The Substitute Bride: Making Memories Of Us Chapter 101

Chapter 101: She Decided To Go Back

Ayla went to Starlight’s building.She had an appointment with Yareli because she wanted to know her boss’s thoughts.But when Linda saw her, it was obvious that she wasn’t happy about seeing her.

“Director,” Ayla greeted.

However, Linda just cast her a cold glance.

“Ms.Evans isn’t here yet.You can wait in the meeting room!”

Naturally, Linda knew why Ayla was here.

She had always wanted to work with the Clark Group, and if that cooperation became successful, she would gain everything that she could ever want, whether it be prestige or future prospects.

Ayla was chosen to go, and yet she refused over and over.

Linda never thought highly of her because she was just a student who hadn’t even graduated yet! Linda had always been hostile to Ayla.

When they both participated in the school’s fashion design competition, Yareli adored Ayla’s work but not hers.

Although Ayla’s design hadn’t matured back then, Linda was aware that she had great potential and her skills would eventually improve after a period of training.

“Wenny, you shouldn’t be complacent, and don’t think that you’re above me just because Ms.Evans appreciates your talent.

I’ve been working for this company for so many years, and you should know that no matter what happens, I’m still a director in this company, and you are just a new designer.”

“Director, you need not worry about your status.I have no desire to compete with you.Whether it’s the designs for the fashion show or any other designs I’ve made, those were all chosen by Ms.Evans.To tell you the truth, I personally think that your designs are exquisite.You shouldn’t worry that I would steal your position from you.You are the company’s director, and you have a rich experience.All I want is to do what I have to do.”

In all honesty, Ayla didn’t want to tell her this, but she wanted to make it clear to Linda that she wasn’t that ambitious.

All she wanted was a stable job.

She just needed a job to support herself with her own capabilities.

That was her simple goal.

She had never even dreamed of being a famous designer, nor had she wanted to be wealthy and famous.

“You’d better keep your word! I hate it when someone goes against their own words.You’re only here because Ms.Evans helped you become a part of this company.Do you think we’re not aware that you often eat, drink tea, and chat with Ms.Evans?”

Linda had been trying so hard not to lower herself to Ayla’s level because she believed it would be a stain on her reputation.

However, Yareli had given the cooperation project of the Clark Group to Ayla, and she couldn’t stand it anymore.

Ayla just smiled at her.

“Director, you’re thinking too much.I’m not the kind of person you think I am.I’m aware that my words mean nothing to you, but I’m telling you the truth.”

When Linda heard her, she almost lost her temper.She picked up a folder on her desk, wanting to throw it at her face.

However, at this time, Yareli opened the door and came in.

As soon as she entered, she noticed that something was off about the atmosphere.

On top of that, there was a smile on Ayla’s face.


Ayla greeted.

“Oh, you came.Let’s talk in my office, shall we?” Yareli said to Ayla.

Afterwards, she led her to her office.

They sat on the sofa in the office, each of them had a cup of coffee in front of them.

“So, Wenny, have you made up your mind? Or are you still unwilling to go back to A City? But if you really don’t want to go there, I won’t force you anymore.”

Everyone had a past that they didn’t want to face.If Ayla wasn’t willing to go back, it only meant that she had a good reason for it.

As a matter of fact, Ayla already knew that her boss wasn’t going to force her.

However, she wasn’t willing to let her down after all her help.

“Ms.Evans, I accept the project.”

It took Ayla a while before she finally said yes.She had been thinking about it for two days.

Even if Anna hadn’t talked to her in the past two days, she knew that she had to go back this time.

Yareli was surprised to know that she was accepting the project.

“Wenny, if you’re sure about this, I’ll arrange everything for you.But if you ever have second thoughts about doing this project, I won’t force you.”

She didn’t want her to have any regrets.

Ayla shook her head.

“I’ve already made up my mind.I won’t regret anything,” she said firmly.

Besides, Brian Clark must’ve forgotten about her already.

As long as the two of them didn’t see each other, nothing would change.

“Great! Now that you’ve decided, I’ll arrange for your return to A City as soon as possible.”

Her words put Yareli’s mind at ease.She believed that Ayla had a bright future ahead of her.

Over the years, Yareli had gone through a lot in this industry, and allowed herself to go through each difficulty one at a time.

She endured the pain in her heart.

And that was the reason she hadn’t returned to her home country after so many years.

The first time she saw Wenny’s design and her character, she felt something familiar, which made her grow fond of her.

Moments later, Ayla left the Starlight Fashion Hub and walked alone along the road.

After a long walk, she sat on a park bench.

She then took out a business card from her bag and dialed Anna’s number.

“Miss Woodsen, have you made up your mind?” Anna asked directly.

“Well, you’ve been waiting for my answer all this time, so I’m sure you’re aware of my decision, right, Miss Anna?”

Although Ayla still needed a bit of time to think about it, she knew that she must go back this time, and that she would never be able to escape her fate.

Perhaps, she had been avoiding it all this time.

Even if she had personally witnessed how happy Anna andBrian Clark were, she didn’t have the right to feel heartbroken about it, and she should just let it go.

His affection never belonged to her in the first place.

“You’ve decided to go back, haven’t you? But you should know that I still won’t let you meet Brian.”

Anna wasn’t willing to compromise regarding this.

Ayla looked ahead.

She wasn’t sure what her future held and what she was about to face, but she knew that she must move on.

“I know that.Don’t worry, I don’t want to see him either.You’re Brian’s fiancee, and you’re the person in charge of this cooperation project.I am just a passerby, and I’ll be out of your lives sooner or later, so you don’t have to worry about anything.As long as you can keep him away from my office, we won’t have any problems,”

Ayla responded.

This was her only request.She hadn’t been back for more than two years, so it was probably time for her to return.

After all, Italy wasn’t her home, and she must go back to her hometown.

That place also held many of her fondest memories, and she was willing to bear anything despite how painful it could be.

Hearing her response, Anna smiled with relief.

“Very well, I’ll take care of that.I booked us flight tickets two days from now, so pack up your things, too! Let’s go back together!”

The only reason Anna stayed in Italy was because she wanted to bring Ayla with her but she also wanted to ascertain that Ayla had given up on Brian Clark.

But it shouldn’t matter if Ayla could forget about him or not.

She was already gone, and now, Anna was Brian Clark ‘s legitimate fiancee.

Ayla replied, “I see.I’ll get ready then.”

In truth, she didn’t need to prepare anything.

Yareli had arranged an apartment for her in A City, and all she had to do was to go to work in the office building.

As long as she handed over designs that would satisfy the Clark Group’s standards, the companies under the group would be able to produce and sell those designs.

That was all she had to do.She didn’t even have to show up atall.

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