The Substitute Bride: Making Memories Of Us Chapter 116

Chapter 116: Even If You Change, You Will Still Be My Woman, My Wife

Ayla struggled to leave the tea room, but when she saw the man on the other side of the door, she was petrified.

Brian was shocked to see her.

“Open the door!”

Ayla saw the anger on his face.

He kept shouting at her to open the door, but she couldn’t bring herself to open it.

She had long known that an all-glass office like theirs wouldn’t be able to hide secrets.

Only a glass door separated the two of them.

Ayla was covering her aching stomach with her hands, while Brian kept banging the door in anger.She had thought of so many scenarios where she ran into him, but how did it turn out? Out of all the possible scenarios, this was what happened.

The two of them were facing each other, one was calm, and the other was infuriated.

If she wasn’t going to open the door, it seemed that he would break it down.

Stepping forward, Ayla unlocked the door.

“Mr.Clark, what are you doing here?”

The second he stepped inside, he held her arm tightly and asked, “Why am ! here? What do you think? If I didn’t come here, are you just gonna hide from me for the rest of your life?”

He was holding her arm so tight that it almost broke, but Ayla didn’t struggle.

“So, you’re Wenny? Were you planning to hide from me for the rest of your life by using another name?”

Ayla looked up at his glaring eyes and said, “I never meant to hide from you.I’m just here to work.This has nothing to do with seeing you.”

“Ayla Woodsen!” Brian yelled.

This woman wasn’t dead, and she had even come back to Antawood.

However, it turned out that she was hiding from him and refused to see him.

No wonder he felt something was amiss when he called the other day.

“Mr.Clark, please calm down.”

As a matter of fact, Ayla had imagined that he would be furious if he ever found out that she was alive but hiding from him.

“Calm down? Do you think I’ll be able to calm down just like that? You’ve been missing for two years, and you’ve changed a lot.It seems that you’ve grown bolder,” Brian remarked coldly.

Ayla twisted her arm because it was getting painful.

“Everyone is bound to change, and so have you, haven’t you?”

‘No! In reality, he is still the same bossy and unreasonable man he used to be.He still does whatever he wants, ‘ she thought to herself.

“Even if you change, you will still be my woman, my wife!”

At last, Brian let her go.He noticed that something was wrong with her.

But the second he let her go, she collapsed to the floor, and she lost consciousness.

Despite how mad he was, his anger dissipated at once.He quickly bent down to pick her up.

“I guess your trick hasn’t changed,”he said helplessly, and then brought her to the hospital.

Not long after, Ayla was lying in the ward with a needle tubing stuck to the back of her hand.

“What happened to her?”

“Mr.Clark, Miss Woodsen has a weak stomach.She passed out because of gastric spasm.This might be caused by irregular diet,” the doctor said in a trembling voice.

It was evident that Brian was troubled by what happened.

He went to the emergency room at midnight, carrying a woman in his arms.

The doctor was afraid that if something bad happened to her, Brian would kill him.

“When will she wake up?” Brian’s tone softened a bit.

‘She looks like she had lived a good life all this time.How could she be suffering from gastrointestinal pain?’ He and Ayla had been apart for two years, and when they met again, he had no idea that things would end up like this.

The person he had been looking for turned out to be Wenny, the new designer sent by the Starlight.

Anna had already known that Wenny was actually Ayla, but she never told him the truth.

She had hidden it from him for so long.Was she planning to hide this fact from him for the rest of her life?

“Mr.Clark, Miss Woodsen will wake up soon.But I suggest that she should stay in the hospital for observation,” said the doctor.

“I see.You can leave now.”

As he looked at Ayla’s pale face, Brian asked, “Were you really going to hide from me forever? Even when you came back, you kept using the false name.You didn’t even take the initiative to see me.”

Ayla’s indifference towards him made him feel conflicted.

They had been apart for more than two years, and she was now more mature and charming than before.

He felt fortunate that she was still alive.

No matter what had happened in the past two years and who she was with, he didn’t care.

But every day that followed, she must return to him and be his Mrs.Clark again.) Brian was sitting on a chair beside her bed and holding her hand.

Suddenly, he felt a ring on her finger.

He glanced at it and realized that no matter how inexpensive it was, it meant that she was engaged.

The following second, he took the ring off and held it in his hand.

Nobody else had the right to put a ring on her finger besides him.

By the time Ayla woke up, it was already the break of dawn.

The bright light outside the window shone into the room.

She turned around and saw the man at her bedside.

‘Why is he still here?’ Last night, while she was gradually losing consciousness, she knew that Brian had taken her to the hospital.

“You’re awake.” Brian shouldn’t have believed that doctor’s nonsense.

It must’ve been over six or seven hours since the doctor told him that she was about to wake up.

Ayla nodded and propped herself up using her arms.

“Mr.Clark, thank you for bringing me to the hospital last night.”

“That’s it?”

There were so many things he wanted to hear from her, and the last thing he wanted to hear from her was “thank you.”

“Then what do you want to hear, Mr.Clark?”

Ayla leaned against the bed.

An entire night had passed.

Although she was still feeling a bit of pain, she could bear it.

No matter how much pain she felt, it was no longer a big deal for her.

“You…” Brian felt infuriated.

This woman was the only person capable of angering him so easily.

Standing up, Ayla said, “If you’re not gonna tell me anything, then just forget it.

I’ll pay you back for the medical expenses last night.”

She looked at the hospital gown she was wearing, and noticed that her own clothes weren’t in the room.

“Where are my clothes?”

“You’re not allowed to leave the hospital yet.”

Brian knew that she’d want to run away whenever she was faced with the people she didn’t want to see.

She would hide if she didn’t want to see anyone, but he wasn’t going to let her hide.

“Mr.Clark, I know my body better than anyone.”

Ayla had gotten accustomed to the pain.

It wasn’t that big of a deal to her anymore.

She still had so much work to do.

Besides, since they saw each other last night, she knew that Anna was going to give her a hard time for it.

As he sat on the sofa, Brian said, “The doctor said you’re not allowed to leave the hospital.”

“Did the doctor say that or did you? Anyway, I have to leave the hospital.If you don’t give back my clothes, I’ll leave the hospital wearing this.”

Ayla had to leave the hospital.

Even if she was wearing a hospital gown, she was going to leave the hospital.

A few seconds later, she put on a pair of slippers and was about to walk out.

“Oh, by the way, can you take care of my medical expenses for now? Just send me the bill and I’ll transfer it to your account.”

The moment her hand touched the door k**b, Brian stopped her.

“Don’t you want your ring back?”

He waved the ring in front of her.

As soon as she saw it, she stopped and shouted, “Give me back my ring!”

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