The Substitute Bride: Making Memories Of Us Chapter 120

Chapter 120: Live In Her House

There was a deep feeling of uneasiness creeping into her system, yet Ayla still managed to force a smile.

“Mr.Clark, you own a lot of villas and apartments.I think it’s not good for you to squeeze here in my small apartment.Besides, a hotel is more preferable than this.For sure they’ll even give you a warm welcome there.”

In all honesty, she did not want to stay in the same room as this man.

After all, her apartment only had one bedroom and a single bed.

If he were to stay here, where would he sleep? Brian shook his head and insisted, “No.Your apartment is fine.”

He had already made up his mind that he would stay here with her, whether she liked it or not.He would stay here for as long as he wanted.

Even though Ayla had changed a lot, he could tell that her softheartedness did not.Ayla stared at his cold face in exasperation.

How she wished she could kick him out! But Brian did not seem to care about what she felt.

Leaning against the sofa, he squinted his eyes and said tiredly, “I need to rest now.I didn’t sleep well last night.”

Then, he pulled the thin blanket that she had covered on herself and prepped himself for sleep.

Once he was comfortable on the sofa, he closed his eyes not long after.

Ayla shook her head helplessly and stared at him.She wondered if he could really sleep on the sofa and live here just as he had said.

Albeit annoyed, there was nothing else she could do, so she decided to go to her room.

As a precaution, she closed the door and locked it.The instant Brian heard the sound of a door closing, his eyes fluttered open.

He looked at the closed frosted glass door, and his lips curled into a frown.

‘‘Ayla, you’re still naive as before.Do you really think you can escape? It’s useless, even if you lock the door.”

Inside the room, Ayla was pacing back and forth with fear and anxiety in her heart.

This was different than the time she protested against Brian.She must admit, she only pretended to be strong and calm at that time.She looked outside the window.

It was sunny, but for some reason, the sky seemed overcast for her.She wanted to make a call to Lucas, but she remembered that she left her phone in the living room.

The only choice she had was to use the landline at the bedside.

However, a sinking feeling in her chest emerged when she found out that Lucas’ phone was off.

She walked back and forth a few more times in apprehension.

Unable to hold it any longer, she stormed out and walked over to where Brian was.

“Brian Clark, what did you do to Lucas?! Tell me!”

Brian opened his eyes at once and stared at Ayla, who was fuming with anger.He found it amusing that this woman was getting bolder.

Only a few people in the world dared to call his full name without respect.

“What’s with the angry face? Why are you so mad? Are you okay now? Have you recovered already?” he asked one after another.

Looking at her, she seemed pretty healthy and strong, unlike in the morning when she seemed so weak.

“Don’t change the topic.What did you do to Lucas?” she asked with a scowl.

The truth was, she was scared out of her wits.

She knew that Brian was wicked and cunning.

Since he was currently staying in her apartment, he probably did something to Lucas.

No wonder Lucas still had not returned from abroad.

Something must have happened to him there.

“Tell me, Ayla.How much do you know about Lucas?” Brian replied indifferently.

He understood that she really wanted to protect Lucas.

However, she had no idea about Lucas’ relationship with Tatum.

If she learned about it, she definitely would not protect that man like this again.

In Lucas’ and Tatum’s eyes, Ayla was only a p**n.

They only saw her as a tool necessary to get everything they wanted.

Brian might have been cruel to her in the past, but he still had feelings for her until now.

This was the reason why they decided to use het.

“Of course, I know him! He’s a good man, unlike you, who’s ruthless and evil.I’m telling you that it was Lucas who gave me that ring.It was his engagement ring for me.Do you understand now?” Ayla said those words in hopes that Brian would finally let her go and leave her alone.

Yes, they had a past, but two years had already passed since then.

Everything between them was over.

Also, her name was Wenny now.

Brian shook his head and answered, “No, I don’t.You have no idea who he really is.”

Despite what Ayla had said, he remained calm and unfazed.

“Guess what? I don’t need your opinion whether I really know Lucas or not.Just tell me what you’ve done to him!”

Ayla demanded while glaring at him.He must have done something to Lucas!

“Relax.I didn’t do anything to him.As the owner of theClark Group, I have no reason to harm anyone, even in secret.”

If there was one thing that Brian took pride in, it was him being honest and straightforward.

He was unlike Tatum and Lucas, who were despicable and shameless by all means.

His words made Ayla scoff in disgust.

“You’re telling me that you’ve never harmed anyone, even in secret? What a hypocrite! Tell me, why did you force yourself on me before? What about the things you did to my adoptive father? Don’t forget what you forced Arlene to do! How about what you did to my child? Which one of those is right? How dare you call yourself upright when you slowly pushed me into desperation! You did those things.Stop being a hypocrite!” Brian just watched her while she threw a fit.

Once she was done, he remarked, “Your memory is impressive.Since you still remember everything, don’t you want to take revenge on me? Perhaps the reason why you’re with Lucas is that you actually plan on doing so?”

“Nice try.Sadly, I’m not as vengeful as you are.I don’t even have feelings for you, so how am I supposed to hate you? You’re just overthinking, Mr.Clark.I just want to know if you have done anything to Lucas.”

For Ayla, it did not matter whether or not she had forgotten the past.

After all, she believed that she would be able to forget all those bad memories sooner or later.

However, she could not allow anything to happen to Lucas.

She doubted that she would be able to sleep at night if she found out that something had indeed happened to him.All of a sudden, Brian pulled her, causing her to fall into his arms, and whispered, “It’s true that I can do whatever I want.But, Ayla, believe me when I said that I didn’t do anything.”

She then looked straight into his deep eyes and saw that he was, in fact, telling the truth.

If he did not lie, then why did Lucas turn off his phone? What happened to him?

“Don’t you get it? Will you believe me if I tell you that he’s on the plane to Antawood?”

Brian decided to tell her the truth, despite what she would feel.He would also let her know Lucas’ real identity sooner or later.

After hearing what he had said, Ayla finally calmed down.

Then, she took a deep breath and thought, ‘I could leave with Lucas and return to Italy.That way, I won’t have to see Brian anymore.Yareli_ will understand, right?’

“Ayla, what are you thinking about? Are you thinking of leaving me?”

Brian had guessed what was on her mind just by looking at her.

“Do you really think that you can escape from me?” he added.

Meanwhile, Ayla felt angry again that she suddenly pushed him hard on his chest.

“Why do you care? Whether I’ll leave or not, it’s none of your business!”

Now that she was free from his arms, she stood up and smoothed her clothes.

“Ayla, it’s not for you to decide,” he cautioned while looking at her stubbornly.

She had no idea how much he wanted her for himself.

“Brian, I know that you want to stay here because you want Lucas to misunderstand our relationship.Isn’t that right? Let me tell you—he’s different from you.Lucas won’t believe you nor this stupid scheme of yours,” Ayla said firmly.

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