The Substitute Bride: Making Memories Of Us Chapter 111

The second Ayla went downstairs, her phone started ringing in her bag.She looked at the caller ID and wondered that something urgent must’ve happened for Hayden to call her at this hour.

“Uncle Hayden.”

She was standing in front of the office building when she answered the phone.

“Lala, you haven’t gone to bed yet, have you? I want to have a late snack with you.”

Hayden hadn’t contacted Ayla because he wasn’t feeling well a few days ago.The reason he asked her out this time was because he was feeling better.

Naturally, she didn’t refuse.

“Sure.I just got off work.Where are you? I’ll hail a cab to get to you.”

“I’ll ask my driver to pick you up.”

Hayden told the driver, Robin, to pick Ayla up after he got the address. After stepping into the car, Ayla said, “Uncle Hayden, you’re not in good health right now.You should’ve just gone to sleep early.”

“Ayla, the older I become, the harder it is to fall asleep.I’m worried that once I fall into slumber, I might never wake up again.”

The regret residing in his heart was so heavy that he knew that he wouldn’t be able to rest in peace if he died.But with Ayla’s help that regret no longer burdened him.

“How come? Uncle Hayden, maybe you should go out for a walk during daytime instead.It’s dangerous to go out at night.”

Although Ayla was quite busy during the day, if Hayden asked her to have dinner with him, she would come with him.

“Okay, then I’ll go out for a walk with you from now on.Would you like to come with me?”

Hayden asked as he looked at her.

Ayla nodded.

“Of course!”

Moments later, they finally arrived at the restaurant.

“Lala, you can order whatever you want.”

Hayden handed her a menu.

After looking through the menu for a long time, she still hadn’t chosen anything.

“Lala, do you like crabs?” Hayden asked, raising his head to look at her.

Shaking her head, Ayla replied, “I’m allergic to crabs.”

Back when she was still living in the Woodsen family’s villa, the servant felt pity for Ayla, so she secretly hid some crabs for her to eat.

But after Ayla ate it, she developed rashes all over her body and got sent to the hospital.

That was when she found out she was allergic to crabs.

When that happened, the servant lamented that Ayla wasn’t fated to have a good life.

However, she loved to eat, and got sent to the hospital because of her allergies.

“So, you’re allergic to crabs, too.”

Hayden seemed like he had discovered something strange.

“Uncle Hayden, are you allergic to crabs as well?”

At last, Ayla chose to order some light dishes.

Neither of them was going to eat that much anyway.

“I’m not.”

Hayden looked at her and said, “She’s an old friend of mine, and the two of you have an uncanny resemblance.She also happens to be allergic to crabs.”

Ayla understood what he was implying, but she didn’t ask anything more.

If he didn’t take the initiative to say anything else, it was probably better not to ask anything else.

“Lala, you should eat more.You’re looking a lot thinner lately.”

Having a late snack with her was a rare occasion for Hayden.He wanted her to take good care of herself.

“Uncle Hayden, you should also eat more.If it’s possible, you should come to my house and I’ll prepare a good meal for you.”

Although Ayla had gone through several conflicts with Molly in the past, she never bore a grudge against her.

Moreover, what happened between her and Molly had nothing to do with Hayden.

He was a good old man, and she respected him as her elder.

Smiling kindly at her, he replied, “That sounds great.”

After they finished their late snack, they finally came out.

Hayden told the driver to drive Ayla home first.

“Lala, don’t forget what you told me tonight.”

“Of course, not, Uncle Hayden! As long as you don’t mind, I’ll keep my promise,” Ayla said with a smile.

Perhaps Hayden was the closest person to her in Antawood.

When she returned to her apartment, she received a call from Lucas.

“Haven’t you gone to bed yet? Are you still working in your office?”

“No, I just went to have a night snack with Uncle Hayden.”

Ayla sat on the sofa and poured herself a glass of water.

“Uncle Hayden? Are you talking about Hayden Smith?” Lucas was taken aback.

Two years ago, Hayden had treated Ayla unusually well.

He didn’t expect that they would meet again after two years and even have a meal together.

“Yes, it’s him! Why are you calling me so late? Aren’t you supposed to be busy?”

Ayla only received calls from Lucas during noon and evening.

“Yes, I’m quite busy.I just finished a meeting.But no matter how busy I am, I’ll still call you! I miss you so much! Don’t you miss me, too?”

Hearing her voice and knowing that she was safe put his mind at ease.

Ayla wasn’t a sly woman, so she always showed her emotions on her face and in the tone of her voice.

Taking a sip of water, she said, “Aren’t you tired of asking me the same question every day?”

She was too shy to tell Lucas that she missed him.And even if she did miss him, she couldn’t bring herself to say it out loud.

“I ask you every day, but you only have to answer me once.”

Never had he heard her say anything sweet to him.He didn’t care whether she was too shy to Say it or she was unwilling to do so.

“Well, stop.It’s getting late.Let’s go to sleep as soon as possible.I also have to work tomorrow.”

Ayla was a perfectionist, so she wasn’t satisfied with the drafts that she had made these days.

“Lala, don’t push yourself too hard.You just need to do your best.If I find out that you’ve been staying overtime in the office, I’ll get mad at you!”

Lucas called her apartment every single day to make sure that she came home ontime.

They didn’t drop the call until Ayla finally agreed.She leaned against the sofa, and her mind was filled with drawings.

For the next fashion season, they needed to continuously launch a large number of new clothes, and for the first time, they required twenty sets.

Her schedule was already tight, and even if she rushed to make a design every day, she wouldn’t be able to guarantee that she could complete it successfully.

During the whole night, Ayla just leaned against the sofa, and closed her eyes to rest.

She had been back for more than a week now, and Yareli still called her to ask her about her situation.

If Yareli weren’t preoccupied in Milan, she would come to see her.

When Hayden returned to the villa, he saw that Miley was still waiting for him in the living room.

“Why are you still awake?”

“You went out so late at night.I’m worried about you!”

Miley felt like something had been going on with him recently.He had been hiding in the study all the time, and he wasn’t letting anyone in.

“What’s there to worry about? I’m home, aren’t I?” Hayden said indifferently.

He knew that Miley didn’t really care about his safety, but was worried that he was going out to meet other women.

“What’s the matter with you? Here I am waiting for you to come home so late, and you’re giving me the cold shoulder? Tell me the truth.Are you having an affair?”

Miley had endured Hayden for a long time, and their relationship was mostly fake.

There had always been another woman in his heart, but that woman had been long dead.

She died twenty years ago!

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