The Substitute Bride: Making Memories Of Us Chapter 121

Chapter 121: Do You Still Want To Believe The Lies In Your Head

“I don’t care whether he will believe it or not.I’m only telling you the truth,” Brian said with a stern voice.

At that moment, he decided to show Ayla the truth about Lucas’ character, even if Ayla would hate him as a result.

Since he never cared about others’ opinions, he could stay calm while talking to her.

For him, he could always get what he wanted.

As for the things he didn’t like, it was easy for him to get rid of them.

With a confused expression, Ayla stared at him.

“What are you telling me to do?”

“I already told you everything I wanted to say.”

After adjusting his sitting posture on the sofa, Brian took a cigarette from his pocket and lit it.

“Fine! I’ll leave this place.Stay here until you die!”

After picking up her coat, Ayla stormed out of her apartment.

Alone, she walked out of the apartment with nowhere to go.

As misery became apparent in her eyes, her feet led her to her office.

When Ayla walked into her office, Ellie, who was sitting inside, became surprised at her return.

“Miss Wenny, did you forget something? Why are you here again? Are you okay? You seem tired.”

“Forget it.I have nothing better to do anyway.”

At that moment, talking to Brian was a difficult thing for Ayla.

As such, she would rather work despite her exhaustion.

While sitting on her office chair, Ayla had no motivation to draw the design.

The trouble in her heart kept her from working.

All she could think about was Brian’s words.

His words seemed to imply that Lucas wasn’t as simple as she thought.

As such, she doubted if she knew everything about Lucas.

At that moment, she concluded that everything she knew about Lucas seemed shallow.

She didn’t have the heart to ask about his past.

Everything she knew about him came from his own words.

These included his past and his family background.

Nonetheless, Ayla still believed in everything he said.

After all, he saved her and loved her unconditionally.He even doted on her.

As such, she had to give him the benefit of the doubt.

From the start, she believed that Lucas was a kind- hearted man.

Two years ago, they went to Milan, Italy, to restart their lives.

All she wanted was to forget Brian and her past.

However, her recent talk with Brian messed with her emotions.Finally, she stood up and headed downstairs.

To her surprise, Brian was waiting for her there.

“Where are you planning to go?” he asked upon seeing her.

Since he knew her so well, he already predicted her to leave the office and visit Lucas.

“It has nothing to do with you, Mr.Clark.”

Actually, Ayla should have realized that Brian was trying to control her life again.

That man had always been a control freak.

“Let me drive for you,”

Brian offered as he opened the passenger door.

A sly smile flashed across his face.

Meanwhile, Ayla was lost in her thought as she held her handbag.

‘Even if I want to refuse, this guy will just find a way to make me agree.I might as well accept his offer.’

“Thank you for your offer, Mr.Clark.I’ll gladly let you drive for me.”

Ayla faked a smile as she took out two hundred dollars from her wallet and handed it to him.

“This should be more than enough to cover the fare.Keep the change as my treat for you.”

Then, she sat in the back seat instead of the passenger seat.

With furrowed eyebrows, Brian glared at the cash she shoved in his hand.

The woman dared to treat him as a chauffeur.

Furious, he opened the backseat door and growled, “Get out of there! Transfer to the passenger seat in front!”

“What? I thought Mr.Clark wants to be my driver? It’s only natural for me to sit in the back seat.”

When she noticed how angry Brian was, Ayla couldn’t help but feel good about what she did.

After getting out of the car, Ayla sarcastically added, “Since Mr.Clark doesn’t want to be my driver, I’ll leave you alone.I better take a cab instead.”

Enraged, Brian grabbed her arm.

“Quit being arrogant.Although I will drive for you, you have to sit in the front seat!”

Then, he shoved her into the passenger seat before sitting in the driver’s seat.

After glaring at her one last time, he started the engine and drove away.

“Do you have any idea where I plan to go?”

Although Ayla never gave any directions, she realized that they were heading towards the airport.

“I thought you’re heading for the airport? Is my assumption wrong? In that case, maybe I should turn around.”

After glancing at her, Brian thought, ‘Lucas must have sheltered this woman in the past two years.

That’s why she still can’t distinguish between good people and bad people.

She doesn’t even know the truth about Lucas.

Suddenly, Ayla replied, “No, don’t turn around.I am heading for the airport.”

“Although you are eager to see him, does he feel the same about you? That man didn’t even call you before coming back.”

Nonetheless, he was telling the truth.

Moreover, he was aware that Lucas wasn’t alone this time.

Since the TH Gang wanted to attack Brian, Lucas must have brought someone with him.

After hearing his words, Ayla could only purse her lips.

Brian was right as Lucas never told her anything related to work.

“What’s wrong? Are you nervous? If you change your mind, I’m always willing to take you back,”

Brian mocked after realizing how anxious she was.

“No.I have faith in him.”

A confident expression painted her face as she stared at Brian.

His manipulative words did not affect her trust in Lucas.

She remained loyal to the latter as they had experienced a lot of things together.

Since Lucas knew about her past, he wouldn’t dare harm her.

Additionally, she always thought that he wouldn’t gain anything from using her.

“Seems like you won’t change your mind until you see it yourself.”

After glancing at his watch, Brian realized that Lucas would be arriving soon.

In that case, he better let Ayla determine if what he said was true.

As they arrived at the international airport of Antawood, Brian parked his car just outside the airport’s lobby.

However, he kept the doors locked, leaving Ayla unable to get out.

“What are you waiting for? Unlock the door.Let me out of here!”

Ayla growled at him as she pounded the car window.

“Shut up! I’ll decide when you will get off.”

There was no way he would let her out of the car.

The whole point of driving her here was to let her see the truth.

Suddenly, Lucas walked into their view.He was carrying a suitcase in one hand while a woman hugged his other arm.

They seemed very intimate with each other.The woman beside him had such an alluring smile.

For a moment, Ayla wished that she was just looking at another man, not Lucas.

“Look at that.Are you aware that Lucas has a mistress? It seems like, all this time, your fiance had been cheating on you.The ring he gave you is useless,”

Brian mocked with a sly smile.

“Shut up! Lucas is not like that.He wouldn’t be so cruel.”

Although she didn’t want to believe it, Ayla couldn’t deny that Lucas was the man in front of them.

His intimacy with the woman embracing his arm could only mean that he was cheating.

“You should already realize by now what kind of man he is.Despite the evidence in front of you, do you still want to believe the lies in your head?”

Brian calmly asked while staring at her.

Although she had always believed in Lucas, Ayla didn’t have the heart to get out of the car and confront him.

Finally, Lucas and the woman arrived at a nearby car.

He pulled away from the woman’s embrace and told her, “Get in the car.”

“What? You’re not coming with me, Lucas?”

A pout flashed across the woman’s lips when she realized that he wasn’t going to join her inside.

“There’s something else I have to do.Don’t worry.The driver will send you directly to the hotel.”

However, even before the door closed, the woman got out of the car and clung to him.

“Well, tell me where you are going.I’ll accompany you.”

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