The Substitute Bride: Making Memories Of Us Chapter 138

Chapter 138: I Don’t Want To Be Mistaken For A W***e

As soon as Ayla went downstairs, Brian caught up with her and grabbed her arm.

“What’s the matter with you? Were you trying to set me up with Linda? Do you really not care?”

“Mr.Clark, I think it’s inappropriate of you to hold me like this in public.”

Ayla glared at him.

Was he aware of what he was doing right now? This was the hotel’s lobby.

Numerous people were coming and going, and she didn’t want them to mistake her for a w***e.

“Is that so? I don’t care about other people’s opinions.Don’t you know who owns this place?”

Brian proudly stood at the center of the lobby, showing no intention of letting her go.

As of this moment, Ayla was powerless.

So what if he owned this place? Yes, she cared about what other people thought of her, and she didn’t want to be seen with him.But was this reason enough to stop him? Why couldn’t he just listen to her?

“Let me drive you back to your office.”

After saying that, he carried her to the car parked outside and drove her to work.Ayla sat in the office for the entire day, but she practically did nothing.

What Lucas said to her last night was still clouding her mind.

She was still debating whether to leave or not.She had two choices: she could either leave or cater to Brian’s whims.

However, she was aware of the fact that leaving wouldn’t be easy.

And even if she did try to leave, Brian might be able to catch her and drag her back.

When night fell, Ayla received a call from Yareli.

They were supposed to have dinner together.

“Wenny, we haven’t seen each other for over a month.It looks like you’ve lost some weight.You must’ve been having difficulties working on your own,” said Yareli.

“It’s fine.I’m used to it.I was born in Antawood.I am not a stranger to this place, and I’ve gotten accustomed to it,” Ayla replied casually.

“Actually, Wenny, I have something to ask you.It’s fine if you don’t want to answer me,” Yareli asked after hesitating for a long time.

Brian had made a name for himself, and she knew what kind of person this man was.

Wherever he went, he was capable of getting everything he desired.Wenny was a simple and kindhearted girl.It would be harmful for her to stay around Brian.

“Ms.Evans, it’s fine.Ask away.”

There was nothing she couldn’t tell her.

Perhaps many people had noticed that something was going on with her and Brian.

Taking a sip of water, Yareli said, “Wenny, are you familiar with Mr.Clark?”

“I guess so.I’ve had contact with him before I left Antawood to live in Italy,” Ayla replied flatly.

“But it’s all in the past now.All I have with him now is a professional relationship.” Yareli nodded.

“That’s good to know.”

Business was business, and it must not have any emotional attachments.

By the time Ayla returned to her apartment, it was already quite late.But then she noticed that Brian was waiting for her outside the building.

“Mr.Clark, what are you doing here?”

“Am I not allowed to drop by? Did you go out with Ms.Evans?”

It seemed that he was always aware of her whereabouts.

“Yes, Ms.Evans asked me to have dinner with her.I’m sorry to have kept you out here in the cold, Mr.Clark.” Ayla smirked.

Why didn’t he just go into her apartment this time? Slowly, he approached her to hold her in his arms.

“For you, waiting out here is worth it.”

As Brian embraced her, she didn’t try to resist.He then stared into the distance.

Over the past few days, he noticed that there were two people who had been watching anyone that came in and out of the apartment building.

If he hadn’t warned the security team in advance, those people might’ve been able to sneak in already.

Who could’ve been investigating Lala? Perhaps it was Haley.  She was not a simple woman.

Whether she was just investigating whom Lucas was dating or helping Tatum gather information, he wasn’t going to let Ayla get hurt again.It was only when the suspicious car left that he finally let her go.

“There’s a meeting tomorrow morning.Don’t forget to attend.”

Afterwards, he went back to his car.

Seeing that Ayla was still shocked beside his car, he said, “You should try to avoid meeting with Lucas for the time being.”

After watching his car leave, she finally went back to her apartment.

‘What did he mean by that? Was he aware that Lucas is visiting me every now and then?’ Haley looked at each of the pictures that her men had taken, but she couldn’t gather anything useful.

That woman looked familiar.She remembered that this woman was the same person that she accidentally knocked down along the road last time.

This woman was indeed beautiful.She thought that she must’ve seen her somewhere before.Otherwise, why would she think that she looked familiar?

“Is this woman really meeting this man these past few days? Didn’t you say that you spotted Lucas there?”

Haley had a hunch that this woman had something to do with Lucas.

“Miss Green, the woman and this man have been caught on camera being intimate for the past few days.They don’t appear to be just friends.”

“I see.Continue keeping an eye on Lucas.I have to know who that woman is.”

While Haley was staring at the photos, her doorbell rang.  Stashing the pictures away, she went to open the door.

“Lucas? Why are you here?”

“Didn’t you just say that you’re hungry? I went downstairs to get you some food.”

Lucas noticed that she was a little flustered.She was either hiding something from him or doing something that she couldn’t let him know.

“Thank you.Let’s go to the canteen to eat, okay? I also want to have some drinks.”

Haley couldn’t let him in her room right now.She wasn’t going to let him see the photos in her room nor the two men hiding there.

Lucas had no objections.

“Sounds great.Let’s go!”

The two of them went downstairs to the canteen for a midnight snack.

When he went back to his room, he remembered how flustered she was earlier.

Right now, he was so worried about Ayla.

And so, he dialed her number and it didn’t take long before the line connected.


“Lucas, it’s you!”

In all honesty, Ayla was surprised to hear from him.She thought that he wouldn’t have the time to call her.

“Yes, it’s me.Haven’t you gone to bed yet?”

Lucas could tell based on her voice that she was anxious.Perhaps she had gotten apprehensive due to Brian pestering her.

“I can’t fall asleep.” Ayla had a lot on her mind.

It was only natural that she was restless.

“Lala, how have you been lately? Have you noticed anyone following you around?”

Lucas was afraid that Haley had sent people to stalk her.If Tatum found out about her, the consequences would be dire.  “No.What’s going on? Why would you say that?”

His questions were strange.

And so was Brian’s warning earlier.She thought that it wasn’t a coincidence, and that she might’ve been targeted by someone.But to her memory, she hadn’t offended anyone here.She was just a simple designer, and she had never formed any enmity with anyone.

If there was really someone targeting her, there could only be one cause, and it was Brian.

Maybe it would only bring her trouble to be entangled with him? However, Brian told her not to meet with Lucas for the time being, which only meant that this matter also had something to do with him.

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