She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment Chapter 879

Once Nora retrieved the serums, she would only need one for Xander.

Caleb was the only one with some bare connections to Nora. However, his cancer was already at an advanced stage and he didn’t have long to live. Besides, he’d never thought of fighting for the serum, either.

Therefore, it was true that she only needed one.

It was better for Nora to agree to Liam’s offer. By having the two of them take one each, the spoils would be evenly divided. Moreover, the current situation seemed to have reached an impasse.

Liam was very sure that Nora would agree, yet she merely cast her eyes down and continued forward.

“Don’t move! If you come any nearer, I really will empty the serums into the river!”

Liam shouted nervously.

However, Nora did not stop.

She continued to walk forward with a faint smile on her lips.

“Well, It’s purified water anyway, so it doesn’t matter even if you empty them into the river.”

Her words stunned Liam. “What did you say?”

Nora looked at him. “As I said, we stayed in the school because we wanted to catch Barbarian, and for that end, we had made full preparations. So why would I head to the lab to refine the gene serum so carelessly after getting my hands on it?”

She looked at Liam and went on. “I didn’t expect you to be the backup plan in Barbarian’s plans, but the moment you entered the lab, I figured it out. In that case, why would I still refine the V16 and give it to


She stared at the reagent bottles in Liam’s hand and said, “Feel free to toss it.”

There was only distilled water in there anyway–Nora had poured the real gene serum into an inconspicuous test tube in Wayne’s laboratory instead.

It was only after Liam took the two bottles of “gene serum” and left that she had slowly, and leisurely, stored the real V16 in a special container.

Liam: “!!”

He stared at the bottles in his hand in disbelief. Suddenly, he opened the lids and tossed one straight into the river.

But even when he did that, Nora didn’t react in the slightest.

This showed that everything she said was true!

Liam realized at once that he had been fooled!

He threw the other bottle of purified water into the river too and immediately got into his car. Before Nora could catch up, he started the car violently, causing it to zoom straight ahead!

Given Nora’s driving skills, he knew that she would definitely be able to catch up with him, but by then, fleeing had already become something instinctive for him.

Seeing that panic had seized him again, Nora cast her eyes down and sneered. She got into her car, moving very slowly as she did. By the time she got into the car, Liam’s car was already 600 feet away.

But just as she was about to speed up to catch up to Liam…

Bang! Boom!

Liam’s car suddenly exploded violently!!

The entire car was instantly submerged in a sea of flames, which in turn caused a few passing cars nearby to also explode!

Nora could feel her car also shaking. Sound waves and the residual impact of the explosion assailed her from the front, the impact even cracked the windshield.

Half an hour later.

In the hospital.

Nora finished having her wounds dressed.

Fortunately, the windshield of the car she was driving had been modified into bulletproof glass, so it was relatively safe. But even so, parts of the windshield had still shattered and stabbed into her arm.

However, the other four or five cars around them were not as lucky.

Some of the people in the cars suffered burns that covered more than 70% of their skin while others were killed on the spot. There was even a family of three in one of the cars. Both parents had died and only the child in the back seat had survived. Even so, he had also suffered burns.

Before he was administered anesthesia, he kept calling out for his parents… The doctors could only comfort him and tell him that his parents would be back soon.

The scene was simply too devastating and Nora couldn’t help clenching her fists as she watched.

She really didn’t expect that Spacey would plant a bomb on his own car. In addition, his mental resilience had also been much worse than she’d imagined.

To think he would start running about in a panic like a headless chicken…

She clenched her jaw. After her arm was bandaged, her cell phone rang.

It was an unregistered number.

She answered the call, whereupon Barbarian’s voice came from the other end: “Is the scene in front of you to your liking?”

Nora’s pupils shrank abruptly at his words and she suddenly realized something. She asked, “You’re the one who planted the bomb in his car?”

“That’s right,” Barbarian sneered, “Not only is he stupid and daft, but he’s also a coward who values his life very much. When someone like him encounters a problem, there’s no way they would have the guts to risk an act of desperation. If he didn’t die, it would have destroyed our plan! He knew too much! So, if he couldn’t retrieve the V16, then he must die!”

