Tempting Darkness, (book 2), chapter 13

Tempting Darkness, (book 2), chapter 13

Trigger Warning !!! Rape Content . Kalen POV The portal closed , and I sighed in relief when I found Aleera was no longer behind me . Tobias groans on the floor behind me as Darius watches me with a predatory glint in his eyes . I moved around the desk , trying to keep my distance from him . If he grabbed me before I could touch his aura , I was f****d . This side of Darius only recognized power . Darius was starving for it and would kill for it if I couldn’t change his aura to recognize me . This was not Darius , and I had not seen him like this in years .

He always made sure to keep this side of him contained . Nothing was more dangerous than the Demonic King . Just like when he killed his father , his father was power – hungry , just like him . Once his mate died , his father would take power however he could . But Demonic Fae could kill and absorb power , yet that required someone to die . He reminded me of his father when he was like this , a cruel monster . Just like Tobias was a monster when frenzied , so was Darius , without power . It was why Darius killed his father . His father wanted us to claim Aleera , so she could power share .

I knew he wanted to use her so he could retain power also and we got into an argument over it . Aldric lost it ; he hadn’t had power in weeks , after Darius learned how he was maintaining power and confronted him . So when I got into an argument with him over Aleera , Lycus jumped in to stop Darius’s father from raping me . Aldric knew how we maintained power , and figured if we wouldn’t share Aleera with him , then we were fair game . Lycus was nearly dead by the time Tobias and Darius got here . I had no memory of it after being knocked out when I called on them . Lycus refused to tell me what happened , and so did the others . All I knew was that I woke up to Aldric dead , and Darius had absorbed his father’s energy and soul .

So seeing Darius like this petrified me . We were all worried about this , but figured he would have enough sense to come to one of us and not let it get this far . Darius’s aura was so black it was like looking into oblivion . It stung as felt for his bond , temporarily blinding me as I looked through the aura that resonated around him , consuming me as I sought out his bond . Darius lunged over the table at me . His sharp – pointed nails reached for my neck when he was tossed sideways . Darius smashed into the wall on his side as a red light blasted past me . I glanced at Tobias to see him sitting up .

His hand was outstretched , blood running down the side of his head from his temple a drenching his shirt . Darius groaned , and his skin turned scaled as he growled before rushing at me . I see Tobias’s hand flick toward him , but I step in his way , making him drop his magic and I grip Darius ‘ head in my hands as his sharp needlepoint nails dig into my shoulder . I stun Darius , numb and mute his aura and him . ” Leave us , ” I yell at Tobias . ” Like f**k I will when he is like that ! ” Tobias says , spitting blood on the floor . Darius , who was stunned under my magic , stared at me as the tendrils of darkness seeped into me , telling me to give in to the darkness and to follow it . Focusing , I manipulated his aura , trying to take some of the darkness out of it , but it was so cold , making me breathe smoke clouds in the air . ” Kalen ? ” Tobias says , coming up behind me .

I feel his hand touch my lower back , and his worry bleeds into me as the darkness tainting Darius washes into me from his aura . ” I’m fine , ” I gasp as Darius ‘ grip tightens , his nails breaking my skin through my shirt . ” Twist it . ” Tobias growls behind me . ” What ? ” ” Change the direction of it . Stop trying to take it , I will do it . ” Tobias says . 11 ” Tobias , he will hurt you , ” ” I don’t care . I won’t have him hurt you . Not like last time , 11 ” I was fine , ” I retorted . Although he had a point . I couldn’t sit properly for a week , and I was so power drained that I burned out , which knocked me out for two days straight .

” He doesn’t want to hurt me , ” I tell Tobias , feeling some part of Darius stuck behind his basal instinct . ” But he does , doesn’t he , ” Tobias says . ” Tobias , get out ! ” I tell him . ” Kalen ! No ! ” Tobias snarls at me . ” Get out or f*****g watch ! I’ll power him , but I am not letting him hurt you , ” I tell Tobias . I was useless at everything else . One thing I could contribute to our bonds was helping them stay in control or dealing with Darius when he was like this . But I knew I had to change his anger to something else , and warm and fuzzy wasn’t Darius . The only thing stronger than his fury was his l**t . I didn’t mind , and I knew he didn’t mean to hurt me . He would drain me of power , but I am used to not having magic .

