The Substitute Bride: Making Memories Of Us Chapter 130

Chapter 130: Be Hospitalized

“Maria, what happened? Why didn’t you stop Anna from drinking too much?” Brian felt bad when he saw Anna’s pale face.

“Mr.Clark, Miss Anna had been drinking until midnight for several days now.She had been waiting for you to come home, but you never did.She’d been drinking all this time, but no matter how hard I tried to stop her, she wouldn’t listen to me,”

Maria answered with embarrassment.

Nodding, he said, “I see.You can go back now.I’ll stay here.Go back to get some food and bring it here.”

Maria nodded before she left.

It seemed that Mr.Clark also cared about Miss Anna, but it didn’t seem like he loved her.

As he stood outside the operating room, he stared at the red light and realized that he truly was neglecting Anna lately.

Due to Ayla’s return and the matter about Tatum, Brian had ignored Anna’s feelings for him.

If it weren’t for her falling sick this time, he might’ve never understood her pain.

When Anna woke up, she saw him standing at her bedside.

“Brian,” she greeted.

“Ah, you’re awake.How are you? Are you feeling better now?”

He looked at her with concern.

“I’m fine.”

As soon as she spoke, she felt a pain coming from her stomach and her forehead, causing her to cough.

“You’re not fine! How much wine did you drink to end up with a gastrointestinal bleeding? No matter how dissatisfied and angry you are with me, you shouldn’t do anything that could harm yourself,” Brian rebuked her.

Closing her eyes, Anna replied, “Brian, I’m heartbroken.I’m not asking you to love me as much as you love Ayla, but please don’t dislike me.I know I’ve slept with other men, so my body isn’t pure anymore, but my heart is.You’re the only man I’ve ever loved, and I’ll sacrifice anything to love you.”

“Anna, you should stop bringing that up.I’ve never disliked you, and I know everything you’ve done for me.”

Brian had been working hard for a long time, and Anna had been supporting him the entire time.

It was only right not to let her suffer any longer.

But could he really reciprocate her love? Then what about Ayla?Looking at him, Anna said, “Brian, I know the limits of my own body.You don’t have to think that you owe me anything.I’m tired.I want to rest.”

“I see.Then get some rest.I’ll be right here with you,” said Brian.

As he sat at her bedside, he couldn’t bring himself to leave Anna all alone in the ward.

She closed her eyes, but she couldn’t fall asleep.

Brian constantly ran through her mind.

She had been awaiting his return for so many days.

Moments later, he touched Anna’s face and contemplated on how much he had made her suffer.

For his sake, she forced herself to sleep with different men in the nightclub.

And because of that, he owed her so much.

However, he had never been able to reciprocate her feelings, because he couldn’t bring himself to love ner Anna could feel that he was there.

He seemed to be as gentle as he used to be.

If Ayla didn’t show up, she would’ve been the happiest woman in the world.

Even if she was never given a proper standing, or she was just another one of his women, she was still willing to be with him.

Tears started dripping down her eyes.

She had never shed tears so easily, but today, she did.

“Anna, don’t do anything like this ever again.””Brian, I’ve never regretted everything I did for you.”

At last, Anna opened her eyes.

In the past, no matter how much pain she felt, not once did she shed a tear.

But right now, she was vulnerable.

Wiping away the tears from her face, Brian said, “Well, you’re just recovering from your surgery.Don’t overthink.Let’s talk about it when you’re feeling a little better, alright?”

“Okay.I understand.” Anna nodded.

Not long after, Maria entered the ward.

“Mr.Clark, Miss Anna, you’re awake.I made some porridge.Please have some!”

Anna shook her head.

“I don’t want to eat.I just want to rest.”

Helping her sit upright, Brian said, “You should eat.I won’t feel at ease until you’ve had some porridge and have gotten enough rest.”

After taking a quick look at them, Maria didn’t say anything more and left the ward.With Mr.Clark taking care of Miss Anna, she would probably get much better soon.It was only when Anna finally fell asleep that Brian left the hospital and drove to Ayla’s studio.

However, he didn’t go upstairs.

About half an hour later, he drove back to his company.

The moment Ayla returned to her apartment, it surprised her to see that Brian wasn’t there.

A few days ago, he would either pick her up at her studio or stay in her apartment ahead of time.

But today, he didn’t show up at all, and she found it weird.Perhaps he had grown tired of such days.

Or maybe he realized that it was meaningless for him to stay here.

Or perhaps he had grown exhausted of trying to win her over, so he lost interest and vowed never to come back.

Ayla felt torn.

On one hand, she hoped that Brian would still be there, but on the other hand, she didn’t want him to disturb her life again.

Not long after, she cooked and ate alone, but there were two portions of food on the table.

After that, she sat on the sofa by herself, watching TV wearily.

But no matter how long she waited, he never showed up again, and neither did Lucas.

Everyone had their own home to go back to, but none of them belonged to her.

Ayla was fated to be alone forever.

When Brian entered the ward, he found Anna standing in front of the window.

“Are you feeling better now? Why don’t you just stay on the bed?”

He placed the porridge cooked by Maria on the bedside table.

“Yes, I am. The doctor said that I can leave the hospital whenever I want,” Anna said to him, smiling as she approached him.

Brian made her sit down on the sofa and said, “Have this bowl of porridge first.I’ll ask the doctor about your discharge from the hospital.”

Anna ate slowly.If her life was about to end, and he showed this much concern for her, she wouldn’t regret anything.Maybe she had been too demanding, and that drained all of her energy.

These days, Brian had been staying with her.He couldn’t have any peace of mind until she had fully recovered.He thought of how happy Ayla must be now that he wasn’t barging in on her life.

After all, she had been thinking of going back to Italy some time ago.

She had always wanted to leave him, but he just wouldn’t allow her to do so.”Brian, honestly, you don’t have to visit me every day.I’m feeling a lot better now.I know how busy you are with the company’s affairs.You don’t have to wear yourself out because of me.”

Back when Anna was in the entertainment club, she never realized how busy and exhausting Brian’s work would be.

But later on, she understood all the efforts that he had exerted to build a company.

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