending to be nice.

If only he hadn’t kissed her like that in the living room, or if he hadn’t spoken to her, then maybe she wouldn’t have choked.

Even a scoop of rice could also choke a person to death! Not to mention that it was a big gulp.

When Ayla looked down, she saw that the rice grains were scattered on the clean floor.She flushed when a deep embarrassment hit her.She felt ashamed of herself.

“Of course I’m fine.It was just a gulp of rice.I’m not choked to death.Don’t you know that you shouldn’t talk while eating?”

Now that Ayla had lost her face, she couldn’t let him be happy.

But Brian just looked at her and didn’t get mad at all.Then, he immediately nodded and apologized, “Okay, I’m sorry.It’s all my fault.I should have kept silent while you were eating.But I’m really worried about you.You just ate such a big gulp of rice.I hope you won’t get a stomachache.”

Brian cared about her.

However, in her eyes, he just did it on purpose.He wasn’t angry at all.

Also, he thought that her angry face was way cuter than her plain expression.

Ayla was left speechless.

Why did she feel that it was her fault again? She could never win an argument over him, could she? ©) Brian took some food and put it into her bowl.

He looked at her and said, “You can take your time, Lala.No one will take away your food from you.”

Ayla rolled her eyes when his words rang in her ears.

Why did it sound like she was a hungry ghost? Even though it was hard for Ayla to submit, she just didn’t talk back to Brian and remained silent.

She knew that she would only give him an advantage by talking back, but she wouldn’t get any benefit for herself.

Brian was pleased when he saw that Ayla was now eating slowly.She didn’t need his help to pick up some food for her.

He could really make her compromise.

For Brian, he was sure that Ayla would never have her chance to escape from him.

While she was busy eating her rice, he took a small bowl of chicken soup and put it in front of her.

“Lala, take this bowl of chicken soup.”

She just took it without saying anything.

Anyway, she should at least have the strength if she would dare to compete with him.

After they finished dinner, they decided to go back to the living room.

Brian sat on the left side of the sofa, while Ayla sat on the far right side.

It looked like a big negotiation would happen between the two of them.

The servant brought the fruit plate and immediately went back to the kitchen.

As an outsider, the servant had felt a different atmosphere that surrounded the living room.

So, how could Brian not feel it? However, he just pretended like there was nothing unusual in the atmosphere.

He crossed his legs naturally while elegantly holding the newspaper that he hadn’t finished in his hand.

Ayla looked at Brian, who was casually reading the newspaper.

She took a deep breath and said, “Mr.Clark, I want to move out.”

She came straight to the point and didn’t sugarcoat her words.

But Brian just hummed slightly and didn’t even glance at her.

No one could understand what he meant.

Did he agree or not? However, it didn’t matter to Ayla anymore.

She had already told him what she wanted, and she had been polite enough.

“Have you forgotten when you said that you would pay the rent?”

Brian put down the newspaper and turned his gaze to Ayla when he saw her stand up.

Was she so naive to think that he would agree to let her move out just because she said so? Ayla was stunned for a moment.Then she finally asked, “What do you mean?”

She did have said that.But it was only on the premise that she would live alone, not with Brian.

“Since you will pay the rent, then what are you afraid of?” Brian stared at her deeply and spoke calmly.

She shook her head and said, “I’m not afraid of anything.I just don’t want to live with someone or with anyone.”

She just thought that she didn’t have to explain herself at all.Did Brian not get it, or did he not have a clear self-awareness?

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