That Can Be Arranged, Chapter 201

That Can Be Arranged, Chapter 201

Kieran initially wanted to obtain confirmation from Nicholas. After waiting for a while, he saw that Nicholas didn’t even bother to look in his direction once. He became bored of waiting and bluntly asked, “How are things going between you and Tessa recently?”

The relationship between those two had always been a puzzle. He had long wanted to know what was going on. It was just that he was constantly blocked from the truth. The feeling of not knowing the full story drove him crazy.

Having observed them all night today, Kieran couldn’t shake the feeling that the relationship between them was becoming stranger by the minute.

He didn’t believe there wasn’t anything going on between them because he clearly saw how his brother had quietly cleared all the obstacles in her way without her knowing and even obtained a ticket for her just because it was one of her interests.

But, if he were to say that there was something going on between them… Aside from speaking a few words to each other at the beginning, they had not said another word between them for the entire night. They didn’t even look at each other.

Isn’t the story between Nicholas and Tessa a little too complicated? Or, is their relationship concealed so deeply in order to deliberately mislead others? This was the first time in his life where Kieran could not get the true story behind the juicy gossip. Therefore, this piece of gossip that had no conclusion made him feel very depressed.

He had asked this question at the risk of being kicked out of his brother’s car. Even so, he received neither the ruthless command to get lost nor an answer to his question. Feeling puzzled, he lifted his head and glanced at Nicholas only to see the latter staring at the rearview mirror with narrowed eyes. There was a dangerous look in those eyes.

Putting away the complaints in his heart, Kieran glanced at the rearview mirror as his expression immediately changed drastically. That was because there was a car following behind them. No matter how they changed lanes, the car was always following behind them at a constant speed!

Inside the Sawyer Residence, Remus brewed a pot of tea in the living room after dinner.

He serenely used the wooden spoon made out of redwood to scoop out the tea leaves and placed them in the teapot. Next, he drenched the leaves in boiling water from a kettle by the side. The steam immediately rose into the air, along with the fragrance of tea. Ever since he retired from the industry, his mental state had gradually calmed down. At this moment, his figure wrapped in the steam made his leisurely atmosphere stand out even more.

He carefully took his tea cup with three fingers in a refined manner and took a small sip. Only then did he look at the person who came to visit him and quietly asked, “What happened?”

One should not be fooled by his serene appearance, seemingly unconcerned with worldly affairs. He was the highly revered Remus Sawyer. Even if he no longer managed the business, nobody would dare to take his words lightly, much less disrespect him.

Andrew bowed slightly and responded respectfully, “Timothy Reinhart’s documents have been approved today. According to the report from the men shadowing Master Nicholas, Master Nicholas, Master Kieran, and Young Master Gregory have just finished having dinner with the siblings. As there was no way to enter the private room, we do not have any information on the specifics of their conversation for the time being. Judging by the speed the documents are being released, I’m afraid Master Nicholas is aware that you are secretly intervening in this matter. The organization probably believes that it was done under your orders. That’s why they allowed Timothy’s documents to pass through so easily. After all, nobody else is capable of doing this aside from the Sawyer Group.”

Remus was not surprised by what he heard. Calmly continuing to sip his tea, he gently said, “Since he already knows, then there is no need to be so secretive. Let it be known that any company that dares to do business with Timothy Reinhart will be making enemies of the Sawyer Group.”

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