She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment Chapter 882

When Nora heard this, she pursed her lips.

Of course, she wanted to.

But could she enter?

Queenie had asked her countless times in the past five years but she would never really let her in.

She pursed her lips and was about to speak when Queenie smiled. “Don’t worry. The things inside will be yours sooner or later, but not now.”

A hint of sadness flashed across her eyes every time she heard this.

When Nora heard this, she could not help but retort. “Since it will be mine sooner or later, why can’t it be now?”

“Because it’s noon.”

Nora: “…”


Queenie, this indecent woman, always liked to tease her like this.

She grimaced. “Forget it if you don’t want to let me in.”

With that, she took the three little ones to their room.

When she learned that Nora had three children, Queenie got someone to renovate the house. The three children were still young and liked to live together. Therefore, Queenie burst open the room beside Cherry’s and made one big room.

The three children lived together.

In a room more than a hundred square meters, there were only three beds. In the big room beside it was a children’s amusement park with everything they could ask for.

There were childish games, Legos, and some smart games. Even Pete and Xander, two highly intelligent children, liked them very much.

Cherry was the only one playing with childish skateboards and stuff.

She was not stupid, but she was too lazy to think.

She even said forcefully, “A five-year-old should do what a five-year-old does. Brothers, if you have already learned everything, what will you learn when you grow up?”

Pete and Xander nodded in unison. “Sister is right!”

The corners of Nora’s mouth twitched. These two kids and their sister complex… If she did not know that Cherry was a good-natured child, Nora would be worried that her family had raised a devil incarnate.

She walked the three children around the room and played with them the entire afternoon.

At night, after the three little ones went to sleep, Nora went to Queenie’s room. She took out the V16 serum and handed it to Queenie. “Aunt, keep this safe for a month for me.”

She had already asked Caleb. She would be able to Xander with the gene serum in a month.

Queenie casually took the thing in her hand and looked at it a few times. “This is what that group of people is fighting with you for,


Nora nodded.

Queenie looked at her. “Do you trust me that much? Aren’t you afraid I could have gotten close to you just for this?”

Nora said seriously, “Aunt, there are two bottles here. If you got close to me for this, you can take one bottle and leave the other for Xander.”

Queenie was slightly stunned.

After a moment, she suddenly smiled. “You’re quite generous.”

She did not admit that she also wanted the serum. She did not deny it, either. However, it made Nora even more confused.

However, Nora did not probe further.

She had never probed too much about Queenie.

It was just like Justin. If Queenie was willing to tell her, she would do so. Nora would wait until that day.

At night, Nora slept her first good sleep since coming to Switzerland.

Ever since she brought the three little ones overseas, she had been guarding against Barbarian and Spacey.

She had expected that she would be exposed to Spacey’s vision the moment she stepped overseas. Although she could not guess how, she had nevertheless taken precautions.

Nora never underestimated any opponent.

In the end, she got both bottles.

The result of her scheming was that she had not slept well for a few days.

Therefore, she slept from eight the previous night to two the next afternoon for a total of 18 hours.

When she woke up, all her fatigue was gone.

Nora stretched before picking up her phone. She realized that there were a few missed calls on her phone. They were all from Tanya.

Tanya was living very happily with Joel in New York. Why would she suddenly call her?

Nora raised her eyebrows and called Tanya.

Tanya picked up quickly. “Nora, my father has something he wants to trouble you with. However, if his matter is very dangerous, you don’t have to promise him anything. I’ve already told him…”

Her father…

Nora had just woken up, so she took a while before reacting. Tanya’s father was… Karl Moore?

Why was he looking for her?

Could something be wrong with the Assassin Alliance?

Nora said, “Okay, I’ll contact him.”

After Karl’s identity as a police informant was exposed in the country, he chose not to stay.

After being in the underworld his entire life, he was already used to the underground life in Switzerland. Although he was reluctant to leave the country, he did not want to stay.

Therefore, he chose to go overseas. Nora understood why Tanya had called her. After all, he was Tanya’s father. If his life was in danger, she should help him.

However, what Tanya did not know was that Nora and Karl were also good friends. After all, she was the number one assassin in the Assassin Alliance, Black Cat.

Nora called Karl. He picked up quickly. “Hello, niece. Can you do me a favor?”

Nora: “… What favor?”

Karl seemed to find it a little difficult to explain. He suddenly asked, “By the way, have you watched the new movie, ‘Assassin Not Calm’?”

Nora: “???”

What the heck was this?

What did his need for a favor have to do with the movie?

Then, she heard Karl say, “That movie is about an actor acting as an assassin. Coincidentally, I encountered some trouble here and needed our Black Cat to make an appearance. However, I can’t contact Black Cat at all. Someone recommended that movie to me, so I came looking for you.”

Nora: “??”

Karl continued, “Do you know who Black Cat is? She’s the number one assassin in our Assassin Alliance, a world-famous personality. Um, we recently received a job to protect the Queen of the UK during an event. However, the other party specifically asked Black Cat to come personally… Black Cat is busy in New York, so she can’t come. Can you help me to put on a show?”

Nora: “?????”

Karl continued, “I originally wanted to call Tanya over, but she’s too hot-tempered. She doesn’t have the temperament of Black Cat at all. Then, I thought of you. You’re cold enough and cool enough. You’re very similar to Black Cat, so can you help me with this? By the way, this isn’t dangerous. You just have to keep a straight face and not speak. You can even sleep.”

The corners of Nora’s lips spasmed.

Was Karl asking her to act as herself? Was he high…

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