The Substitute Bride: Making Memories Of Us Chapter 103

Chapter 103: The Right To Love

When Ayla woke up, she was having a hangover, and she had a splitting headache.

“It hurts,” she groaned and turned sideways.

All of a sudden, she noticed that there was a handsome face in front of her.

Beside her, a man was sleeping soundly.

At this time, she realized that his arm was wrapped around her waist.


Ayla screamed, startled by how close they were.

Her loud screaming woke Lucas up.

“What’s going on? Lala?”

He looked at her panicked face and then he realized that they were in bed together.

“I’m sorry.Last night, I drank too much.”

Ayla was petrified for a few seconds before she got ahold of herself.

“Me too.I drank too much last night.”

She frowned at how insane she was.

How could she let herself drink so much last night? Lucas grabbed a nightgown and handed it to her.

“I’ll take responsibility for you, Lala,” he said.

No matter what might’ve happened between them, he was determined to take responsibility.

Putting the nightgown on, Ayla pursed her lips, and said, “Lucas, last night was an accident, okay? Let’s just forget that it ever happened.”

It took Lucas by surprise that she was still able to maintain her composure after something like that happened.

“No, I’m not an irresponsible man.Lala, no matter what I did to you, I’ll take responsibility for it.I promise I’ll do anything you ask of me.”

He looked at her clear eyes with a trace of confusion.

Was he mistaken? He believed that a faithful woman like Ayla would also give her heart to him the moment she gave her body.

Looking back at him, she said, “Something had already happened between us, and it was out of my willingness even if I was drunk.So, I’m not gonna let you ruin yourself because of me.”

In all honesty, Ayla couldn’t remember what had happened last night.

Although she was hammered, she only felt a splitting headache, but no soreness in her body.

She was puzzled but she believed that Lucas wouldn’t lie to her and joke about something this serious.

He gazed into her eyes and asked, “What do you think of me?”

Based on the look on his face, it was clear that he was a bit angry.

He was mad because she didn’t seem to care about it at all.He was a man and he was more than willing to take responsibility for the woman he loved.

Sadly, he was wrong.He was gravely mistaken.

Ayla wasn’t as weak and softhearted as he had led himself to believe.

Ayla watched as Lucas stormed out of her room wearing nothing but a night robe.

Did she do something wrong? She just didn’t want what happened last night to hinder him from anything.

When Ayla went to Lucas’ room, she noticed that he was standing by the window, smoking unhappily.

“Lucas,” she called out softly.

However, Lucas didn’t even cast her a glance.

“Do you really want to be responsible for me?” Ayla asked in a low voice.

If she was being honest, she was now feeling uncomfortable.

She clasped her hands together, subconsciously shaking them.

Lucas just looked back at her, not saying anything, and proceeding with his cigarette.

Taking a few steps forward, she said, “If you want to be responsible for me, then don’t be mad at me, okay? It’s all my fault.I shouldn’t have put you on the friend zone.I shouldn’t have failed to see how you felt for me.”

Ayla’s words finally reached Lucas’ heart.

He looked at her and listened, waiting for her to continue.

“Lucas, I’m not a complete woman, so if someday, you meet a woman that deserves your love, you can tell me about her and I won’t have any objections,” she said.

In all honesty, she wasn’t sure if she could love him, let alone accompany him for the rest of his life.

Lucas flicked the cigarette b**t away, looking at the uncertainty in her eyes.

“Believe me, you’re the only woman I will ever love.”

If Ayla was willing to accept him, it would only make him love her more.

Although his way of doing things was a bit despicable, he really didn’t want to give up on her.

Ayla opened her arms, placing them around his waist, and buried her face in his chest.

She was worried that he might regret it, and that she might regret it herself.

But now, Lucas was the only one she could rely on! In that case, she must accept him as her support system for the rest of her life! Lucas kissed her forehead.

“Lala, you should trust me and yourself.Besides, you have the right to love if you want to.”

As she sat on the balcony, Ayla felt overwhelmed by the sudden change with her relationship to Lucas.

Wearing a light casual suit, he came in and said, “Let’s go, Lala! I’m taking you somewhere.”

He then took her hand and led her out.

Not long after, Ayla sat in his car and Lucas drove her to an unfamiliar street.Before she had the chance to react, he had already taken her into a jewelry store.


She looked up at him.

They had only agreed to become a couple this morning, but he was already buying her a ring?

“What do you think? Which one do you like the most?”

Ignoring how surprised Ayla was, Lucas dragged her to the diamond ring counter.

“Are we really buying one of those?” She looked at the rows of rings; all of them looked expensive.

In all honesty, she wasn’t prepared for any of this! “Of course, I brought enough money with me, so you can rest assured that we can afford even the most expensive one.I want to give you only the best.This is just one of the things I can give you, and I hope you’re willing to accept it.”

Lucas wanted to give Ayla the best and most expensive diamond ring in the store.She looked around, but she didn’t pick any of them.

So instead, he asked the sales clerk to take out their most exquisite ring available.

“Lala, what about this one? Do you like it?”

Then, he put the ring on her finger.It was so beautiful on her hand that he didn’t want to remove it.

“This is too expensive! And I don’t like wearing such a big diamond ring.I’m scared of being mugged.”

If she was being honest, Ayla never liked luxurious things.

Besides, she never liked wearing anything expensive because she didn’t think they were suitable for her.

After that, Lucas allowed her to choose again.

“Well, you can go ahead and choose whichever you like.”

Ayla was the one who would be wearing the ring, so it was up to her.

As long as she liked it, he wasn’t going to object.

After a long time, she finally chose a plain silver ring.

“Are you saving money for me Lala?” Lucas thought that she shouldn’t have chosen such a cheap ring.

He wanted her to wear only the best.He also hoped that she could be the happiest bride in the world, and that she could be his beloved wife.

Raising her slender hand, Ayla said, “It’s just the right size.Will you refuse the one I picked?”

She noticed how surprised Lucas was, but she was satisfied with the ring.

As long as they loved each other, they didn’t need such expensive material objects.

Now that she had chosen a ring, he paid for it without any objection.After that, they walked out of the shop, hand-in-hand.

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