She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment Chapter 883

Seeing that Nora was silent, Karl was afraid that she would disagree, so he explained further. “Don’t worry, we’ll protect you. We have many experts here. Actually, it would have been fine if Black Cat wasn’t around. However, Queenie heard about Black Cat’s reputation, so she specially requested Black Cat… You don’t have to do anything at all. Besides, the Queen is coming to Switzerland for a meeting this time. It doesn’t have to be too long. I’ll just delay you for three days…”

Nora: “…Since that’s the case, just explain the situation.”

Karl scratched his head. “D**n, I’ll tell you the truth. You might not know this but there’s an organization called the Hitman League in our industry. We’re rivals. All these years, because of Black Cat, the Hitman League has been suppressed by us. This time, besides her own guards, the Queen of the UK also invited some of us and some people from the Hitman League to guard her. The people from the Hitman League suggested your name. They even mockingly said, “Isn’t the Queen worth the appearance of Black Cat?” They’ve put us on fire. We can’t disrespect the Queen…”

Nora thought about the Queen’s character. She indeed wanted the best in everything. Since the Hitman League mentioned Black Cat, the queen must want Black Cat.

As a member of the Assassin Alliance, Nora had to consider matters for the Assassin Alliance, so after thinking for a moment, she said, “Alright.”

Karl was overjoyed. “Then I’ll send someone to pick you up? I’ll tell you about the habits and characteristics of Black Cat so that you won’t expose yourself in front of others. Besides, you’re the Big Sister of Quinn School of Martial Arts… You shouldn’t be afraid of anything in terms of martial arts…”

Nora nodded without much care. “Okay.”

Spacey was dead and Barbarian had fled outside.

Indeed, she had nothing to do now.

After hanging up, Karl was afraid that she would regret it and immediately sent someone to pick her up. Therefore, two hours later, Nora arrived at the headquarters of the Assassin Alliance.



This was a basement. The light was dim.

Nora, as Black Cat, had been here before. At that time, she had asked Karl why he chose this place. The reason Karl gave was: the atmosphere here was strong.

For a killer association, black was the best color!

Nora was speechless about this but she respected Karl’s choice.

At this moment, she looked at Karl standing opposite to her and saw that he had already taken out a black cat face mask and handed it to her. “Hehe, Black Cat always wears a mask for the outside world. The only time she doesn’t wear a mask is when she assassinates someone. Therefore, everyone who knows what she looks like is dead. This also means that no one knows what Black Cat looks like. Therefore, it’s perfect for you to pretend to be her.”

He said with anticipation, “This is the mask that Black Cat left here. Put it on and see if the size is suitable… Oh, right, I’ll tell you about her habits. Black Cat keeps her hands in her pockets so that she can take out her concealed weapons at any time. And her back is always straight. As for her temperament…”

Karl scratched his head. “Her temperament is very mysterious. I can’t say for sure. Sigh, I can’t ask for your acting to be exactly similar… Put on the mask first. Let’s see…”

Along with this sentence, he saw Nora smile and put the mask on her face.

At that moment, Karl’s eyes widened…

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