The Substitute Bride: Making Memories Of Us Chapter 125

Chapter 125: Chalk And Cheese

Haley sneered, “Are you pretending as if nothing has happened? How cruel can you be to say this? How dare you insinuate that nothing has happened? Then what is this?” she asked, pointing at the bruises punctuated all over her body by the previous night’s frenzied s*x.

‘How could he ask me to forget what has happened?’ she thought bitterly.

“Lucas, how could you be so cruel to me for the sake of that wretched woman? Can she love you as much as I do? Can she drive you to such levels of ecstasy and passion as I do? She hasn’t let you touch her, has she?”

She had done everything in her power to get what she wanted and was determined to win this battle.

“Haley, don’t you understand? I always regard you as my sister.”

What he meant was that she could only be a sister to him.

Chances of her ever becoming a lover or a wife were nil.

The only woman in his heart was Ayla.

It didn’t matter that he could not get her body, but his heart belonged only to her.

“Am I right?”

Haley looked at him and commented, “If a woman doesn’t surrender her body to you then it’s a clear indication that she doesn’t love you!”

“What nonsense! The two of you are like chalk and cheese!”

He liked Ayla’s innocence and kindness as much as he disliked Haley’s scheming character.

Ayla could shower him with an abundance of warmth that made him long for a home with her.

Haley couldn’t offer him anything close to this in a thousand years.

Although Haley had helped him in countless ways when he was suffering in Thailand, that was not the kind of love he sought.

Haley stared at him and said, “I won’t force you; but I don’t want you to meet that woman now, okay? Please can you stay and accompany me today?”

His heart melted like butter when he saw tears streaming down her cheeks.

She didn’t usually break down so easily.

“Are you still hesitant? This is my only condition.I do not expect you to take responsibility for me or to marry me.All I request is that you should spend just one day with me, please.”

Haley had no choice but to settle for second best.She would need more time to plan how to worm her way into his heart.

He nodded in agreement.

A smile of victory spread across her face.She knew exactly what she wanted from this very complicated relationship: a child from Lucas.

Brian took Ayla to the Clark Group office building.

The sample dresses she had designed were ready for inspection.The Clark Group was indeed super-efficient.The dresses were presented to her in a steady flow.

“Well, what do you think? Do they meet up to your expectations?”

She draped the dresses on the mannequins and examined them carefully.

He stood aside and watched in awe as she seriously examined the dresses.He had never imagined that Ayla, who majored in secretarial profession, would blossom into a professional designer in a span of two years.

As soon as Anna arrived at the company, she heard that Brian had brought a beautiful woman here.She didn’t need to guess twice that that woman was Ayla.

Was it worth his while to spoil her so much? Ayla and Lucas had grown close over the past two years.She was a very seductive woman so it was impossible that she and Lucas hadn’t had s*x.

As Anna walked into the office, she spotted Brian on the sofa, observing Ayla as she checked the sample dresses on the mannequins.

He was too good to her.

Within two days, all the dresses were ready.

Did he not object to any of her designs? Had anyone else designed the dresses, he would have found a thousand flaws in them.

Anna couldn’t help but blame herself now.

If she had handed Ayla’s designs over to him earlier, then there would have been no need for him to go over to her studio.

She had deliberately created difficulties between them to keep them apart, but it seemed to have backfired.

This time around, she would not allow Ayla to ruin her relationship with Brian.

When Ayla raised her head, she noticed Anna.

The distraction caused her to accidentally p***k her finger with the needle she was working with.

The sudden pain made her drop the workbox.

Brian followed her gaze and said, “Come on int”

His voice was as cold as steel.

“Brian, are you really going to do this?” Anna asked.

Did he really have to be so ruthless? In the past two years that they had been ‘together’, he had not reciprocated her love.

She tolerated the fact that he still nurtured a space in his heart for Ayla.

Whenever he saw a woman who resembled Ayla on the street, he would run after her.

Anna was helpless against this infatuation and would even help him investigate those women who looked like Ayla.

However, she knew that deep in her heart, he would never touch those women.

He would just admire their resemblance to Ayla from afar all night.

She hoped and prayed that he would gradually forget her.

But that was a dream short lived.

For before he could forget Ayla, she mysteriously reappeared, ruining the peace they had shared for two years.

“Come and have a look.What’s your opinion? Do you find anything wrong?” Brian asked with curiosity.

‘I deliberately made things difficult for Ayla.Is he playing the same game with me now?’ Anna wondered.

“Brian, I don’t think there is anything seriously wrong with them.But if I do express an honest opinion, you will not see it as constructive criticism because Ayla designed it.Am I right?”

Anna glared at Ayla and asked, “Miss Woodsen, am I right?”

Ayla picked up the workbox from the floor and said, “Miss Anna, feel free to do whatever you must.I think you have a keen eye for good quality.After all, did you not consider my previous designs as trash?”

Anna’s face turned pale at Ayla’s harsh accusation.

This woman was intentionally trying to embarrass her in front of Brian.

How despicable! Not only was she spoiling for an argument, but she dared to berate her in front of Bra “Oh, sorry for my bad taste.How can I compare with your classiness?”

Anna decided to let Ayla win this round.

However, Ayla retorted, “But you were right.These dresses are substandard.”

The very next second, she grabbed the scissors and cut open the garment in front of her.

Brian was as stunned as Anna.

He least expected her to destroy the design that she had spent so much of time and effort on.


Brian stood up and took the scissors from her hand.

“Stop this nonsense!”

“I’m being serious.I also think these designs are not good enough.”

Ayla looked at Brian, and then turned to look at Anna.

“Miss Anna, are you satisfied now?”

Anna looked at Ayla and yelled, “You are a crazy woman!”

How could she do such a thing? She actually ripped up her hard work as if she was shredding a piece of rag.

Much about her had changed in the last two years.

“I never do crazy things!” Ayla said indifferently.

She then walked up to Brian and said, “Mr.Clark, I’m leaving now.Oh, and in future, please address me as Wenny.”

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