The Abandoned Husband Dominates, Chapter 590

The Abandoned Husband Dominates, Chapter 590

Jordan was curious. “Swiss Holy Maiden? From the Schmid family? Who is she? Why do we have to see if she’s online?”

Jordan was rather attracted by the name “Swiss Holy Maiden”.

This was because Holy Maidens usually referred to young and beautiful girls, girls who were unique from other ordinary females. More importantly, women who were called Holy Maidens usually did not have boyfriends or husbands.

Holy Maidens were pure and holy women. She had to be celibate and could not have personal feelings or desires.

Park Chan-young explained, “Her full name is Lota Schmid. She’s from the third generation of the Schmid family, the secret family in Switzerland. She’s only 18 years old this year.”

“She… is the girl I like…”

Jordan smiled. He immediately understood.

So Park Chan-young liked this Holy Maiden and wanted to woo her. Therefore, he could not let her see him being humiliated by Jordan in the game.

Jordan smiled. “Park Chan-young, you’re such a weirdo. You usually play with middle-aged women, but in the end, you still like an 18-year-old girl!”

Park Chan-young didn’t know how to explain. “Lota is a candidate for my future wife. Only a beautiful and pure girl like her is worthy of me. Our family has always wanted to form an alliance with the Schmid family! It will be a strong alliance!”

Jordan scoffed. “She’s worthy of you but are you worthy of her? She’s 18 years old and a pure virgin. What about you? Don’t infect her with your diseases.”

“B*stard, don’t spout nonsense! It won’t be good if Lota hears you!”

Park Chan-young was very anxious.

He walked around the game and kept shouting “Holy Maiden”.

“Lota, Lota, are you there?”

After shouting for a few minutes, no one responded.

Jordan followed behind and said, “Stop stalling. Your Lota is definitely not in the game. Get in the car.”

At this moment, several people suddenly appeared. Only members of the eight great families could appear in the game.

“Hey Park, long time no see.”

A muscular man dressed in bright colors took the initiative to greet Park Chan-young. Clearly, the two of them knew each other.

Park Chan-young looked a little embarrassed, but he still smiled. “Hello, Mr. Rong, Mr. Addington, Mr. Haus. You guys are here too?”

One of the men replied, “Yes, we want to play a 2v2 football game on the beach. We are missing one player. Do you want to join?”

Park Chan-young glanced at Jordan before replying, “I’m sorry, but I’m not free now. You guys go ahead.”

The men turned to look at Jordan. “Who is this?”

One of them suddenly said, “Oh, isn’t this the pitiful fellow whom Park Chan-young crashed into previously? He’s from the Steele family, right?”

Jordan was furious when he heard that. All the other families knew about that incident!

Fortunately, Jordan did not reveal his real name in the game. Instead, he used Jamie’s name.

Jordan said sternly, “That’s right. I’m Jamie from the Steele family!”

Park Chan-young looked confused. Wasn’t he Jordan? Why was he claiming to be Jamie now?

Just as he was about to speak, Jordan shot him a look.

Jamie was clearly already famous. The three men immediately cheered.

“Hey, buddy, you’re really awesome. I heard that you’ve slept with more women than the three of us combined!”

“Buddy, you’re so good at playing with women. Why did you get bullied so badly by the Park family in this virtual world?”

“Hahaha, Park posted a photo of him crashing into you the last time. You flew right through the air. We all saw it.”

Jordan was very angry at being mocked by everyone. He had been humiliated before these guys even before he met them.

In a rage, he marched forward and tore off all the photos.

“Park Chan-young, you caused me to lose all face in front of all the families and made the Steeles a laughing stock. You lost a bet to me today. I will humiliate you the same way you did to me!”

Jordan got into an SUV and ordered Park Chan-young. “I’ll give you a minute. Get in now!”

Park Chan-young said, “Hmph, fine. I’ll give you a chance to have your revenge! However, whether you can hit me depends on your ability. I won’t stand still and let you crash into me!”

As soon as he uttered the words, Park Chan-young quickly drove off in a modern sports car.

“Oh, are these two going to race? Guys, should we join them?”

“Sounds like a good idea.”

Jordan lowered the car window and said to the three men, “You guys will have to keep up with me. Otherwise, you won’t be able to see Park Chan-young being sent flying through the air!”

He stepped on the accelerator and raced toward Park Chan-young.

Park Chan-young raced far into the distance. He clearly did not want to be humiliated by Jordan in front of those three men.

But would Jordan let him have his way?

“Jordan, you have to be able to catch up if you want to knock me down,” Park Chan-young said smugly.


Jordan snorted coldly. In the game, he would not die no matter how he drove. It would be easy for him to crash into Park Chan-young without any worries for his own safety!

Jordan kept closing in on Park Chan-young. He was getting nearer and nearer to him!

“D**n it!”

Park Chan-young was a little scared now.

At that moment, Jordan suddenly noticed a sweet-looking girl in a white dress on the right side of the road.

“Oh my god, only a virtual game can produce a girl with such goddess-like looks!”

Jordan was attracted by her beauty. He had never seen such an exquisite and beautiful woman.

Of course, this was just a virtual game. The players could create avatars to be as perfect as they wanted to be.


Jordan suddenly called out.

“What? What did you say?”

As expected, Park Chan-young was fooled. He immediately looked around.

Jordan had no idea who the girl was. He knew that Park Chan-young liked Lota, so he used her to distract him.

Indeed, Park Chan-young slowed down while Jordan crashed into the tail of his car at high speed, knocking Park Chan-young’s vehicle into the air!


Park Chan-young cried out.

Similar to what happened to Jordan previously, Park Chan-young’s car fell apart in mid-air. Meanwhile, the man himself flew through the air.

He fell heavily to the ground.

Coincidentally, he fell right in front of the exquisite girl.

The girl was surprised and reached out a hand to him. She asked in concern, “Mr. Park, are you alright?” The girl’s voice was gentle and her appearance was incomparably exquisite. She was like an angel!

Unexpectedly, Park Chan-young broke down when he saw the girl. “Jordan, I hate you!”

With that, Park Chan-young quickly went offline without saying a word to the girl.

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