The Substitute Bride: Making Memories Of Us Chapter 117

Chapter 117: Who Gave You The Ring

Brian raised an eyebrow.

“Is this yours? What kind of ring is it? Is it a wedding ring? Need I remind you that you’re still Mrs.Clark?”

“No, that’s not true.Mrs.Clark died two years ago.”

Ayla was no longer the same person she used to be, nor was she his wife anymore.

“But I never stopped believing that you were still alive.”

Brian held up the ring from his hand, and asked, “Who gave this to you?”

“It’s none of your business! Just give it back to me!”

Ayla turned around and stomped her way towards him, trying to nab the ring away from him.

Unfortunately he wouldn’t let her take it.

When she was about to take it from him, he raised his hand and made her miss.

As he held the ring up high, Brian said, “If you won’t tell me who gave it to you, I’m going to throw this ring away!”

He was a man of his word.

Once he had said something, he would definitely do it! However, Ayla still refused to tell him.

Brian was a despicable man.

To protect Lucas, she wasn’t going to tell him anything.

She was already standing on tiptoe, but she still couldn’t reach it.

All she wanted to do was to take back her ring, but little did she know that their bodies were so close to each other right now.

Wearing only a thin layer of hospital gown, she pressed against his muscular chest.

It was only when she felt the tension from his body that she finally realized how close they were as of the moment.

Quickly backing away, she said, “Why won’t you give me back my ring?”

Ayla stared at him intently.

This man’s presence in her life was bound to bring chaos into her peaceful life.

Had she been too careless yesterday? Why did she let Brian see her in the office by accident? It seemed that some things just couldn’t be avoided.

“This one doesn’t suit you.”

As Brian stared at the unremarkable ring, he asked, “So…can’t that man afford you a better ring?”

“Well, I like it! Not everyone is the same as you!”

Ayla turned around.

She would rather give up the ring than spend another second with him.

Seeing that she was about to leave, Brian dragged her back.

“Ayla, were you even listening to me?”

“Is it really necessary for me to listen to you? Do we still have something to do with each other?”

Ayla was still weak, so she couldn’t stand another second of quarreling with him.

Before she could take another step, he stopped her from moving.

“Why are you so disobedient?”

Brian pushed her back to the bed.

“You can’t leave without my permission.”

Once he was done talking, his phone started ringing.

Meanwhile, Ayla just lay in silence.

“Anna,” he answered.

“Brian, where are you? Didn’t you come home last night?”

Anna had fallen asleep on the sofa in the living room.She didn’t wake up until Maria came in to prepare breakfast.

Brian didn’t come home for a whole night, so she immediately called him.

“I had something to do.”

He was a person who didn’t explain himself when it wasn’t necessary.

“Are you in the company right now? Do you need me to bring you breakfast?”

Anna heard how indifferent he was and felt very uneasy about it.

“No, thanks.I have to hang up now.I’m not in the company.I’ll go home after I finish what I’m doing.”

After that, Brian dropped the call and walked up to Ayla.

“What would you like for breakfast? I’ll ask someone to get it for you.”

He then stared at the woman who had been quarreling with him a few moments ago.But now, she was lying there weakly.He felt sorry for her.But no matter how much he felt sorry for her, he wasn’t going to give her ring back.

“I don’t need it!”

Ayla shook her head in dismissal.

“I just need you to leave.I don’t need anything else.”

Brian took out his phone and dialed a number.

“Bring a serving of every dish you have in your restaurant.I want freshly prepared ones.”

“Right away, Mr.Clark,” said the person on the other end of the line.

“Mr.Clark, your fiance has called you.You should probably leave before you cause any trouble.I have to go back to work.I’m afraid that I won’t be able to afford it if your company cannot release new designs before the next fashion quarter,” Ayla said indifferently.

She made it clear that their relationship was now purely professional.

He was the boss, and she was nothing but his subordinate.

Brian raised an eyebrow.

“You think too much.I’ll have you know that I’m still single.”

He didn’t have an engagement ring yet, so she wasn’t allowed to have one either.

“Mr.Clark, you don’t have to tell me that.And I don’t want to hear it either.”

All Ayla wanted right now was some peace and quiet.She didn’t want to stay in the hospital any longer.

Within less than a half hour, the food that Brian ordered was delivered to the ward by two people.

Looking at the various desserts on the tea table, Ayla asked, “Are you planning to open a restaurant here?”

“You can eat whatever you like.”

Brian looked at her.

“Fill up your stomach first.”

He didn’t care whether she was angry or not because he had to be patient with her.

Ayla rolled her eyes at him.

“Mr.Clark, do you think I’ll be able to eat these?”

“Then what can you eat?”

He had already put the tastiest food in front of her.

At this time, the doctor and nurse came in and saw the desserts on the tea table.

“Mr.Clark, Miss Woodsen has a stomachache.She’s not allowed to eat any of these for the time being.She should have millet porridge to nourish her stomach,” the doctor kindly reminded him.

However, the look in Brian’s eyes frightened him to death!

“Mr.Clark, I’m telling the truth,” he said to Brian.

“Why are you talking so much? Just give her a physical examination already.”

Brian also realized how thoughtless he was being.He understood that the best wasn’t necessarily the right one.

“Yes, yes.I’ll do that right away!”

After the doctor gave Ayla a physical examination, he said, “Mr.Clark, Miss Woodsen is doing much better now.She just needs to take her medication on time.”

“Very well, doctor, arrange for me to be discharged from the hospital right away,” said Ayla.

What she wanted to hear the most was what the doctor said.

“Okay.” The doctor nodded.

As soon as he turned around, Brian interrupted him.

“Did I agree to that?”

They had turned a blind eye to him and he was quite annoyed about it.

“Mr.Clark, it’s not up to you now.The doctor said that I’m allowed to leave the hospital.If you want to stay here, I can’t accompany you anymore.”

After saying that, Ayla got out of bed and looked at her hospital gown.

“Doctor, I’ll leave wearing the hospital gown.I’ll pay for the expenses later.”

“No, you don’t need to pay.”

‘What a joke! Mr.Clark is still standing here.Do I really have the guts to take money from his woman? the doctor thought to himself.” Ayla nodded.

“Fine.If Mr.Clark pays for the bill, I’ll pay him back!”

After she said that, she walked out of the hospital without looking back.

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