The Substitute Bride: Making Memories Of Us Chapter 115

Chapter 115: It Wasn’t A Coincidence

Anna was stunned for a bit.

He had never asked about Wenny’s designs.

This was the first time he had taken the initiative to ask about Wenny after such a long time.

‘‘No, he asked after he called Wenny last time, so this is the second time”

“What’s up? If she doesn’t hand in the designs, it’ll be too late.”

Brian’s tone was relatively calm, as if it was just a gentle reminder.

Hesitating for a few seconds, Anna said, “I’ll notify her about it today.”

“Well, you can set the deadline yourself anyway.”

Brian shifted his focus back to the pile of documents on his desk.

Afterwards, Anna left his office and went back to her own.She just had an altercation with Ayla, and now he was asking her to talk to that woman again.

It was only natural that she’d feel uncomfortable about it.

“D**n it, Ayla.You shouldn’t have returned! You shouldn’t have survived in the first place!”

Anna shouted as she sat at her desk.

Ayla wasn’t in any hurry nor was she annoyed.

She was just sitting in her office, carefully redesigning the sketches in her head.

Perhaps she was really talented in this aspect, and there were a lot more ideas came into her mind than before.

Despite the fact that she had given Anna twenty sets of designs, she was still capable of drafting more.

As she looked at Ayla, Ellie said, “Miss Wenny, what would you like to have for lunch? I’ll go and buy it for you.”

“I’ll eat anything.”

Whenever Ayla was preoccupied, she would have no time to eat, so she’d rather eat anything that Ellie gave her.Meanwhile, Brian was in his office and looking at the documents that Jaime had sent him.

“Jaime, is Tatum planning to accept that batch of goods? Has he decided on the time and place?”Jaime nodded.

“Yes, boss.What’s the plan? We’ve been letting him off the h**k for two years.This time, we’ll be able to overturn his business and destroy it for good.”

“Do as I’ve told you.By the way, is there anyone hanging around Tatum right now?”

Brian knew that Tatum had a close confidant and assistant, but he had managed to hide him very well.

Nobody had ever seen this assistant.

Nodding, Jaime answered, “Yes.A few days ago, I saw him talking to someone.And that person is none other than the vice principal of Miss Woodsen’s school, who also happens to be the same person that hung out with her all the time two years ago.”

Brian frowned.

“Him? Did you manage to get a picture of them together? Send me one and confirm his whereabouts and travel history for the past two years Jaime immediately sent a few pictures to Brian.

“Mr.Clark, just call me if you need anything else.This time, I won’t let that wretched Tatum go!”

“Good.I know.But be careful.Find out any information you can about Lucas.”

Remembering that Ayla had been hanging out with Lucas a lot two years ago, Brian felt displeased.

And he realized that back then, Lucas approached her on purpose, in order to make him misunderstand her and drive her out.That was why she disappeared as soon as she left the Clark family’s villa.

Everything that had happened had been carefully planned by Tatum and Lucas.

Brian examined the pictures that Jaime had sent him.

That man was definitely Lucas.

Although, in most of these photos, he was always on his phone.

Moreover, based on the happy smile on his face, he didn’t seem like he was talking about business, but he seemed to be talking with the one he loved.

It only took Jaime three hours to find out that Lucas had been living in Milan, Italy for the past two years.

‘Milan, Italy? What a coincidence”

A month ago, Brian also went to that city, but he never ran into Lucas.However, he did happen to see a woman that had an uncanny resemblance to Ayla.

As soon as it was time to get off work, Anna went into Brian’s office.

“Brian, do you have to work overtime tonight?”

“Yes.What’s up? Do you need something?”

He had carefully laid out a plan all these years.

And after waiting for such a long time, there was no way that he’d give Tatum the chance to escape.

“I see.Then I’ll stay with you, okay?”

Anna didn’t want to wait in the villa by herself every day.

However, Brian had been indifferent to her recently.Glancing at her, he said, “No, thanks.You should go home early.”

Anna still wanted to voice out her concerns, but upon thinking of Ayla’s designs, she decided to say nothing.

And so, she left his office and went back to the villa.Meanwhile, Ayla was still in her office.

It was getting dark, but she didn’t seem to notice it yet.

Every time Ellie had to go, she would lock the door.

Lucas had given her this order to ensure Ayla’s safety.

Ayla still hadn’t eaten dinner either.

It took a striking pain from her growling stomach to make her put down her pen.

When she glanced at her watch, she found that it was already ten in the evening.

However, Lucas hadn’t called her yet, which only meant that he was really busy.

After looking at her designs one more time, she got up and went into the tea room to pour herself a cup of warm water.

She opened the cabinet, only to find that there was nothing to eat, not even a biscuit.

It seemed that her only choice was to endure the hunger.

She drank a glass of water, but it didn’t help to alleviate the discomfort in her stomach.

After leaving the company, Brian suddenly remembered that both Lucas and Wenny had been staying in Milan.

Upon gathering that realization, he pulled the car around and rushed to the building where Wenny was working.

Once he had stopped in front of the office, he glanced at the lights on the third floor.

He had already been here several times, and each time, he found that those lights were on.

Wenny probably knew how to work properly, so it was strange that she hadn’t submitted her designs until now.

He then took out his phone and called her office.

As she sat in the tea room, Ayla heard the landline phone in her office ringing.

It was probably Lucas, but she didn’t have enough strength to answer her phone.

Even standing was a herculean task to her right now, due to the terrible stomach ache she was feeling.

Brian glowered.

He had been calling several times, but still, nobody was picking up.

And so, he turned off his car’s engine, stepped outside, and stood beside his car.

He didn’t drop the call until he heard the busy tone from the other line.

Afterwards, he went into the building.

Meanwhile, Ayla lifted the glass, but she suddenly loosened her grip, causing it to shatter into a million pieces as she bent over on the table in the tea room.

Her stomach hadn’t been this painful in a long time.

Lucas must’ve taken good care of her.

No matter what it might be, he would always ensure that every food, drink, and necessities she needed were of the best quality.

If she was with him right now, she wouldn’t have had troubles because of her irregular eating habits.

It seemed that Lucas had indeed done so much for her all these years.

Without even asking, he could tell what she wanted and would prepare it right away.

Why hadn’t she appreciated his help enough?

The pain was enough to make Ayla’s face turn pale.

Her body was sweating all over, and she was about to lose consciousness.

But at this time, the doorbell rang.

Brian incessantly rang the doorbell.

The light was on, and so was the computer.

There was a woman’s handbag and a beige coat in the office.

He was certain that someone was there, but where had she gone?

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