The Substitute Bride: Making Memories Of Us Chapter 127

Chapter 127: Drive Her Back To Italy

A deep sigh came out from Toby as he looked at Ayla.

“Lala, are you still thinking about that man? So you haven’t forgotten him yet,” he said.

This was also the thing that Toby worried about the most.

As long as that man was still in her heart, she would just keep on suffering.

Ayla sighed and shook her head.

“It’s all over now.I think I’ll leave here after a few days,” she said.

She thought about the big mess she had made today.

They might drive her back to Italy soon.

Ayla realized that she felt more relaxed now instead of having any burden in her mind.

“Are you sure you’ll leave? Then where are you going?”

Toby was surprised by what Ayla had said.

When he heard that Ayla would leave this place, he took her hand again and held it firmly.

Ayla smiled sadly and shook her head.

“I just feel like I don’t belong here.”

She didn’t have a home here, so she had planned on leaving this place.

Toby frowned and said, “No! You belong here, Lala.There’s a question that I want to ask you right now.Do you still love me?”

He was hoping for a positive answer from her.

But to his disappointment, he only saw how Ayla shook her head.

“So you have completely forgotten me, haven’t you?”

Ayla had fallen in love with Brian.

Toby knew that he had no place in her heart anymore.

“Toby, you should stop asking me this question.You do know that my answer will always be the same no matter how many times you’d ask.”

Ayla couldn’t describe the love she had buried deep in her heart.She had once been brave, but her bravery had only made her suffer.

Toby stared at the stubborn woman in front of him.He shook his head and said, “Why are you so stubborn? You do know that Brian won’t let you go, right?”

Maybe it was Ayla’s boldness that made her think this decision.Or perhaps she didn’t know Brian well.

Toby had been using the Smith Group to hinder Brian’s company.

Although the Smith Group had been in the trough, he would still choose to lose a business than let Brian succeed.

However, it was clear for Toby that no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t do anything to the Clark Group on just his own.

But no matter what happened, he wouldn’t regret anything because it was all for Lala’s sake.

Hayden was aware of Toby’s intention, but he didn’t stop Toby.

Perhaps it was a kind of approval.

Toby couldn’t comprehend why Hayden did this.

The older man seemed to have a special feeling for Ayla, but Toby didn’t think that Hayden and Ayla were familiar with each other.

She took a small bite of the cake and put it into her mouth.

The taste was so sweet that she loved it so much.

Maybe because she had been through many bitter things, and all she wanted now was to feel some sweetness.

Ayla smiled and said, “You don’t have to bother yourself too much, Toby.I have nothing to do with him anymore.”

A bright smile was plastered on her face even though the bitterness was still in her heart.

How could she escape a domineering man like Brian so easily? There was some kind of relationship she just couldn’t break up with.

When Ayla suddenly looked up, she saw a tall and strong man walking towards her.She pulled her hand, and it hit the cup of coffee in front of her.

The coffee spilled onto her clothes.

“Lala,” Toby uttered.

He walked up to her and was about to touch her again when another arm suddenly pulled her up.

“Mr.Brown, I can see that you’re so free that you even come here to have a coffee with my wife.I guess I’m right? I remember not too long ago, that the Smith Group snatched a big project from the Clark Group.Didn’t it? It’s indeed a big project.So why do you have time to sit here and drink coffee with my wife instead of managing your own business?”

Brian pulled Ayla back and surrounded his arms to her.

He saw how the coffee stains tainted her creamy white clothes.

He looked at her and said, “Lala, you just made a scene in my company, and now you’re here having a coffee? Do you think that I won’t do anything to you after what you did?”

Even though Brian’s voice was almost like a whisper, it just made Toby more worried.

“What will you do to Lala, Brian?”

Toby asked and walked up but halted on his step when he saw that Lala shook her head.

Ayla looked at Brian and said, “Mr.Clark, what are you going to do? Are you going to fire me? Or perhaps, you might want me to go back to Italy?”

Ayla was hoping so hard as she spoke.She would do anything so that Brian would finally let her go.

But Brian knew what exactly Ayla was thinking.

Even if she wanted to deliberately mess around and then leave, he would not let it happen, and she couldn’t escape easily from him.

“Tell me, Lala.What do you want me to do?”

Brian was secretly pleased as he looked at Ayla.

He could see the fear and sadness hidden in the depth of her eyes.

Ayla grimaced and said, “Let me go back to Italy! It’s so obvious that Linda’s design style and experience are far better than mine.What do you think, Mr.Clark?”

She rolled her eyes and pushed Brian away.She took a tissue and wiped the coffee stains on her clothes.

Brian grabbed her hand and stared at her.

“Let me think about it,” he said.

Toby was just watching their quarrel.He could see the firm look on Brian’s face and the evasive look on Lala’s face.

It seemed like they were destined to be entangled with each other.

But at any cost, Toby was going to make sure that Lala wouldn’t get hurt.

Amazement had flashed in Toby’s eyes when Brian walked out with his arms around Ayla.

“There are things that cannot be changed.”

Brian also meant to say it to Ayla, who was his wife.He was sure that Ayla would be his only wife and not anyone else’s.

It had all depended on him, not on what she thought.

Ayla just let him take her to the car and didn’t struggle.

After a few minutes, they were in front of the door of a luxuriously decorated fashion store.

“Go on and change your clothes,” Brian said to her.

Although this woman ignored him, he didn’t get mad at her.

Anyway, he just felt that Ayla had been more attractive than before.

The moment Ayla saw the style of the dresses in this store, she had guessed that the Clark Group owned this fashion shop.

“Mr.Clark, I didn’t bring much money today.The clothes in this shop are pretty expensive.”

Ayla turned to Brian and said those on purpose.

Honestly, she really didn’t care how expensive the clothes were, but what played in his mind right now.

“Ha-ha.” Brian burst into laughter.

He was just watching the woman scan the price tags of the clothes one by one.

There was a pitiful look on her face.It meant that she could not afford these clothes.

That was why the only thing she could do was to look at them.

However, Brian knew that very well.

Ms.Evans in Starlight of Milan offered a great deal of money for Ayla’s every design.So it was not that she didn’t have money, but she just only pretended she didn’t have.

Brian smiled at her and said, “You are my wife.Why would I let you pay? Pick anything you like.I got you.”

He winked at her and walked to the sofa.He sat down as the manager came over at once.

“Mr.Clark, what a pleasure to see you here.”

“Well, help her pick a few more sets of clothes,” he said.

Brian relaxed in his seat and took the coffee.He sipped at it while watching Ayla, who was picking the clothes casually.

If she wanted to waste some time, he would gladly accompany her.

If she wanted to ask Linda to come, should he make her wish come true? However, Brian knew that Linda was not that simple a figure.

Even if he had already met her a few times before, he just didn’t like her that much.

It didn’t matter to him how good the woman’s design was.

Brian always put more importance on a person’s personality.

If her personality was not good, he would not hire her for sure.

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