Barbarian’s cold-heartedness made Nora clench her jaw.

As Nora watched the bodies of the parents from the family of three being pushed out of the operating room, she suddenly couldn’t help but question him. “Have you ever thought about how many innocent people have been hurt by your actions? How many innocent families have been destroyed?”

Barbarian sneered. “What do they have to do with me? Besides, from the moment I was born, has the world ever shown me any kindness? If not, then why should I show them any kindness? Don’t take the moral high ground and condemn me. You haven’t suffered the way I have, how can you possibly understand how I feel?”

He spoke coldly and indifferently. There was no anger in his voice-in fact, there wasn’t even any emotion, just like how a human wouldn’t be full of guilt just because they crushed an ant.

His attitude convinced Nora that the man might really have bombed the whole Horgen District, had her aunt not helped her deal with the bomb there.

If one were to say that Nora had felt that Barbarian and the others only became what they were today because of the cruel things that the mysterious organization had done to them, then she no longer held any sympathy for Barbarian at this point.

Life should be respected, not toyed with as though it was worth nothing!

Barbarian must exist only to take revenge on society, right?

Nora did not say anything else.

Barbarian, on the other hand, suddenly said, “The two gene serums are with you, right? But I’m telling you this: do not attempt to inject your son with the gene serum!”

Nora was a little taken aback. “Why?”

“Heh, when I was a child, I lived with four other children. Do you know how the four of them died? When they were injected with the seventh and eighth doses, the interval between those two doses was shorter than half the interval between the previous ones…”

Nora suddenly realized something. She asked, “Are you saying that one would also die if they are injected with the V16 too early?” “Of course. Otherwise, why would we suddenly only start searching frantically for you during the last two years?”

Barbarian sneered and said, “It’s because all of us have only less than three months left, yet the drug cannot be injected in advance. You’ve only just injected your son with the V15, right? Then you’ll have to wait at least two months before you can inject him with the V16.”

Nora didn’t believe Barbarian, but she didn’t dare to disregard his words either.

She was afraid that something would go wrong.

Barbarian would never tell her all this out of the kindness of his heart, though. Sure enough, the next moment, he said, “If you don’t believe me, then feel free to ask Caleb Gray about it. Of course, I’m not telling you all this out of kindness; rather, it’s because I can’t get back in time. I’m afraid that you would be in a hurry and inject your son with the serum first.”

Nora: “…”

Well, that made sense.

She hung up on Barbarian and went to Caleb.

Caleb’s operation had just ended. With his rib broken, he would have to be bedridden and rest for a while, no matter what. She asked Caleb about the authenticity of Barbarian’s claims and he told her that what he said was true.

“It seems that I’ll have to find a place to store the serum and wait for a month to pass before I can inject Xander with it?”

Nora felt uneasy.

She had finally obtained the serum after much difficulty but she was now being told that she had to wait another month.

Who knew what other unforeseen events might occur during this one month’s time?!

Caleb also felt awfully helpless. He sighed and said, “Yes, that’s right. Also, since Trueman is watching Barbarian, he must also know that the serums are with you. While Barbarian is also a fearsome existence, Trueman is not to be trifled with either. I’d suggest that you stay cautious during this one month’s time.”

A resigned Nora nodded.

A safe place…

She hardly knew of any safe places.

What was she going to do about this?

She wondered if Justin had any?

At the thought of Justin, though, Nora couldn’t help but gnash her teeth.

Where had that scumbag gone while she was slaving away here?! Nora inwardly gave the man a piece of her mind in secret. With the school on lockdown and even the explosion on the bridge, she didn’t believe that Justin wasn’t aware of their situation.

Since he wasn’t contacting them, it meant that he might be doing something more important.

Nora had only just thought of this when her cell phone rang.

When she answered, her aunt’s voice came from the opposite end: “Cherry and the others are here with me. When are you coming over?”

Nora heaved a silent sigh and replied, “Now, I guess.”

It had been a very long time since she had last seen her aunt.

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