Darius used it as punishment over the years ; I could live without it . ” F**k ! Then let me knock him out . ” Tobias curses , realizing I wasn’t letting him swap places with me . ” And when he wakes up , he will be ten times worse ! You know this ! ” I growl at my mate .. Tobias was more potent than me , but that would make Darius rougher with him . I know Darius fights it with me , but he won’t with Tobias . And then once Tobias was drained of power , we would be dealing with a frenzied Vampiric Fae . Going from one monster to another . Tobias wanders off as I feel through the bond for Darius ‘ bond , tugging on it and luring it out .

Darius ‘ breathing becomes harsher as I use my aura to taint him , turning his hunger for power into l**t . The moment I moved my hands , I was going to be like a puppet in his strings , because I couldn’t fight him and maintain concentration at the same time to hold it over him . Every time this has happened , I have usually been on my own or with Lycus , and I always block Lycus out . Yet with Aleera , I wasn’t sure I could block her fully now she had marked me . My hands trembled as I let him go , knowing what I was in for , and my eyes glazed over as I tried to maintain the same level of control , contorting and twisting his aura . Still , at the same time that left me defenseless against him . It blinded me from my surroundings as his aura enveloped me . He had no control , he never did , and neither did I , which left us both at the mercy of his instincts .

This was instinct for him to take , to humiliate , and destroy souls and feast on their pain and magic . That is what the Demonic King does . He could twist your worst nightmare , demolish it and rebuild it into something worse . Take on the persona of the person you feared most . Blinded suddenly to my surroundings , I heard him growl before the air was knocked out of my lungs . The room fizzles into view momentarily as I drop my magic before I am suddenly blinded as I regain control . Darius tugs at my clothes , and I feel with my hands to realize I am on my back on the desk . He snarls , the sound sending a chill up my spine so cold I thought it would freeze my heart . Tobias , I could feel he was horrified as Darius shredded my clothes .

He’d never seen Darius like this . I always dealt with him when he was this way after learning firsthand what he was capable of . Therefore , I made sure I forced them out , yet Tobias wasn’t leaving Darius ‘ hands fall on my hips before he flips me , making me lose my magic as he slams me on my stomach on the desk , flinging me around like a rag doll . Reaching out , I opened a portal , wanting Tobias to step through it . Yet all he did was shake his head , and refused to tear his eyes from us . My magic drops when Darius forces himself inside me , as pain rips through me .

I grip the desk and grit my teeth , instead focusing on his aura and trying to slow him as he thrust into me . I felt like I was tearing in two when I felt him suction on to my magic and draw on it . Once it was gone , I would have not a sliver of control left over him until he was done with me and came back to us . It sickened me knowing this could have been Aleera if she didn’t get out in time . Tobias growls and I feel my magic fading away with each brutal thrust . Darius groans behind me and my vision flickers as he drains me of power , the room coming back into view when I see Tobias step into a portal .

It closes , and I sighed with relief , no one wants to witness this . However , moments later , it opens and I whimper as I find Tobias step through it with Aleera … Tobias’s back was to me and I could see she was crying , making me wonder if I had managed to block her at all . I would kill him for bringing her in here , only when he moves I see she is blindfolded , her hands outstretched . M My scream is deafening when I feel Darius rip himself from me , feeling her energy burning like a beacon . And I turned , trying to grab him as he rushed at her . ” immobolize agus faigh ! ”

Tobias says , and he grits his teeth , trying to hold it over Darius , as Darius resists it now writhing with my power . This was stupid of him to bring her here . Lycus steps through the portal behind her and glances at me before his eyes flick away . Lycus grabs her arms , leading her toward him . ” Hurry , Lycus ! ” Tobias spits as Darius breaks free of his magic and slams against her . They all tumble to the ground and Aleera screams as Darius bites into her neck ; he would kill her to get her magic . Lycus is trapped beneath the pair of them when Aleera clamps her hands on his face .

Her hands glow gold as she feeds her magic into him , burning it out . Her eyes glow through the blindfold like a torch was turned on beneath . As he magic fades , Darius rips his teeth from her neck . Blood ran down his chin and Aleera’s arms fall at her sides as her body goes slack . I see Darius ‘ aura flicker as his conscious mind returned . Meanwhile , Aleera’s magic was burned out completely . He drained her entirely , not leaving even a speck of power .

Lycus was breathing heavily and Aleera’s head rolled to the side of his chest . When Darius came too . The air fizzled around him , hazed , like a veil was lifted . He panted , trying to catch his breath before his breath halts completely . His eyes peering down at her before realizing he was naked . His head whips to the side to look at us in horror . Tobias stood in shock . Lycus was just staring vacantly at the ceiling clutching her body when Darius ‘ eyes fall on Aleera pinned beneath him , her clothes all torn from their earlier struggles . He makes a strange

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