The Substitute Bride: Making Memories Of Us Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Her Dignity

 As they were eating, Ayla looked up from the plate and turned around.

Suddenly she froze when her eyes met Brian’s sharp gaze directly on her.

Anna followed Brian’s gaze and located Ayla.

A smirk appeared on her face as she waited for the drama.

“Lala, what’s wrong?”

Toby held Ayla’s hand and shook it gently.

“Are you cold? Why is your hand so cold?”

“Oh, it’s nothing.I’m fine.”

Ayla forced a smile as she averted her gaze from Brian and looked down.

She withdrew her hand gently from Toby’s hold, conscious of Brian’s burning gaze that bore into her.

She knew he was misunderstanding the whole situation.

She’d have to face its consequences.

“Come on, finish the food.Do you want more? I can order more for you.”

Toby looked at her with adoration in his eyes.

She was still that little girl whom he left years ago.

He reached out and rubbed her hair softly.

He wanted to come back before her eighteenth birthday and celebrate it with her.

But he couldn’t make it.

Now that he was here, he could make it up for her.

“Thank you, Toby.”

Ayla nodded then drank the orange juice quickly.

Toby noticed how suddenly she turned restless.

Meanwhile, Anna gave Brian a side glance.

“Mr.Clark, why did you marry such an unworthy woman?”

In fact, Anna never really understood why Brian married Clayton’s daughter if he wanted to take revenge on him.

Such a skittish woman was not suitable for him.

For a person like Brian, any woman would want to marry him.

But he chose Arlene out of all.

It was beyond understandable to Anna.

Brian and Anna took seats at the table opposite to the one where Ayla was seated.

Brian quietly stirred the coffee in front of him before saying, “Well, I expected this.”

He had expected that Clayton’s daughter wouldn’t be a loyal woman.

Brian used marriage to bind Arlene for a lifetime.

Because the hatred he had in his heart, wouldn’t have subsided otherwise.

“Mr.Clark, I really don’t understand why would you do that? Although she is beautiful and slender, as far as I can tell, you don’t care about appearance.” Anna looked at him.

Brian was handsome and a renowned businessman.

But his appearance was of a cold and strict person.

No one could really understand what went on in his incomprehensible mind.

He was like a closed book.

She couldn’t read him, and perhaps no one else could.

“You are right.”

Indeed, Brian wasn’t a man who only paid attention to appearance.

When he decided to marry Arlene, he didn’t even know how she looked like.

Brian had no idea that he actually married Clayton’s adopted daughter, Ayla, and not his biological daughter, Arlene.

“I hope I am the only woman who knows you well.” Anna smiled.

No matter how many women Brian would meet and take, she was the only one who would always stay by his side.

Brian didn’t answer.

He just picked up the coffee cup and drank it slowly.His icy glare shifted to Ayla.

Seeing her with another man, he felt bothered.

He said to Anna, “I’ve had enough coffee.Let’s go now!”

Anna looked over at Ayla.

She might look nervous on the outside, but that woman was bold.

She didn’t even try to leave and continued to talk with that other man.

Brian was careful of his image outside.

Otherwise, he’d have done something reckless.

Ayla shuddered at the thought.

Ayla’s heart sank when she saw the deathly glare in Brian’s eyes when he left.

She felt guilty and helpless, glancing at Toby.

“Lala, are you living in the school dormitory now? I can help you find a better place to live.Okay?”

Toby didn’t want her to be bullied in the school.

The Woodsen family never treated her well, but she deserved better.

She might be the adopted daughter of the Woodsen family, but she was nothing more than a servant.

Ayla shook her head.

“No, that won’t be necessary.”

She didn’t even have the basic freedom now.

It was impossible for her to move out.

“Why? What’s wrong? Do you still live with the Woodsen family? Have Uncle Clayton forbidden you to move out?”

Toby knew that Ayla was obedient to Clayton.

She’d never refuse Clayton’s words no matter what.

“Uh, I’m living in my student’s home.I am her home tutor.”

Ayla lied to him.She couldn’t tell him that she was sold to a devil named Brian.

“Do you still work part-time?”

Toby was aware of her working part-time.

She worked to earn money and save it for her higher studies.

“Yes, I do.”Ayla nodded guiltily.

She wanted to hide her marriage from him as long as possible.

She wanted to protect her dignity in front of Toby for now.

She knew she shouldn’t lie to him, but she couldn’t bear to be looked down upon by him.

If Toby had returned earlier, she wouldn’t have been in this situation.

“Lala, you don’t have to do part-time jobs anymore.Now I can afford a good life for you,” Toby said.

He wanted to provide her a good life.

She needed not to rely on others anymore.

“Toby, I’m fine.Don’t worry for me.”

Ayla didn’t want Toby to stress for her.

He must have a lot of pressure already.

Ayla didn’t want to come between him and his achievements.

Toby closely observed her, then held her hand.

“Lala, don’t lie to me.Tell me what’s wrong with you? You are so thin.Aren’t you taking care of yourself? I’ll find a house tomorrow.You can quit your part-time job and move out.You just need to focus on your study.You don’t need to worry about anything else.I will be with you and everything will be fine.Okay?”

He didn’t want her to suffer anymore.

Since childhood, he had seen this girl suffering a lot, and he felt sorry for her.

Toby had loved her since those younger days and wanted to marry only her.

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