She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment Chapter 896

In the hotel room where the Queen was, the captain of the bodyguards stood before her.

The Queen took off her coat. She was wearing a long gilded dress underneath, she looked so elegant and noble that the captain dared not even gaze upon her directly. Yet when he turned his head to the side, he saw the Queen’s close protection bodyguard, who was in the room with them, staring straight at her with his red eyes fierce and vicious. The captain of the guards glared fiercely at him at once.

That was the Queen! How could he be so ill-mannered?!

Yet the Queen didn’t say anything even after noticing him. She merely waved and dismissed them from her presence.

When Barbarian saw the gesture, he even spaced out for a moment as though he didn’t understand it. It wasn’t until someone pulled his arm that he finally went out with them.

After they left, the captain remarked with dissatisfaction, “Your Majesty, that man is still as ill-mannered as ever. Why do you bring him with you all the time?”.

With a smile, the Queen replied, “Because he is very strong.” The captain was rendered speechless. However, he quickly recovered and asked, “Are you sure you want to transfer him over for the meeting tonight? Is that man named King really so important? Besides, he must have his own bodyguards as well, so he may not necessarily need him!”

Hearing the name King, a kind and affable smile formed on the Queen’s countenance and her eyes lit up a little. She replied, “Well, he may have his own guards, but I’d still like to show him my sincerity by sending the dedicated bodyguard I keep by my side, who is sworn upon his life to protect me, to protect him.”

Barbarian was the Queen’s most trusted bodyguard, sworn upon his life to protect her.

The captain immediately said with dissatisfaction, “But if he leaves your side, you will be in great danger!”

The Queen waved dismissively and replied, “There’s no need to worry. Why would anyone plot against me in Switzerland? Alright, that’s enough. Just send him there.”

The captain frowned and asked, “Now?”

“Yes. Go to the airport, wait for King’s arrival, and then pick him up. You must ensure his safety.”

The captain couldn’t help but ask, “But what if you really meet with danger? If you…”

“Alright, no more ‘buts’. The hotel is very safe. Even if he’s not around, you’re still here, aren’t you? Not to mention the rest of the bodyguards. If it really comes down to it, there are also all the Swiss guards and even the Assassin Alliance!”

Speaking of which, the Queen suddenly thought of something and suddenly said, “If you really can’t put your mind at ease, then transfer Black Cat over and have her protect me.”

As soon as she said that, the captain curled his lips disdainfully and said, “Those people are too ill-mannered and undisciplined. They will never amount to much, especially that defiant and rebellious Black Cat. Don’t worry, we won’t need her. I will definitely ensure your safety, Ma’am.”

“Alright, I trust you.”

The Queen was indifferent.

In her opinion, having these personal bodyguards by her side was already enough.

The captain of the guards went out and sent Barbarian to the airport to wait for and protect King. Then, he double-checked the shift duty schedule and patrol route map. After verifying everything, he stood outside the Queen’s door.

Through the window, he saw the masked Black Cat downstairs getting out of the car and slowly looking up.

The captain of the guards immediately curled his lips in contempt. From the looks of it, the woman still had intentions of currying favor with the Queen. Unfortunately, all she had was fame but no actual skills…

Besides, how could those sloppy and undisciplined people possibly compare to people like themselves who had received formal training?


Nora raised her head and looked upstairs.

She had an electronic device in her hand and was intending to survey the surroundings to prevent unforeseen situations from breaking out. She also incidentally wanted to use the opportunity to perform well, in hopes of being selected and sent to protect King.

Nobody could say if it was just sheer dumb luck or what, but she actually discovered a hint of abnormality-nearby the hotel was a teeny-weeny, barely discernible signal… She locked on to it instantly and found that it was a communication signal.

She hacked into someone’s phone at once, upon which she heard someone speaking in a low voice:

“The close protection bodyguard by the Queen’s side has left!”

“What about the rest?”

“Don’t worry, the rest of the personal bodyguards are all trash. They can’t compare to our troops!”

“Okay, we’ll get the men ready. We must make sure the Queen dies here! Tonight is our chance!”


Nora’s eyes lit up.

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