The Substitute Bride: Making Memories Of Us Chapter 140

Chapter 140: He Pushed Her Into Trouble

“Did I say something wrong? It’s not that I don’t believe you, Miss Anna.I’m afraid you will deliberately make things difficult for me.I think Mr.Clark is more trustworthy than you.”

Linda was always the one to take initiative and she never trusted Anna.

Moreover, she was not Ayla.She wouldn’t allow others to bully her.

Ayla silently looked at Anna and Linda.Having these two women around him was probably enough for Brian.He wouldn’t have the time to pay attention to her.

Yareli stopped Linda and said, “This is the Clark Group, Linda.You should know what to do.”

Yareli wouldn’t bring Linda here if she thought she couldn’t help Ayla.

Linda was always capable, be it in the company or outside it, and Yareli had chosen her because of her confidence.

But as a designer, she would have to be careful not to become overconfident.Brian looked at Ayla.

Although she remained expressionless, he could tell that she was gloating from within.

But he wasn’t going to let her be an onlooker and stay out of all this.

Ayla knew something was afoot when she felt Brian’s eyes on her.

‘What does he want to do?’ she thought.

“Are you afraid?” Brian said, walking up to Ayla.

She took a subconscious step backwards.

“Mr.Clark, please behave yourself!” Ayla hissed, her voice low.

She had done nothing and didn’t want to be enemies with Anna and Linda.

But Brian could effortlessly push her into trouble.She suspected that all he wanted was for her not to have any foothold here.


Their voices were mere whispers and their movements were discreet.But Anna and Linda noticed.

They, however, remained tactful and didn’t say anything.

Only Ayla knew the hard time that she was in for.  Lucas was now at Ayla’s studio.

He waited outside for a long time, hesitating, before he mustered the courage to walk up the stairs to the door, only to find the studio closed.

A sense of foreboding overtook him.

‘Where is Lala?’ he thought worriedly.

Ayla hadn’t said anything about leaving her studio to Lucas on the phone last night.

Had she left voluntarily? Or had Brian forced her? Lucas made his way to the Clark Group’s office as a last resort, trying to find out if Ayla was alright.

He had just arrived at the gates when Brian emerged, followed by Yareli, Anna, and Linda.

Moments later, Ayla emerged as well, filling Lucas with relief.

Brian frowned as he spotted Lucas and walked up to him.

“Mr.Collins, what are you doing here?”

“I’m here to see Lala.Am I not allowed to do that?” he said.

Lucas didn’t like how Brian always got in his way, stopping him from seeing Ayla.

“Absolutely not,” Brian replied, his tone venomous and indifferent at the same time.

Lucas threw him a dry look.

“Don’t think that you can control everything.You can’t be with Lala!”

“You don’t have to tell me about my relationship with her.Besides, are you underestimating Miss Green?”

Brian had noticed the same car that had been parked opposite Ayla’s apartment building before.

He was sure that the two men had followed Lucas all the way here.

And he knew without checking that Haley had sent the men who had been spying on Lucas and Ayla.

“What do you mean?” Lucas looked back and forth between Ayla and Brian.

“You’re being followed, so you’d better not let Ayla speak to you.If you want to see her, you’d better shake off your pursuers first.”

Brian’s reminder was not out of kindness.

But if Lucas came to Ayla, it might bring harm to her.As he watched Ayla make her way over to them, Lucas fixed Brian with a hard stare before saying, “You’d better take good care of Lala, or I will skin you alive.”

“Don’t worry.You can’t help her even if I wanted to do something to her.Besides, you are the one who is bringing trouble to her, not me!”

Brian was determined to make Ayla his woman and Lucas couldn’t do anything to stop him.  “You’d better keep your word!”

Lucas gritted out before hurrying away.Ayla looked at Lucas’ retreating back and asked Brian, “What did you say to him?”

Lucas had come to see her, not Brian.But Brian had barely said a few words to him and had managed to drive him away.What had made him scurry away like this?

“Why do you care about him so much? You know he has another woman.But you are still willing to let him play around with two women at the same time! Why?”Brian said to Ayla, his eyes glinting coldly.

Ayla was stunned.Even if Brian knew something, he had no right to meddle in her business.

“I know my business.You’d better not talk all this nonsense in front of Lucas.””I’m telling the truth,” he said, shrugging.

Brian knew what Ayla was worried about and decided to let her follow her train of thought.

He would make Ayla understand him one day.

“I don’t want to talk all this with you.And you’d better not stick to me in front of Anna and Linda.If you do, don’t blame me for being rude,”

Ayla warned him before turning around and walking towards Yareli.

As Yareli watched Brian and Ayla, she understood that Wenny didn’t want to have anything to do with Mr.Clark, who, on the contrary, seemed to disagree.But given the situation, it didn’t look like Wenny had a chance of escape.  The next day, Linda left the office early after work.

She was unlike Ayla and needed to get familiar with A City.But the moment she walked out of the office, she came face to face with Brian.

“Mr.Clark,” she said, plastering a smile to her face.

“Miss Linda, are you off duty?”

Brian asked distractedly, his entire attention on Ayla, who he could see through the glass window.He was staring at her as she concentrated on drawing up the designs.

She probably hadn’t realized the time.

“Yes.Is Mr.Clark off work too? How about having dinner together?” Linda offered.

She wouldn’t give up easily and continued to approach him over and over again.

Brian hesitated for a few seconds before nodding.

“Sounds great,” he said.

“You’ve been in Antawood for a couple of days.I know I should do my best to be a good host.I’ll take you to taste the specialties of this city.Shall we?”

They talked as they made their way out.

Linda wasn’t about to refuse his offer because for her, what mattered was not what she ate, but with whom she ate.She knew that Mr.Clark not refusing her was a rare event and that she should seize this opportunity with both hands.

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