The Substitute Bride: Making Memories Of Us Chapter 139

Chapter 139: Provocation

Looking out of the window, Lucas said, “I see.You should be careful whenever you go outside.Once I’m done with work, I’ll come to see you.”

He wanted to ensure Ayla’s safety!


She had promised him that above all, she would cherish her own life.

There was a time when she almost lost her life, but now, she would never discard her life so easily.

“Lala, if you really want to leave this place and go back to Italy, or maybe anywhere else, as long as you desire it, I’ll make it happen.Everything will be fine,” said Lucas.

He had long wanted to take Ayla away, and at present, it seemed to be his only choice.

If Tatum were to come back, or if Haley found out that Ayla was here, there would be no more turning back forLucas.  Ayla was hesitant to do it.

This time, she didn’t promise him anything.

“Lucas, do you really think we can just run away like that? Do you think Brian will let us go so easily? Of all people, you should know that the only reason I was able to go to Italy without any problems was because Brian thought I was dead.But this time, do you think I’ll be fortunate enough to escape?”

It was her fate that she couldn’t avoid some people, and some things were destined to happen.

If she were able to escape from her fate, then she shouldn’t have returned again, and she shouldn’t have been found out by Brian.  Therefore, her best bet was to convince him to let go of her, so that she could finally have some peace of mind and avoid getting Lucas into trouble.

Ayla’s words had left Lucas stunned.

Indeed, it would not be as easy as he had thought.She had escaped once, but doing it a second time was indeed difficult.

“Lucas, let’s go to bed.I’ll take care of it.Do you trust me?”

Ayla wanted Lucas to believe her, but could she believe him too?

“Yes.Lala, you have to trust me too.You’re the only woman I love, and nothing can change that.”

He knew that she was aware of his relationship with Haley, but he couldn’t explain it to her for the time being, so these words were all he could say to her.  If two people loved each other, didn’t it mean that they must trust one another? No matter what? Taking a deep breath, Ayla said, “Lucas, I’ll believe whatever you say.”

She had faith in Lucas.

After being with him for two years, he was the only person she could truly trust.The morning meeting was held in the Clark Group’s largest meeting room.

Yareli and Linda arrived at the company together.

Brian was the one who sent someone to pick them up, and he personally picked Ayla up.

He also noticed that there were two people spying on her from across the apartment.

“Let’s go!” Brian ignored the spies and continued to stay close with her.

“Actually, it’s not a big deal if you don’t come to pick me up.I already know where the Clark Group is.”

Ayla stepped into the car.

She noticed that there was a car parked across the apartment, and it seemed that this same car had been there for many days.

Was it because of this that Lucas and Brian told her to be careful whenever she had to go out? She knew Brian well, and he would never treat her like this.

There was no need for him to be so secretive, just like what he was doing now.

For the rest of the drive, he didn’t say a word.

But when they arrived at the company, Ayla broke the silence.

“Do you really want us to go back to the old days?” Brian just looked at her.

She wasn’t the type of person that would compromise easily.It was obvious that she just wanted to know his thoughts, but he hoped that she could see through him herself.Because she probably wouldn’t believe anything that came out of his mouth.

“It’s fine if you don’t want to tell me.Just forget it.”

With that, Ayla got out of the car.‘What a stubborn woman! But no matter how stubborn she could be, she is still softhearted, ‘ Brian thought.

In the meeting room, all of the senior executives of the Clark Group were there.

Naturally, Anna was also there.

Upon seeing that she had gotten out of the hospital, Ayla smiled at her briefly.

Over the past few years, Anna had helped Brian so much.

They were a good match, and they should be together.

Ayla knew what Anna was thinking right now, and she didn’t want to compete with her for anything.After the meeting, Ayla and Linda stayed to finish the preparation of the fashion show together.

Offering her hand, Linda said, “Mr.Clark, I’m hoping that our companies will have a fruitful partnership.”

Brian looked back at her.

“Linda, with your help, I think this fashion season will go splendidly!”

Anna was displeased that Linda was flirting with him without hesitation because she knew that Linda was ambitious and completely different from Ayla.  No matter how Ayla felt for Brian, she wouldn’t show it in front of so many people.

Anna knew that the reason Yareli asked Linda to be here was to lessen Ayla’s workload.

After taking a glance at Ayla, Brian turned to Yareli and said, “Well, Ms.Evans, let’s take a look at the new studio, shall we?”

He was determined to get Ayla back.

No matter what happened, as long as she was in the Clark Group’s building, he would be able to rest assured.Ayla didn’t have any choice but to follow him.

If it were possible, she’d rather not be in the same building as him.

But it didn’t seem like she had any choice.

Compared to Ayla’s current studio, the spacious office she was in right now was far better.

It was luxurious and elegant, and nobody could say that this was just a simple office.

Smiling faintly, Linda said, “Mr.Clark, it seems that you spared no expense to prepare all of this!”

The moment Brian found out that Wenny was actually Ayla, he had intended to keep her by his side.And no matter what she wanted to do, he would allow her to do it.

“I’m glad you like it, Miss Linda.”

There was a faint smile on his face that could barely be seen.

Walking over, Anna held Brian’s arm intimately.

“Miss Linda, I’m in charge of this project.If you run into any problems or you have any concerns in the future, I’d like to let you know that you can come to me anytime.”

Linda wasn’t afraid of her at all.

Anna had been engaged to Brian for a year, and yet other women could still stay close to him, which only meant that he didn’t give a d**n about his fiancee!Men were fickle creatures.

What they desired more was a sense of novelty, and Linda was the kind of woman that men dreamed of having.

“Miss Anna, it may be true that you’re in charge of this project, but Mr.Clark is still the boss of Clark Group.Besides, he still has the final say in everything.Don’t you think so, too, Mr.Clark?”

Brian had no interest in the quarrel between women, not to mention that the woman he cared about wasn’t involved in the fight.

“You…” Anna was pissed off.

In the Clark Group, nobody dared to do this to her other than Brian.

Linda was so full of herself.

Did she dare to challenge her authority just because she was pretty? Wasn’t she afraid that Anna would make her life miserable?

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