The Substitute Bride: Making Memories Of Us Chapter 12

Chapter 12: He Was Still Toby

Ayla looked down at the porridge made by Maria and got overwhelmed by her generosity.She was so touched that it made her teary.Her eyes welled up and tears streamed down her face.

“Mrs.Clark, please enjoy your breakfast.You ate nothing last night.You are still sick and I just received the news that Mr.Clark won’t come back today.So, you can rest at home peacefully.”

Maria gave her an encouraging smile and went back to the kitchen.

After the breakfast, Ayla put on a white coat and went to the garden.

Sitting alone on a bench, she eyed around the place.

The garden was beautiful, but she didn’t like it.

Her heavy heart made it impossible to concentrate on the beauty.

The entire day she stayed at home.

But this could not go on forever.

The next day, she went to school.

Around noon, she went to the bank near the school alone.

She had some savings there.

It was accumulated from her part-time jobs.

The money was not much, but she could always work and earn more.

Ayla withdrew the money from the bank.

Her shoulders slumped low, as she left the bank and started walking back to the school.

She was adopted by the Woodsen family, but she had never thought that she would end up like this.


Ayla faltered on her steps, hearing that intimate call.

She didn’t expect to hear it again.

The familiar call made her heart tremble slightly.

She wondered whether she had misheard.But her doubt abated when a slender figure came and stood in front of her.

“It’s me, Lala.Don’t you remember me?”

Ayla raised her head and looked at the person in front of her.

He was still as handsome and gentle as before.

Today he even wore a pair of gold rimmed glasses, looking gentler.

It was him, her Toby, the man she had waited for five years.

The man she had loved and trusted.

“Lala, how are you? I’m back from abroad.”

Toby reached out and took her hand in his.

His voice was so gentle and sweet, which stirred her heart.

Ayla nodded as her eyes became moist.

“It’s good to see that you’re back, Toby.”

She had never thought that their reunion five years later would be like this.

There was no joy, expectation and eagerness.

If it was like the old times, she’d have jumped into his arms, crying and telling him all of her grievances by now.

The story of her helplessness, and her deep longing for him in her heart, she’d have told him everything.

“Aren’t you happy to see me?” Toby observed the girl carefully.

She had changed a lot in these five years.

But for him, she was still the same.

She had always been in his heart.

Never once had he forgotten about her.

In order to bring her happiness, he had worked hard for all these years.

He wanted to give her the best life.

But to life’s hardship, he had been helpless.

He became the Executive Director of the Smith Group, but the price was too much.

He had to become the fiance of the Smith Group’s owner’s daughter, Molly Smith.

He wouldn’t have been successful, if he didn’t have a strong background.

For the sake of his Lala, he took this difficult choice.

“I’m very happy that my Toby is back.” She choked with s**s.

She thought that she had no tears left, but how wrong she was.

Seeing Toby in front of her, she couldn’t control herself.

Toby reached out and pulled her close.

The warmth from their embrace made her sadder.

“I’m sorry, Lala.I’m sorry for being away from you for too long.But you don’t need to worry anymore.Now that I have returned, I won’t let you suffer anymore.”

Although he comforted her by talking about the future, he himself wasn’t sure if there would be any future between them.

Ayla, too, knew it was impossible.

She was sold to Brian by Clayton, and Toby also had a beautiful woman by his side.

Ayla felt nothing but betrayed.

She tried her best to hold back her tears, but she couldn’t.

She broke down bitterly.

Toby thought that it was because they hadn’t seen each other for a long time.

Ayla must have missed him so much that she couldn’t hold back her tears.

“Okay, cry all you want right now! But I won’t let you cry again in the future.I like it the most when you smile, Lala.Your smile is so beautiful.”

Toby patted her back gently.

After a while, she stepped back.

Toby took her to a coffee shop nearby.

They sat facing each other.

Looking at him, Ayla asked, “Toby, when did you come back? How have you been these years?”

He seemed to live a good life.

She glanced at his branded attire.

They gave out his wellbeing.

“I’m fine, my dearest Lala.How are you doing? Why do you look thinner than you used to be?”

Toby pushed the desserts towards her and said, “Lala, aren’t these your favorite? Eat!”

Ayla stared at Toby.

He had always been so sweet to her.

In the past, he spoiled her with delicious food all the time.

Today he was treating her the same.

“Toby, you should eat too.”

Ayla pushed the plate in the middle and the two ate together.

In the meantime, Anna and Brian had to meet with a client.

So, Anna suggested waiting in a nearby coffee shop until the client arrived.

The two of them walked into the coffee shop together and Brian’s eyes immediately spotted the woman sitting by the window with a man.

All this time, she had been lying to him.

If he hadn’t seen her with his own eyes, she would never have admitted it.

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