The Substitute Bride: Making Memories Of Us Chapter 143

Chapter 143: No Matter Who It Was, He Wouldn’t Let Them Go

Brian continued knocking at the door and shouting, but Ayla still ignored him.She hadn’t finished showering yet.

Once she was clean, she would definitely come out.

Why was he being so noisy? Why couldn’t he just leave her alone for a while? Soon, Brian stopped knocking.

Just when he was about to kick it down, the frost glass door opened and Ayla appeared in front of him, naked.

Her body and hair were still dripping, and her face was red and strangely warm.Ayla smirked briefly.

“You’re so noisy.It’s annoying.”

Her remark displeased Brian.

Before he could respond, she collapsed and lost consciousness.

“Lala? Lala!” He quickly picked Ayla up and wiped her body with a bath towel.

As he stared at her body, he noticed that there were several abrasions.

It seemed that she wanted to erase the marks he left on her body, as if erasing his existence, but it was impossible! Brian wanted to stand before Ayla, be with her, and hopefully be in her heart.

Not long after, he found her another set of clean clothes, put it on her, and left with her in his arms.

Whether someone was watching her or not, living here was no longer good for her.

Ayla was having a high fever and she seemed to be in a trance because she kept talking in her sleep.

As Brian sat at her bedside, he stared at her closely.

The doctor had given her an injection and some medication, but she still looked like she was in pain.

He then held her hand, gently holding it in the palm of his hand.

Her wrists were so slender and fragile.

He had never imagined her to be so delicate.

Was he overestimating her? The only characteristics Brian saw in Ayla were her stubbornness and overwhelming strength of character.

He had never seen her this vulnerable.

She was always putting on a strong facade, and all the fragility and powerlessness she felt were hidden behind her toughness.

“Lala, what if you gave into me once?” he said to her, but she probably couldn’t hear him.

No words that came out of his mouth reached her ear.

“When you’re with Lucas you can rely on him.With Toby, you can cry and vent your frustrations.So why can’t you do the same when you’re with me?”

In Brian’s heart of hearts, he was so envious of both Lucas and Toby.

Maybe they never got Ayla’s body, but they did earn her love.

Even if Brian forced her into having s*x with him, he could never gain her love nor her heart.

“Ouch! Lucas.It hurts! Help me!”

In Ayla’s dream, she was back in Lucas’ villa.

And the only thing she felt was pain, coursing through her body and causing agony in her internal organs.

Brian put his hand on her forehead.

She was clearly suffering from a high fever, but why was her body cold and sweating all over? He sat on the bed, took off Ayla’s soaked pajamas and embraced her.

Afterwards, he picked up his phone and dialed a number.

“Kenzo, take Dr.Lloyd to Skiyton.Why did she suddenly become this ill? “Lucas, it hurts! What should I do? Am I going to die?”

Ayla held Brian’s hand tightly, her long nails digging into the back and the palm of his hand.But he didn’t even flinch.

As long as it alleviated a bit of her pain, he didn’t care anymore.

Ten minutes later, Kenzo arrived at the Skiyton with Dr.Lloyd, and then they waited in the living room.Brian put a clean night gown on Ayla before letting the doctor in.

“Dr.Lloyd, how is she?” He stayed with her the entire time.

Dr.Lloyd stood up.

“Mr.Clark, Miss Woodsen has a high fever.On top of that, she’s too weak to intake high doses of medicine.”

“Nonsense! Find a way to help her recover!”

Brian didn’t want to hear any excuses from the doctor.What did he even mean by saying that she was too weak to receive medication? Ayla was suffering from a high fever.Couldn’t the doctor do anything to cure her?

“Mr.Clark, I think it’s better to send Miss Woodsen to the hospital for a thorough examination.It seems that she hasn’t been well nourished for the past years.”

Dr.Lloyd gleaned that Ayla was very feeble right now.

With his years of experience, he gathered that she had taken medicine that she wasn’t supposed to.

“Then send her to the hospital!”

When Brian was about to carry Ayla in his arms, Dr.Lloyd stopped him.

“Hold on, Mr.Clark, I have something to say but I’m not sure if I should say it now.” Dr.Lloyd was hesitant to speak.

He had found something based on a hunch, but there was no evidence to support it.

“Just spit it out.Don’t hem and haw,” shouted Brian.

Glancing at Ayla, Dr.Lloyd said, “Mr.Clark, I believe that there’s some kind of rare poison in Miss Woodsen’s body.It’s a kind of injection drug that surfaced two years ago.It only takes one injection containing a few milliliters to make a person addicted to it.”

What he said made Brian petrified.

“Are you telling me that she might’ve taken drugs before?” Dr.Lloyd looked at him seriously.

“I’m just basing this all on a hunch, Mr.Clark.But that drug has a drastic effect on the body.It’s very easy to get addicted, and it’s incredibly difficult to get rid of it.But its most problematic side effect is that it causes pain to spread from the internal organs to the whole body.”

Brian raised his hand to stop the doctor.

“Stop.Don’t say another word.I know what that drug is.You can’t tell anyone about it.Never mention this to anyone else.Dr.Lloyd nodded.

“Don’t worry, Mr.Clark.I won’t.”

Brian drove Ayla to the hospital, but her condition hadn’t subsided yet.She still kept talking in her sleep.

“Can’t you do anything to help her?” he roared at the doctors, scaring the dean and the doctors into silence.

“Get out! Get the hell out!”

Brian drove everyone out of the VIP ward and sat down at Ayla‘s bedside.She had been having nightmares the whole night, and he didn’t get a wink of sleep.

He had been contemplating on Dr.Lloyd’s words.

Had she been forced into taking the drug when Tatum caught her? Then how did she manage to get by all these years? Or maybe Lucas injected Ayla with the drug to keep her by his side?

‘D**n it! Brian cursed in his mind.’

No matter who drugged Ayla, I won’t let them go!’ Because he didn’t attend the morning meeting, he received a call from Anna.

“Brian, where are you? It’s time for the morning meeting.” Anna glanced at the attendees in the meeting room.

Linda had also arrived, but Ayla was nowhere to be found.Was Brian with her right now?

“I see.I’m in the hospital because Ayla has gotten hospitalized.You can begin the meeting.Just bring the meeting report to the hospital later, and bring some porridge and soup as well,” said Brian.

Anna wanted to say something more, but he had already dropped the call.

Linda noticed the change in her expression.

“Will Mr.Clark be able to attend this meeting? If he won’t, then we can’t have an early meeting this time, right?”

She didn’t want to stay in the hotel room.For her, the injury on her leg wasn’t that big of a deal.So, she came to work as usual.

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