The Substitute Bride: Making Memories Of Us Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Humiliation

Ayla couldn’t say no to him when Toby insisted.She wasn’t sure how long she could hide the truth from him.

But if she rejected him too many times, he would be suspicious.

After leaving the cafe, Toby drove her back to her school.

“Lala, can you have dinner with me tonight?”

Toby eagerly waited for her response.

He even was very reluctant to leave Ayla.

Ayla felt guilty again to lie to him.

But she had no other choice.

She gave him a half-smile and said, “Toby, I have work tonight.Let’s do it sometime later.”

Toby thought for a moment and then said, “Okay! This is my card.It has my new phone number.Call me if you have time.”

“Okay.” Ayla nodded with a smile and took the card from him.

The card had his title printed on it.

“Executive Director and Deputy CEO of Smith Group”.

After exchanging goodbyes to each other, Toby left and Ayla went back to attend her classes.

When she returned to the villa after school, Brian hadn’t come back.

She was temporarily relieved for his absence.

So, Ayla helped Maria prepare the dinner and waited for Brian to come back.

She knew today she’d have to give him an explanation for her seemingly rendezvous with Toby.

“Mrs.Clark, you can have your dinner.Mr.Clark hasn’t called yet.He might not return tonight.”

Maria was worried about Ayla’s health.

It was almost midnight now, and still she didn’t eat or drink anything.

She had been waiting for Mr.Clark since she returned from school.

Ayla smiled at Maria and said, “Don’t worry.I’m fine.He’ll be back soon.”

However, she was well aware of the possibility that once he returned, things might go haywire.

Perhaps, she’d have to face his wrath.

She still couldn’t believe that she bumped into him while being with Toby.

But she wanted to get it over with.

So she waited anxiously.

Brian came back around one o’clock in the morning.

Ayla was already trembling with fear with the thought of facing him.

As soon as Brian came in, a rush of cold, bitter wind entered the villa along with him.


Ayla mumbled his name and walked up to him.

She bowed politely wondering whether she had any chance to negotiate with him.

Brian glared at her.

This woman had the audacity to come and stand before him after he caught her red handed.

“Well, have you had your dinner? I’ve cooked as per your instruction.”

Ayla accumulated a lot of courage to say that to him.

Brian said nothing and walked directly into the dining room.

The table had already been prepared.

He noticed the dishes and the soup on the table.

They looked delicate and delicious indeed.

Despite being cold, they still looked appetizing.

But he did not show any appreciation.

She had cheated on him for God’s sake.

How could he forgive her? Did she think making a few delicious dishes would make him forget everything? But how wrong she was! Arlene shouldn’t have underestimated him and thought that he wouldn’t find out.

He had been being generous with her.

He provided her a good life.

He even gave her the permission to go to school.

Yet, she cheated on him.

“Arlene, how dare you! How can you think cooking food for me would make up for your deed? Did you think I would forgive you easily? You are my legal wife.Do you still remember that?”

Brian shouted aloud and with a wave of his hand, threw away all the dishes to the floor.

The porcelain dishes and bowls broke into pieces and scattered around.

Ayla flinched in fright.

She was about to bend down and clean up, but she was pulled back and pressed on the table by him the next second.

The suddenness took her by surprise.

“What…What are you doing?”

She trembled being held by him tightly.

“What am I doing? What exactly do you think I am doing?”

Brian gritted his teeth.

This woman was indeed a temptress, and she thought she could tempt him as well.

Many men might want to spend time with her, but he didn’t.

All he wanted was to humiliate her in every way possible.

“Arlene, since you love talking and laughing with other men, you wouldn’t refuse your own husband, right?”

Brian spat the words out bitterly.

They were filled with hatred.

“No, no! You’re misunderstanding things, Mr.Clark.He and I are just…”

Ayla couldn’t finish her sentence because she was tightly gripped by him.

Two streams of tears rolled down from the corner of her eyes.

But it didn’t make Brian feel sorry even the slightest.

This time Brian was even more brutal.

Almost animalistic.

Ayla held the edge of the table tightly and endured the pain.

She was afraid.

He’d always humiliate her like this, and she couldn’t do anything about it.

Ayla didn’t know how long he continued his torture on her, because at one point, she fainted because of the terrible pain.

When she regained her senses, she was the only one present in the dining room, lying on the table, naked.

Enduring the pain, Ayla sat up and collected her dress from the ground to cover her body.

She went back to her room and walked into the bathroom.

She looked at herself in the mirror.

Her body was covered with bruises all over.

It hurt.

She hurt everywhere.

She couldn’t even stand any longer.

She collapsed on the ground as the shower kept pouring on her head.

Ayla grabbed a scrubber and washed her body with hot water.

She rubbed her body hard to wash away all the evidences of torture left by him.

What Brian had given her was the worst pain anyone could have, and this moment would never fade away from her life.

“Toby, what should I do?”

She whispered then broke down completely.

Tears streamed down her face, mingling with the running water.

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