The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Boss Chapter 2044

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Boss Chapter 2044

Hearing someone inside snort lightly, lazily and complaining: “You still know how to came back?”

It was Clayton’s voice.

Maybe he’s already soaked in it? Nicole breathed a sigh of relief, conscious of her guilty conscience: “Don’t worry, ll be right there.”

Thinking of the delay, she immediately went to change her clothes and walked out barefoot.

When she walked near the hot spring pool, she felt the feeling of hot air, and the whole body was warm and hot, and the pores seemed to be opened, which was very comfortable.

The floor was a log-colored pattern, and the surrounding of the hot spring pool was covered with white gauze, which is very artistic.

Nicole walked over, and there were cobblestone-paved ground patterns nearby, each of which was crystal clear.

Stepping on the warm feeling instantly rises from the soles of the feet, and the pores are further opened.

The sound of the hot spring water was very pleasant.

Nicole walked over, but did not expect the hot spring pool to be so big.

In the white fog, Nicole didn’t even see where Clayton was? Nicole called out, but no one responded.

Just the next second, suddenly a pair of hands hugged her from behind.It was Clayton.

He squeezed her waist, with a slight dissatisfaction on his face: “You are saying hello? I thought you were going out for supper.”

Nicole let down her guard with a guilty conscience, turned around, and saw him dressed in white in a bathrobe, sitting there with a half-naked chest, the appearance of a beautiful man taking a bath.

The lights were bright, the pool was filled with mist, and a lot of petals were sprinkled on it.

The aroma was transpiring, and Nicole was soft in his arms.

Nicole smiled and put her arms around his shoulders: “As you know, it takes three days and three nights to talk between best friends.”

Clayton snorted coldly, expressing incomprehension.

He pointed to the box next to him: “Let’s see if there is something you like?”

Nicole looked over: “What? Essential oils?”

Nicole glanced at it, not only that, but also a lot of health care items, as well as family planning supplies.She don’t know if it was specially prepared for them, or if they all have it.

In short, Nicole’s ears turned red unconsciously.

This hot spring club was too serious.

Nicole pushed Clayton away and said, “No need for anything else, the petals are enough.”

She could smell that the petals were not ordinary flowers either.

They were probably air-freighted flowers from abroad, and the varieties could not be cultivated in domestic soil.She didn’t expect this boss to be so troublesome? Clayton put Clayton next to him.

Although he was a little distracted, he also wanted her to relieve his fatigue.

There was a chat between them.

Clayton: “You know, it’s with Kai?”

“No, it’s with another person named Clarissa.We should have met.At the auction that day.”

Nicole chatted non-stop, she likes to chat very much, Clayton is not too annoying, and listens very patiently.

Clayton: “Oh, so her attitude towards you is not normal?”

Nicole nodded and shook his head again: “I couldn’t tell, maybe my intuition was wrong,”

Clayton smiled, suddenly thinking of something, he didn’t intend to.He asked, “Did this Miss Clarissa also go to Mr.Ferguson’s funeral in the morning?”

Nicole shook her head: “I don’t know, I didn’t meet her, because kai and I left in less than half an hour.”

Clayton nodded thoughtfully.

Nicole played with the water for a while, and unknowingly, tilted her head and wanted to fall asleep.

Clayton was still thinking about the words she asked in the car.

How can he let her fall asleep at ease? Clayton deliberately touched her shoulder, looked at her sleepy eyes, raised his hand to press her head, and asked her in a low voice: “Baby, did you remember what I said before, if one day, you change your mind?”

His movements were neither light nor heavy, as if he was groggy, making her feel like she was out of her body.She put a feeble hand on the shore, humming, Clayton said in a deep tone, “Then have you changed your mind?”

After Nicole asked, her heart throbbed, and she instantly woke up.It’s just that she wasn’t that obvious.

But it was clear in her heart like a mirror.

Clayton was still thinking about what she said in the car? Nicole felt a little regretful that she asked that sentence redundantly.

But Clayton was still waiting for her answer.

She didn’t hesitate, and said in a daze: “No, I will always like Clayton.”

She opened her eyes slightly, and her eyes were sleepy due to the mist of the hot spring, and the water was moist.

On her face, she pulled a smile and touched his handsome face: “Are you satisfied with this answer?”

Clayton paused, and his hand felt a little heavier.He bowed his head and pressed Nicole’s neck and kissed it, hurriedly and violently.

Nicole could only respond softly, Clayton didn’t plan to let her go easily.

Clayton’s eyes were dark, and he looked at her darkly and deeply: “Nicole, I have only you.Even if you change your mind, you have to stay by my side.”

His voice was low and hoarse.

Nicole paused and smiled, “Because I’m too attractive, you have to be vigilant at all times.”

Clayton’s eyes flickered, and his originally cold expression slowly shattered, and finally floated up a bit smile.He reached out and pinched the sensitive soft flesh on her waist.

Nicole couldn’t help it, it was so itchy, she laughed.

The two of them quarreled for a while, and the laughter was mixed with the sound of water, and the man responded ina low voice.

They had been soaking for a long time, Clayton looked at her smiling and charming look, and he really wanted to eat her in ane bite.

After making her laugh for a while, his eyes gradually darkened.

Feeling that it was almost done, Clayton held Nicole on his lap, and slowly rubbed her favorite bath bubble on her body, euphemistically calling her: help.

Nicole couldn’t see through it, but she didn’t say anything, after all, she really didn’t have the strength.

Leaning on him, she breathed weakly in his ear.

This kind of appearance can’t be resisted by any man, let alone Clayton.

Nicole leaned her under him, but in the next second, her legs suddenly became weak, she couldn’t stand, she slid down, and her face turned pale.

Clayton was startled for a moment, and quickly carried her up.

Seeing that her face was not quite right, Clayton didn’t care about anything, so he immediately called someone to call a doctor.

Nicole held his hand helplessly, and said weakly: “It’s nothing, I’ve been soaking for a long time, and rm still laughing without oxygen.It’s just a little uncomfortable.It’ll be fine in a while.”

Clayton glanced at her and gritted his teeth secretly: “You still h****d me if you know I’m uncomfortable?”

Nicole refused to admit it: “Who h****d you?”

Clayton gritted his teeth angrily, but for the sake of her weakness, he didn’t care about her.The hot spring had not yet opened, so naturally everything was carefully prepared.

Coincidentally, one of the guests invited by the manager was a doctor.

When The doctor heard the movement, he ran over immediately…

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