The Substitute Bride: Making Memories Of Us Chapter 10

Chapter 10: He Had Another Woman

Brian didn’t expect that he’d bump into that stupid woman while entering the villa.So, he didn’t even help her when she stumbled back and fell on her b*m.

His eyes turned cold as he watched her with pursed lips.

Ayla hissed in pain before raising her eyes and met with Brian’s icy glare.

She gulped and apologized immediately, “I’m sorry, I didn’t notice you coming.”

“Who are you going to meet in such a hurry?”

Brian sneered at her making Ayla flinch.

Of course, she couldn’t get lucky all the time, and the devil had to come at this time just to prove that.

“I was just going to school.”

Ayla whined as she got up staggering slightly.

She refrained herself from saying anything else, because she knew he would not believe her anyway.

According to Brian, everything she said was just an excuse.


Obviously, Brian didn’t believe her.

Ayla took a glance at her watch.

She’d be late today.

Her eyes shifted back to Brian when she noticed the red mark on his neck.

Observing it carefully, she realized it was a lipstick mark.

That meant, he was with another woman last night.

That was the reason why he didn’t return home.But, she didn’t care about it.

In fact, she’d be relieved if he was with other women.

He’d let her live in peace if he had other women.

Even if it was a hopeless wish and literally would be a dream, she wanted it to happen.

After that encounter, Ayla left without saying anything further.

Lyle was already waiting for her with the car.

She hopped in before the car drove away.

Sitting in the car, she looked out of the window and pondered on the possibilities she could get away from Brian.

Although he let her go to school, he seemed to be angry with her.

Her father only owed money to Brian.

So, if she could earn money and pay him back, she’d have her freedom again.

When their car reached a crossing of the high road, another car broke the traffic signal and ran across their car with a reckless speed.

Lyle slammed the brake hurriedly, causing her to jump forward.

However, when Ayla raised her eyes and looked ahead, her eyes landed on the big LED screen at the roadside.

It was broadcasting financial news and Toby’s face was on it.

Ayla watched the news carefully.

Her eyes gleamed with excitement when she learned he had become the Executive Director of Smith Group.

He went to abroad, after their last meeting.

She never received the news of his return.

Had he forgotten her already? Why hadn’t he come to take her away yet?

The thought made Ayla very sad.She couldn’t even focus on studies and remained absent-minded all day long.Would she ever get to see him again?

She couldn’t wait to meet Toby.So, she decided to go to his office by herself.

After the school was over, she walked out of the school’s side door to avoid Lyle and left quietly.

When she finally arrived in front of Smith Group’s office building, she stopped.

Suddenly she lacked courage to enter the building.

She stood there in a daze staring at the building until it was dark.

She couldn’t do it.

Her chest felt heavy as she turned to leave.

However, she had to stop when she heard the automatic door opening and a group of people came out.

She turned immediately and located the familiar face among them.

It was Toby and he was holding a beautiful and elegant woman in his arm.

Ayla’s heart dropped when she realized he was dating another woman.

Her lips trembled at the sight and two streams of tears rolled down her face.

She watched them getting into an expensive car together.

But before entering the car Toby suddenly turned and looked at Ayla’s direction.

As soon as their eyes met, he froze.

Ayla immediately turned away to hide her tears from him.

But when she turned back again, the car had already left.

It turned out that he had become so successful, but what about her? Life had been so unfair to her lately.

She lost her virginity to someone who didn’t even love her, she lost her freedom to a devil and now the man whom she loved was avoiding her.

There was no hope left for her.

Only she and her poor self-esteem was all she had now.

When she returned back to the school, everyone had already left except a familiar car along with its driver.

It was Lyle and the car was waiting for her.

She stiffened as she noticed them.

“Lyle, I’m sorry.”

“Mrs.Clark, Mr.Clark is waiting for you at home.”

Lyle held open the door for her until she got inside.

When Ayla returned to the villa, as expected, Brian was sitting on the sofa in the living room.

But what she didn’t expect to see was Anna, who sat beside him.

Ayla had met her before.

“So finally you realized it’s time to come back?”

Brian put out the cigarette and looked at her.

Her eyes were puffy from all the crying and her face was covered in tear stains.

“I’m sorry.I went to deal with something important.I had to do it.” Ayla lowered her head.

“I don’t want your excuses!”he bellowed.

“I won’t do that again,” said Ayla, taking a step forward.

She wanted to just leave.

But he stopped her.

“Stop! Did I say you can leave?”

Brian stood up and walked up to her.

“Are you having the false belief that you can actually act like Mrs.Clark?”

“No.” Ayla never considered herself of that status.

“I- I have to prepare dinner as you asked me.Let me go, please.What would you like to have in dinner?”

Brian stared at her for a moment then went back and sat down beside Anna.

Looking at Anna gently, he asked, “What do you want to eat?”

Anna took a look at Ayla and then tangled her arm with Brian’s.

“Mr.Clark, does Mrs.Clark even know how to c**k? I don’t want to fall sick eating food cooked by a stranger.”

“Try it once.If you don’t like it, I’ll take you out to eat.”

Ayla saw their intimacy, but she didn’t look away.

Was he putting a show for her? But it wasn’t really necessary.

Without saying anything else, Ayla went into the kitchen.

Looking at the ingredients in the fridge, she promised herself to c**k well.

However, Brian just wanted to see her suffer.

He was determined to create more difficulties for her.

So, he sent all the servants away to do other household chores, so that no one would be available to help her.

He wanted to see how capable she was.

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