The Substitute Bride: Making Memories Of Us Chapter 132

Chapter 132: Love Needs Fairness

As he sipped his coffee, Toby looked at Molly and said, “So, what if she’s back?”

Everything had changed.

Even if he was still in love with Lala, she didn’t need him anymore.

“Do you mean that you don’t love her anymore?”

Molly refused to believe him, because if she was deeply in love with someone, she wouldn’t get over them so easily.

Just as she loved Toby, she knew that he had someone else in his heart.She was also aware of the fact that their marriage only served to fulfill his goals.

Molly’s relationship with him was nothing more than this.

Despite being married for nearly three years, they never had children.He had never asked to have one because he didn’t wish to have a child with her.

“Molly, enough.Can we please stop fighting about Lala?”

Toby had grown tired of it.He didn’t want to talk to Molly about Lala anymore because talking about her only hurt him.

“I’m not messing around.Have you ever loved me all these years?”

Molly stared at him intently.

Although she knew that his answer was no and that it would hurt her to hear it again, she still wanted to ascertain it.

“Molly, you’re my wife.Aren’t you bored of asking me such questions?”

Toby got up to hold her arms with his hands.

Looking up at him, she said, “Bored? Is that all I am to you? A boredom? If you don’t love me at all, then you shouldn’t have married me in the first place!”


When Hayden went upstairs, he heard that Toby was arguing with his daughter.

“Are you done fighting?”

“Dad? What are you doing here?”

Knowing that he was in poor health, Molly couldn’t bring herself to tell him what she was thinking.

“I heard you two arguing again.Am I not allowed to see what’s going on? It’s so late already.Why are you even fighting?”

Hayden knew that his daughter felt wronged because of Toby, and he also knew Toby’s past with Ayla, but it was all over now.

If they kept on quarreling about it, it would never end.

He had been married for more than twenty years.He knew how to maintain a marriage.

No matter how tolerant he was, as long as Miley had no patience, they could never be happy together.

Glancing at Toby, Molly said, “Dad, nothing happened between me and Toby.Let me escort you back to your room.Isn’t Mom home yet?”

“No, she’s out playing cards with Mrs.Hicks.I doubt she’s coming home anytime soon,” Hayden said helplessly.

Whenever he came home late, Miley would make a fuss about it.

But whenever he came home early, she was out playing cards, and she wouldn’t come back until midnight.

Toby sat alone in his study.

What Molly said to him had moved his heart.

He wasn’t sure how to repay his debts of gratitude, but maybe he should start by letting go of his past and begin anew with Molly.

Ayla also cared about Toby’s happiness and whether he had a complete family or not.

But would he be able to grant Molly a complete and happy family? Walking out of the study, he went back to the bedroom.

“Molly, you have to trust me.I’ll always be with you in the future.”

Turning to look at him, Molly answered, “That’s good enough for me.”

Indeed, it was enough.

Someday, he would truly fall in love with her.

Ayla woke up early.

Although her room was small, she still felt empty somehow.She stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling window, crossing her arms.

The weather was good today, but her mood wasn’t.

Meanwhile, Anna was lying in her bed, while Brian sat on the sofa.She had almost recovered, so she wanted to leave the hospital.She wanted to go back with him and help him manage the company.

This was what she was willing to do for him.

“Brian, don’t you have a meeting this morning? You should go to the company.Maria will bring me breakfast later.You don’t have to worry about me,” Anna said to him as she sat upright.

Brian glanced at his watch and put away his laptop.

“Okay, then I’ll go now.Have a good rest.I’ll come back once I’m done with work.”

As soon as his car drove out of the hospital, it brushed past a taxi.

Ayla heard that Anna had been suffering from gastrointestinal pain, so she cooked some millet porridge for her.

She knew that when someone was having a stomachache, it could cause them tremendous suffering to the point that it could kill them.

Ayla knocked on the door.

Thinking that it was Maria, Anna said, “Come in!”

When she raised her head, she found that it was Ayla who came in carrying a thermos bottle.

“It’s you.What are you doing here? Have you come here to laugh at me?”

Anna didn’t want Ayla to see her so haggard.

“I heard that you were hospitalized, so I came to visit you.I bear no ill intentions.”

Standing by the bed, Ayla filled a small bowl with porridge and gave it to Anna.

“Have some porridge.I made it myself.”

Anna looked at the steaming millet porridge and said, “So he told you that I was in the hospital, huh? You two seem to be on really good terms now.”

She sounded a bit sarcastic when she said that.

Even though Brian had been with her lately, she still believed that it was all an illusion, but she was willing to immerse herself in that illusion.

“I’m the one who asked him.He didn’t take the initiative to tell me.”

Anna didn’t take the bowl from her.She just looked at her indifferently.

“I’m afraid you might’ve poisoned that porridge.”

“I’m not a fool, Anna.I have no need to kill you just because of a heartless man.”

After saying that, Ayla put the bowl in Anna’s hand.

“Eat it.It’s not poisoned.”

“Why did you come to see me?”

Anna picked up the spoon and ate slowly.

“Your cooking skills have improved.”

Standing up, Ayla replied, “I only have myself to depend on.If I didn’t treat myself well, I wouldn’t have been able to survive all these years.”

“I honestly never imagined that you were still alive.Back then, everyone believed that you drowned in the sea.”

Anna remembered that at that time, Brian had gotten shot and was bleeding so much, and yet he kept looking for Ayla.

If he hadn’t fainted from blood loss and been sent to the hospital, he might’ve died on that island.

“Right! I thought I would die too!”

When Tatum injected that drug into her body, Ayla believed that she was bound to die.If she weren’t useful to him, she might’ve gotten killed at once.

Anna looked at her blankly.She realized that Ayla must’ve gone through a lot all these years.

Otherwise, she wouldn’t have such mixed feelings about what happened years ago.

“But it’s okay.It’s all in the past.Just get some rest! It’s time for me to get back.I’m afraid of earning your displeasure if I don’t go to work on time.”

Ayla picked up her handbag and was about to leave.

“Thanks for the porridge.”

Anna was also a woman who had suffered through so much.

When she saw Ayla, she didn’t want to treat her as an enemy even if they couldn’t be friends.

Perhaps love needed fairness and mutual affection.

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