The Substitute Bride: Making Memories Of Us Chapter 112

Chapter 112: A Familiar Feeling

Hayden heaved a sigh and looked at her.

Then after a while, he said, “What are you talking about? I’m already old so why would ! still think about women? If our children heard such inappropriate words from us, they would laugh at us.”

“Are you saying that what I am talking about is nonsense? Haven’t you noticed that you’re not being in your normal self these days? You do know that your health is not good yet you still choose to stay inside your study until midnight almost every day.If you’re not thinking about women, then who’s running in your mind? Don’t tell me that you’re still thinking about that b***h? She already died more than twenty years ago.In a car accident remember?”

While she was talking, Miley looked straight at Hayden’s eyes.

Back then, she just couldn’t stand that her husband was with another woman.So what if that woman was her husband’s first love? It was not that hard for Miley to kill a woman.So even the woman was with a baby in her belly, she still let her die in a car accident.

“Enough! Don’t you dare mention it anymore!” Hayden shouted.

If it was not because of that car accident, he wouldn’t have lost the woman he dearly loved and their child.

Hayden promised her that he would divorce his wife first before he gave her a wedding.

He had her planned to be his wife but he never expected that in just a snap, he would lose everything.

The only thing that sank into his mind was the fact that the woman he loved together with their unborn child had died in a car accident.

Within all the past years, Hayden had tried hard and done his best just to maintain this marriage.

Even though he had devoted all his time and feelings to his family and work, he still failed in the end.

Miley couldn’t just feel at ease because of her many doubts.

They were always arguing and fighting each other because she couldn’t believe Hayden easily.

Molly and Toby walked down the stairs together when they heard the noise downstairs.

“Dad? Mom? It’s already late.Could you please stop fighting?”

“Go to your bed, Molly, and sleep!”

Hayden never intended for his daughter and son-in-law to hear about their quarrels, but they had heard it many times already.

“Dad, you should go to bed early.You know that your health is not getting good right?”

Toby walked to Hayden and pulled him to another side, while Molly decided to take Miley to the second floor.

Toby sat beside Hayden inside the study room.

“Dad, are you okay?”

“I’m okay.Just go to your bed.You still have work for tomorrow.”

Hayden wanted to cheer himself up so he went to see Ayla.

Besides, Ayla reminded him of that girl because she looked so much like his first love.

He even started questioning himself that what if Ayla might be his daughter? But two years ago, something happened to Ayla before he could find out more information about her.She had disappeared for two years.

Now that Hayden had finally seen Ayla again, he didn’t care whether she was his daughter or not.

What he wanted was to be with her in his last life because Ayla looked so much like the girl he loved.

Hayden was getting older and older.He couldn’t do anything as his heart disease had been getting worse each day.

Maybe his life was already short and he wouldn’t be able to live longer.

“Dad, you know that Mom is just being stubborn again.Eventually, her anger will just subside later because she already let it out.”

Toby had been always like this, compromising to Molly all the time.

He understood that he was responsible for taking care of Molly, but he never really loved her.

“Toby, there’s nothing else that I would say to you.I just want you to treat Molly well when I die, okay?”

Molly was the only daughter of Hayden.So he would do anything just to satisfy all the whims and give whatever his daughter wanted.

After Hayden said it, Toby nodded to him and left him in the study.

While sitting alone in the study, he opened a locked drawer and took out an old photo from it.

It was the only photo of the girl he loved that had left to him.He had kept it for twenty years.

Molly was already waiting for Toby while sitting on the sofa when he came back to their room.

“Honey, how is Dad?”

“Nothing to think about.They will be fine and besides, they have been married for so many years.Don’t worry and stop thinking anything.Go to bed and sleep early.We have to be prepared for an early meeting for tomorrow,”

Toby said to her.Molly hugged Toby from behind with her arms surrounded his waist.

She said, “Honey, from now on, let’s get along well.Okay?”

‘Toby will forget Ayla.I’ll make sure he definitely will!” Molly swore to herself.

Toby nodded at her and said, “Okay.”

After that, he hugged her back and didn’t say anything more.

Although it was very late, Brian was still busy working in the office.

Suddenly, he saw a piece of paper on his desk.

It had the information that was saying about the next season’s fashion clothes.

Anna would still show the documents to Brian even though she had the full authority over this cooperation case.

She probably put the document on his desk when he went out in the afternoon.

Brian still hadn’t seen the design drafts that Wenny submitted.She was an employee from Starlight.

Anna already arranged everything well, including the arrangements of the venue for the quarterly exhibitions and the guests that would be present.

What he only needed to do was to give the final approval.

After he left the company, Brian drove in another direction after he passed an intersection.He parked his luxury limo in front of another office building.

Brian saw that the light on the third floor was still on.

‘It is already late at night but Wenny is still in the office alone?’ he wondered.

Brian took out his phone and dialed a number that he had never called before.

He had a sharp memory.

Even if Anna had only said it once to him, he would still remember it.

The sudden ringing of her phone on the desk had made Ayla startled.

She paused for a few seconds and took a breath before she answered the phone.


She could feel that her voice was trembling.

“Is this Wenny?”

Brian had felt that Wenny’s voice was somewhat familiar to him.

It sounded like the woman he knew, but a little different.

The moment Ayla heard his voice, she had almost dropped the phone in her hand.

Was he really Brian? Where did he get her phone number? And why did he suddenly call her? Ayla took a deep breath and composed herself.

“Yes, I am.Who are you?” she said calmly.

At this moment, Ayla only knew that her palms were already sweating.

“This is Brian Clark,” he said.

Brian wanted to go upstairs to meet Wenny, who had a very similar tone to Ayla’s voice.

But he didn’t do it and just stayed in his car.Then the woman on the other line spoke, “Hello, Mr.Clark.”

Ayla didn’t know anything to say except to greet him.

“It’s so late.Are you still working?” he asked.

Brian looked up at the third floor as he leaned against the car seat.

“Yes,” Ayla said.

Her answer was simply too short.

What mattered to her now was as long as Brian wouldn’t come to her office or he didn’t recognize her voice, everything would be fine for her.

Then Brian said, “Then come downstairs.I’m on downstairs.Let’s go and get something to eat.”

Brian didn’t know why he said those to her.

Maybe because he just thought that Wenny was a woman alone in a foreign country and she didn’t know anyone else but only her work.

However, Brian knew himself too well that he was not the kind of person who would care about other women casually.

Ayla was surprised for a moment and said, “No, thank you, Mr.Clark.I just ate earlier.I’ll go home after I’m done with my work.”

Ayla would never go out with Brian.

Why would she? She would definitely not do that unless she was out of her mind.

“Miss Wenny, if you don’t mind my asking.But, aren’t you an Italian?”

Ayla’s fluent Chinese did not really sound like an Italian at all.

She took a deep breath and calmed herself before she said, “No, I’m not.”

Ayla questioned herself if Brian had called her just to investigate her family background.

Also, Brian noticed that Wenny was somehow hesitant.

Maybe she just didn’t want to talk to him anymore.

“Well, just don’t forget to go back early,” Brian said lightly before he hung up his phone.

After the call ended, Ayla let out a shaky breath.She just couldn’t take it being called and asked by him repeatedly.

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