Tempting Darkness, (book 2), chapter 14

Tempting Darkness, (book 2), chapter 14

Kalen POV

Darius pushes off the ground , looking down at her , horrified . Guilt smashed into me , not his , but my own . They hated him for what he did , but they didn’t know what it was like for him when he was like that . He wasn’t human , man , or Fae in those moments . He was demonic possession , dark energy that knew no limits , no boundaries . I felt guilty because I couldn’t get them to see that .

The look of revulsion and pure disgust on their faces as he tried to pick her up upset me , and embarrassment washed through the bond . He was ashamed of himself . Tobias shoves him away when he reaches for her , but it is Lycus who gets up and growls ferociously . None of them knew . I kept the act itself from them , just like I kept their secrets and how I kept Darius’s . This was our secret . They didn’t need to know . If Tobias just left as I asked , this wouldn’t be an issue right now . Lycus always left , or I was always able to make him ,

convince his mind into thinking I was simply tainting Darius’s aura .. Tobias being Vampiric , I couldn’t compel his mind ; I wasn’t strong enough . The joys of being a dark – Fae , and empathic Fae . I hated it but also loved it . There was nothing they could hide from me , not even their darkest secrets they refused to share . I knew it all . Every dirty sin , every desire , and every secret . Despite the darkest parts of them , I loved them . I loved Darius and knew he would never hurt me , his possessive demonic side would , but I knew that was a separate entity to him . So for that , I couldn’t hate him .

Tobias grabs her off Lycus , cradling her to his chest and Darius looks wounded as he stares at her . Lycus , however , rises to his feet before punching Darius . Darius doesn’t even fight back . He wants them to hurt him for what he did to me . He hated himself . Darius landed on the ground on his back before Lycus pounced on him . Burning rage bled through the bond , and Tobias simply opened a portal and stepped through , abandoning Darius . Turning his back on him . He didn’t care if Lycus hurt him , however ; I did . Darius was our mate , and I wouldn’t let them harm him even if he wanted them to . Therefore , I yanked my pants up before rushing around the desk and slamming against Lycus . I tumbled on top of him .

His beast raged within him , and his eyes glowed , canines protruding from his lips as he snarled . He shoved me to the side and growled . Lycus wanted to rip him to pieces and destroy him like he thinks Darius did to me . Darius sat up , and I threw myself in his lap as Lycus’s fist went toward my face . I closed my eyes a second before his eyes widened at the realization he was going to hit me . His breathing rasped , and he whimpered , making my eyes open to see Darius ‘ hand encasing his fist just off my face . Lycus jerks his hand back instantly , breathing heavily and looks at me , his eyes returning to normal , no longer the glowing obsidian of his beast , he stares at me in shock that I would defend Darius against him .

I s**k in a shuddering breath when – Lycus cups my face in his hands , and I can feel the warmth of Darius’s blood dripping on me , his face bleeding profusely …. ” Come , Kalen . I will get you out of here . Let’s get you cleaned up , ” Lycus purrs . The sound usually soothes me , but not today . I wasn’t leaving Darius right now . His emotions were implosive , and I worried he would harm himself . Our secret was out . He always hated himself for what he did , but today was worse because he had their added hate amplifying it through the bond . I shake my head .

” Go . I am fine , ” I tell him , but his eyes move over my shoulder to Darius behind me , his eyes flicker , but I grab Lycus ‘ face , turning his gaze back to me . ” Go , ” I whisper . ” How can you even be near him after what he did ?! ” Lycus demanded , his voice coming out in a growl . He wanted to kill him . Lycus didn’t care that Darius was our mate . He only cared that he hurt Aleera and me .

” Because he didn’t do it , ” I tell him , and Lycus snarls , not believing me , but I didn’t care . I knew Darius better than they did , understood him and the monster that lurked beneath his skin . They didn’t need to understand it , they needed to accept that I forgive even this side of him , and they should , too . ” How can you say that ? He is bad as the priests at the orphanage , ” he spat at me . I shake head and press closer to Darius . my

” No. They are monsters . Darius is our mate , ” I answered . ” Mates don’t rape each other ! ” Lycus sneered , gripping my wrist to jerk me to my feet , but I pulled my hand away . ” Kalen now ! ” Lycus growls . ” Leave . I will be up soon , with OUR mate , ” I tell him , and I feel Darius move as he shakes his head behind me . ” Lycus is right . You should go with him , ” Darius whispers behind me . ” I’m not leaving you , ” I tell him , not taking my eyes from Lycus , who still looked like he was going to rip me away

from him . He flashes his canines at Darius before his eyes move back to mine . ” Fine . But keep him away from me , or I will f*****g kill him ! ” Lycus snarls before opening a portal and stepping through it . I let out a breath when it closes , leaving me alone with Darius . ” He’s gone now , ” I whisper to Darius as his arms encircle my waist , and he buries his face into the back of my neck . His body shakes as he squeezes me . His tears ran down my skin as he cried .

Only I ever saw this side of him , saw how broken he truly was . ” I’m sorry , ” he kept whispering on repeat , pulling me closer like he was afraid to lose me , and he was . He feared nothing more than everyone abandoning him . They always did . His mother left him after he accidentally killed his sister . She became comatose , and Darius cared for her , living with the guilt of the secret his mother kept saving him from his father . Even if it wasn’t intentional , his father would have killed him for it . His father left him to raise himself . His father was too consumed with finding a cure .

A cure for the plague he helped create that destroyed his family . Darius was a boy , and it was an innocent mistake , yet he blamed himself for her death , for his mothers . Just like he blamed himself for being the one that ended the world as it used to be . He blamed himself for the plague . Nothing I said convinced him otherwise , just like he blamed himself for Tobias’s twin’s death . Twisting in his grip , I straddle his lap , his sadness , guilt , and pain seeping into me hotter than any emotion I felt toward him . He kisses my chest and neck before resting his forehead against my collarbone .

His breath was hot against my skin . ” You should hate me . And I wished you did , ” Darius murmurs . ” I couldn’t hate you even if I wanted to . But I will let you make it up to me , ” I tell him , and he pulls away and looks at me desperately . He would do whatever I asked . I knew Darius needed to make up for his sins , as he saw them , and needed to un – taint what he tainted . ” Anything you want , ” he says , and I cup his face in my hands . His stubble was rough against my palms , his black eyes searching mine . I could ask the man anything and knew he would oblige .

Darius would kill for me and had . No one had blood on their hands like Darius Wraith . But he always had his reasons . He wasn’t a cold – blooded killer like the world perceived him as . They saw a monster while I saw him . He was cruel and cold by nature , but inside , he loved fiercely and was protective . He wore the perception everyone gave him like armor and refused to let others in , knowing that was how everyone could also destroy him . ” Anything ? ” I asked him , and he nodded , clutching me tighter and dragging me against him . His lips pressed to the center of my chest . He could never deny me , but I also never asked for anything either . But this time I would .

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