The Substitute Bride: Making Memories Of Us Chapter 133

Chapter 133: Everything Is Predestined

Ayla left the ward smiling.She and Anna were in the same emotional boat.

It was indeed sad and unfortunate that both of them were in love with the same ruthless man.She returned to her studio.

Noticing Hayden downstairs, she enquired, “Uncle Hayden, what brings you here?”

“I went upstairs to your studio but you weren’t at your office,” Hayden said with a soft smile.

He hadn’t seen her in a while but after witnessing the disturbing quarrel between Toby and Molly the night before, he was driven to have a word with her.

They went to a cafe and ordered coffee.

“Uncle Hayden, is something disturbing your peace of mind?”

Ayla was deeply concerned because Hayden looked far more haggard than he did at their previous meeting.

“It involves family matters,” he said blandly.

“Uncle Hayden, just relax.There’s no need to stress.Everything will improve.Let’s please change the topic.”

She could read him like a book.

Something was amiss.

Hayden gazed at her and reminisced about his first love.

The woman’s figure was etched in his mind.However, years had elapsed and much had changed.Maybe it was time he let go of the past and forgot about her.

“Good idea.You have always been so sensible.”

Unfortunately he didn’t get an opportunity to broach the subject he wanted to with her.

After leaving the cafe, Ayla returned to her studio.

Soon after commencing work, she received a call from Italy.

“Wenny, how are you?”

“Miss Evans, I’m fine, thank you.I have handed the first season’s design drafts to Mr.Clark.He seems to be perfectly satisfied with them.He has even started making the formal sample clothing,” Ayla reported to Yareli.

“Well that’s certainly good news.But are you burning the midnight oil and neglecting yourself?” Yareli asked, somewhat concerned.

Not only had she called to enquire about her but she also planned to go to A City.

“How could I do that? I’m absolutely fine!”

Ayla’s passion for her work kept her vibrant and uplifted her spirits.

“Okay, great! I will be going to Antawood with Linda tomorrow,” Yareli told her.

She was content that relations between her company and the Clark Group were proceeding smoothly.

Brian was prepared to expand the cooperation with Starlight at a very reasonable price.It would work to her advantage.She had focused on developing her business in Italy because she was determined not to return to A City.

But with the new developments, it was necessary to make a comeback.

Even if it meant bumping into someone she would rather not see, this was a risk she had to take.

It had been so many years, and perhaps that man had already forgotten about her and moved on.

Secretly, she nurtured the desire to go back to Antawocd to see that man whom she cared about but had abandoned.

The moment she heard Yareli say that she was going to Antawood with Linda, Ayla knew that Brian was behind this move.

Whatever his intention in doing this, she had to prepare to face it.

The first thing that Brian noticed when he entered the ward was the presence of an unfamiliar thermos bottle alongside Anna’s thermos bottle.

“Who visited you?” he asked.

“Ayla,” Anna said flatly.

“What was she doing here?”

He reclined on the sofa.He wasn’t at all surprised that she had visited.

“She brought me some porridge.” Anna looked at Brian.

She detected the slight change in his eyes when he talked about Ayla.

“Well,” Brian replied indifferently.

Anna got out of bed and said, “Maria brought me a change of clothing.Please would you help me with the hospital discharge?”

Even if Brian only had Ayla in his heart and no space for her, she wouldn’t let Ayla take him so easily.She would make it an uphill battle for her.

Brian drove her back to the villa.

“You can rest here for a few days.It’s such a relief that Maria is here to manage everything.If you drink again, be fully aware of the consequences!”

Seeing that Brian was about to leave, Anna held his hand and asked, “Do you care about me? It’s not that I want to give up on myself…It’s just that I’d rather drown my sorrows in alcohol and forget the heartbreak.Can you understand that?”

Perhaps he didn’t understand, or maybe he had never understood what heartbreak was.

But Anna understood fully the impact of a broken heart.She had experienced both love and heartbreak.

But she didn’t want any more emotional turmoil that would shatter her fragile heart into tiny pieces.

“Anna, you need to realize that I saved your life.Don’t do anything without my permission.”

He had saved her life back then.He wasn’t going to let her harm herself like this.

Besides, when he had been striving for his business, Anna had traded her body to help him achieve his goals.

Anna looked at him and hugged him around his waist.

“Thank you for saving me.Maybe everything is predestined.”

She was helplessly in love with him.She would bear the brunt of his torture as part of her destiny and fate.

“Anna, have a good rest.We shall chat further when I come back,” he said, freeing himself from her embrace.

“Are you going to see Ayla?” She glared at him.

It was already late.He went out to see Ayla on the pretext of business.

She knew he wanted to see Ayla to find out more why she had visited Anna in the hospital.

Wasn’t that true? He didn’t reply.

She knew that she had guessed right.

“Go ahead!” Anna flung her arms up in the air.

If he wanted to go to his precious Ayla, he was welcome! Even if she was successful in keeping them apart, she couldn’t erase Ayla from his heart.

He left without a backward glance.

She was deeply hurt that he did not turn around to acknowledge her.She had never occupied even a tiny fragment of his heart.

But Anna was still hopeful that someday he would appreciate her intense love for him.She wanted nothing more out of life save the day when he would reciprocate her love.

Ayla was still busy working on the design drafts.

There must be a very important reason why Yareli was coming to Antawood.

Brian and Yareli would both have their own agendas.

Brian reached Ayla’s studio.


“You are here.”

She put down her brush and looked at him.She knew that Anna would have told him about her visit to the hospital.

That was the reason he had come to meet her.

“Did you know that I was coming?” Brian walked to the sofa and sat down.

“I didn’t Know.I just had a hunch,” she said indifferently.

Whether he came or not made no difference to her.

“Your hunch was right.”

Gently puffing away on his cigarette, he told her, “Miss Evans called me.She is concerned that you might be overburdened by the workload.In order for the fashion show to run smoothly, I also asked Linda to come and assist you”

They eventually ended up discussing work-related matters.They hadn’t talked shop this pleasantly since they met again.

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