She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment Chapter 894

The Swiss minister in charge of receiving the Queen had long since heard about Black Cat from Clifford, so he was rather in a spot. He said, “But Black Cat once said that everyone who has seen what she looks like is dead… She had also requested to wear a mask when she took on this assignment, so…”

The bodyguard said arrogantly, “Perhaps you can go over and ask. I don’t think anyone would refuse the Queen’s request.” The main issue here was: how ridiculous would it be if someone wearing a mask was among the Queen’s personal bodyguards?

It would look really awful, which would greatly affect their public image.

The Queen had also heard their conversation, but she ignored them.

She had always been high up in the air. In her world, it was only right that these people obeyed her orders. In fact, they should even be proud of being able to protect her. The Queen continued toward the exit of the airport.

“Are you sure you want to give up the opportunity? You guys best think carefully what your purpose is for coming to escort and protect the Queen,” said Clifford to Black Panther.

Black Panther replied, “But before we came, we had already agreed that Black Cat would be wearing a mask.”

It was most certainly their greatest honor to be selected by the Queen to be her personal guard. If word of it spread in the future, it would bring them a lot of fame.

With that, the Assassin Alliance would be able to openly, and uprightly, transform into the Assassin Security Agency.

When Nora first heard the new company name, she had been speechless.

Since they were a security agency, couldn’t they remove the word “assassin”?! The name made it sound as if they were guarding assassins instead.

Clifford sighed and said, “You guys also said that Black Cat wouldn’t be able to come, but isn’t she still here in the end?”

It’s not the same.

Black Panther silently grumbled inwardly. Could Black Cat even take off her mask?

She was a copycat! There was no way she could remove it.

Although losing an opportunity like that was a huge pity, Black Panther simply couldn’t allow Black Cat’s face to be shown in public, for Black Cat’s sake, as well as for Ms. Smith’s.

Black Panther refused the offer. “We really can’t.”

When Abbott, who was next to him, first saw Clifford approaching, he’d thought that the Queen had really taken notice of him, but unexpectedly, it turned out to be the fake Black Cat instead?

Thus, when he heard Black Panther refusing the offer, he scoffed, looked at Nora, and said, “Of course they wouldn’t dare to-because she’s fake!”

Black Panther looked at him frostily. “It is our organization’s responsibility to protect Black Cat’s identity.”

“… Never mind, then. What a shame, though,” said Clifford.

After speaking, Clifford left and went after the Queen’s bodyguard. After saying a few words to him, the bodyguard cast another glance at them.

Then, he went to report to the Queen.

When the Queen heard of this, a look of surprise came over her face. However, she didn’t spare them even a glance but instead said, “Nevermind, then.”

The person next to the Queen couldn’t help but comment, “How shameless and unappreciative.”

Nora wasn’t aware of what was happening there.

Instead, her eyes were completely fixed on the big and tall figure following the Queen.

The man’s muscles were well-proportioned and every step he took was regular and rhythmic as though every muscle on his body was just right.

Nora had only ever seen a good figure like this on Barbarian.

Every human’s muscles developed differently post-training because the way everyone exerted force in training was different.

But this was not the case for Barbarian. He was naturally endowed with perfect muscles because he had been injected with the gene serum.

As bodyguards were not allowed to wear masks because they represented the British Royal Family, Nora finally managed to get a clear look at Barbarian’s face.

He looked to be of mixed descent and had chiseled facial features. His scarlet eyes struck fear into one’s heart. Barbarian, who was 6’3″, was wearing the bodyguard uniform, which made him look just like a soldier.

Perhaps sensing Nora’s scrutiny, he suddenly turned his head and looked over.

Nora looked away at once.

The man’s sixth sense was simply too sharp. To think he could even sense the malicious gazes of others!

“Let’s go.”

Black Panther’s command sounded in their earphones.

Everyone turned around and went out in a line.

As soon as they got out, they saw that the Queen had already gotten into the car.

A mighty motorcycle fleet and several black sedans led the way ahead while the Queen’s car and her personal bodyguards drove in the middle.

Nora and the others got on their motorcycles. Just as they were about to follow, Clifford suddenly came over. With his face full of embarrassment, he said, “Um, the captain of the Queen’s guards has ordered for you guys to bring up the rear.”

The group fell silent.

Everyone looked at Black Cat and Abbott.

Nora did not speak.

Abbott, however, asked, “Why? We didn’t come just to bring up the rear for them!”

The Assassin Alliance and the Hitman League were both globally-renowned assassination organizations and everyone present was a skilled and well-known hitman.

Therefore, before they came, even though Clifford had not tasked them with protecting the Queen at close proximity, they were still meant to follow the Queen closely at the back.

This was a form of trust and recognition toward them.

Yet they were suddenly being told to bring up the rear now? This was downright humiliation.

Clifford also sighed. He said, “The Swiss will show you goodwill, but obviously, the Queen doesn’t quite trust your abilities.”

Abbott was furious. “Then we quit!”


Clifford kept quiet for a while. Then, he said, “When you joined us, the contract we signed stated that you will obey our orders, or else the Swiss government will never work with you again in the future.”

They were here to be security officers, not big bosses.

All of them understood this. Besides, it went without saying that cooperating with and following the Swiss authorities’ orders would also be a clause written into the contract.

Abbott was so furious that he felt like he was getting a toothache.

As for Black Panther, he frowned and said, “Let’s go.”

Their only option was to go along with it now. What else could they do? If they breached the contract, it wouldn’t be their commission from the job that they would be losing but their chances of working with the Swiss government and the British Royal Family!

Abbott also understood this, so all of them set off dejectedly.

Nora rode her motorcycle and led the group at the forefront.

Abbott sped up and came up to her.

This time, Nora couldn’t speed up and overtake him-after all, the Queen’s motorcade was in front. She couldn’t overtake them.

As a result, she could only put up with Abbott’s noise. He said, “Never mind that you are a copycat, but so what even if the real Black Cat was here? We worked hard all our lives, and even after becoming top-notch hitmen, we are still nothing in front of the Royal Family. We aren’t even qualified to lead the way and can only follow behind the motorcade… Also, did you see, those bodyguards were even looking at us with disdain in their eyes! They clearly look down on us! What are they so arrogant about?”

Nora: “…”

Abbott went on. “Hey, say something. Are you dumb? Or is Black Panther actually the one in charge of you guys? Are you guys just gonna put up with it when you have been bullied?”

Nora stayed silent for a while before she finally said, “We don’t know each other very well.”

Abbott: “…”

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