The Substitute Bride: Making Memories Of Us Chapter 128

Chapter 128: Inexplicably Guilty

Brian had already drank two cups of coffee, and yet Ayla still hadn’t decided what clothes to buy.Because of that, he stood up and approached her.

“What is it? Miss Woodsen, are you not satisfied with the clothes here?” he said.

Ayla smirked.

“No, I’m worried that I can’t afford such expensive clothes.Mr.Clark, since you have such good taste, why don’t you pick one out for me?”

Lucas was the one who gave her the creamy white dress she was wearing, so she was reluctant to part with it.

That was probably the reason why she didn’t want to choose a dress here.Glancing quickly at the clothes, Brian picked a lake blue chiffon dress.

“Take this one.Try it on.”

Without any objection, Ayla went into the fitting room and put the dress on.

“I’ve never thought of you as a conservative man.I’ve always thought you were more into seductive women,” she said, deliberately putting a hand on his chest.

“Am I right, Mr.Clark?”

Regardless of where she was right now, Ayla took the initiative to show her interest towards Brian.

It attracted the attention of all the shop assistants, and naturally, they whispered amongst themselves.

Upon hearing the whispers, Brian glared at the shop assistants.

Noticing that he was staring daggers at them, the ones who had gathered quickly dispersed and went on with their work.

“Please help me pack this dress up,” Ayla told one of the shop assistants.

She had now returned to her usual calm demeanor.

Seeing that she carefully put away the coffee stained dress, Brian asked, “Why do you insist on keeping that d**n dress?”

“It’s none of your business.”

After saying that, she walked out of the fashion store, carrying a bag.When he walked out, he found that instead of going to his car, Ayla was heading towards her apartment.

As he sat in his car, driving, Brian slowly followed her.

This woman’s stubbornness wouldn’t change anytime soon. The second she went to her apartment, she found Lucas standing at the door.

“Lucas, you’re back!”

For a moment, her eyes brimmed with joy.

But when she remembered that he was with another woman, she felt a pang in her heart.

“I’m sorry I didn’t come home sooner, Lala.” Lucas held her in his arms.

Haley had pestered him day after day, so as soon as he sent her back to the hotel, he quickly went here during the afternoon.

However, Ayla wasn’t home, and she wasn’t in the studio either.

Instead of pushing him away, Ayla allowed him to hold her.

There was a strong scent of a woman’s perfume that lingered on his skin.

“It’s good that you’re back,” she said with a smile.

He was home, but what about his heart?

“Lala, what’s the matter? Did something happen while I was away?”

Lucas wanted to know why Ayla wasn’t telling him that Brian already found out that she was alive.

Was she keeping a secret from him? Then, he remembered what Brian had said to him, but despite that, he would still do his best to protect Ayla.

“Nothing.Come in and have a seat.”

Ayla didn’t want to tell Lucas about Brian because she wanted to deal with this matter herself this time.

And she didn’t want them to have a conflict because it wouldn’t be good for either of them.It didn’t surprise Brian to see Lucas’ car.

He would be more surprised if Lucas didn’t come at all.He knew that Lucas wasn’t a simpleton, and his feelings for Ayla wouldn’t be so fickle.

Two years ago, Lucas saved Lala without letting Tatum know.

But this time, he was powerless.

Tatum was already suspicious of him.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have told Haley to come with him.

Ayla made some tea and desserts.

“Come on, Lucas, it’s your favorite tea.”

“Did you go to the supermarket to buy all of these alone?”

During the long period of time that Lucas was away, in order to prevent Tatum from finding anything out, he didn’t talk to Ayla on the phone in the last few days.

“I had nothing better to do at home, so I went shopping.Are you going to have dinner here tonight?”

Ayla was amazed by how calm she was in front of him.

Despite the fact that her ring was no longer with her, she didn’t want anything to change between them.

Sadly, Brian would never return her ring.Holding her hand, Lucas asked, “Lala, did anything happen to you recently?”

“No, nothing eventful happened,”

Ayla denied with a guilty conscience.

As he pulled her hand, he noticed that her ring was missing.

She probably didn’t put it away herself, so the only logical explanation was that Brian had taken it away.

Ayla then prepared some home cooked dishes.

“Lucas, you must be exhausted from your lengthy business trip.You should eat more.”

After taking a big bite, he replied, “Okay! I can never get used to the food abroad.I never imagined that I’d become a picky eater because of your cooking after all these years.”

“Lucas, all I can c**k are ordinary dishes,” she responded.

That was all she could prepare.She had never learned how to make delicacies.

For the entire night, Ayla didn’t eat anything, and Lucas left as soon as he received a call.He didn’t eat that much either.

Their dinner only lasted for a few minutes.

She didn’t have to ask anything to know that the reason he had to leave was because of that woman.

Even though he seemed tired of the woman calling him, he still left.

Standing in front of the window, Ayla watched as the silver limo drove away.

“What’s the matter? Are you thinking about that man? He’s going to see another woman.”

For some reason, Brian always appeared at the right time.He entered Ayla’s apartment as if he owned it.

“So what? You came to me without telling your fiancee.How are you any different from him?”

Ayla was telling the truth, and she didn’t feel anything wrong with doing so.

Looking at her, Brian said, “Of course, it’s different! Your ring is gone, and so is mine.It’s like I’ve never had a fiancee and you’ve never had a fiance.”

‘Would Ayla mind Anna’s presence?’ Anna had been with Brian for more than ten years.

They had gone through so many things together.

Moreover, their relationship began because he was set up.

He knew everything that she had done for him over the years, but he could never reciprocate her feelings.He would rather hurt her for Ayla’s sake.

Looking back at Brian, Ayla said, “You’re truly the most heartless man alive.I think Anna regrets the fact that she fell in love with a man like you.”

Just like Anna, she loved Brian without hesitation two years ago.

Even if he kept hurting her in every possible way, she would never hate him.

“If you have the time to worry about Anna, then you should worry more about yourself.”

Brian had his own plans for Anna, so he didn’t need Ayla to say anything else.But what about her? Was she going to continue her relationship with Lucas?

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