She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment Chapter 877

In the vicinity of Horgen District, Switzerland.

Since Barbarian wanted to blow up Horgen District, that meant that the bomb must be installed somewhere close. However, Horgen District, which was considered a residential complex for the wealthy, was enormous and even contained a park. It wasn’t going to be easy to find the bomb that Barbarian had buried.

However, on this day, everyone in the vicinity of Horgen District went into action.

The couriers first investigated the list of items that had been delivered to the district during the past ten days.

The courier company’s network of people covered nearly the whole area and there were one or two employees who knew everyone in the district. However, nobody knew that all the courier deliveries in the vicinity were already under the monopoly of a company named Send Express, let alone know that Send Express was a subsidiary of NTT.

At the command of NTT’s boss, aka Queenie Schmidt, a secret showdown was quietly taking place out of sight.

In addition to the courier company, all the street sweepers also went into the district to clean the place. Based on the information sent by the couriers, they conducted a search in the district.

Added to this the fact that the officers on patrol were employees of a security company, the inconspicuous group came together to form a formidable force even greater than security cameras. In just the span of thirty minutes, they found the bomb.

The group immediately made a police report.

Nora, who was sitting in the laboratory, was rather speechless when she received the phone call.

“Why did you call the police instead of just dismantling it?” She asked.

Queenie scoffed. “I’m a good, law-abiding citizen, you know. They should be the ones doing this, in the first place. Why should I take care of it for them?”

Nora fell silent.

Queenie had professional bomb disposal experts in her team, yet she had to insist on making a police report instead.

The corners of her lips spasmed in speechlessness, upon which she heard another laugh from Queenie, who then added, “Besides, it’s not like Cherry is even there, so why should I waste my time and effort doing it? I’ve already made a great contribution by finding the bomb!”

That’s right.

The three children had left Horgen District a long time ago.

Given that Nora had not only wanted to send the children elsewhere but was also aware that her whereabouts were already exposed to Spacey, how would she possibly stop at something as simple as just driving them to another place?

She had sent her children to Horgen District by car the day before, but unbeknownst to outsiders, the houses in the district had underground passages through them that connected straight to the villas next door.

Cindy had been living in the villa next door all along. She drove the car out every day, so it hadn’t raised Liam’s suspicions at all when she sneaked the three children out.

After all, Nora had only just sent them to the district. Who would have thought that she would immediately transfer them elsewhere?

She had wanted the bomb to be defused because it was too powerful. Should it go off, it would bring harm to the people in the vicinity.

Queenie spoke again. “Tsk, the bomb has been defused. How are things on your end?”

Nora’s lips curled into a smile. “They still haven’t realized that they have been fooled. Don’t worry.”

Queenie chuckled softly and remarked dryly, “You wily little fox.”

Before she hung up, she said, “Cherry and the others are here with me. They are very safe, so you can put your mind at ease! You sure are fertile, though. To think you gave birth to three babies, are you actually a sow?”

Nora: “!”

The corners of her lips spasmed and she hung up on her.

The things that her aunt said simply sounded too awful.

Wasn’t it all because her mother had injected her with the serum that she’d had a multiple pregnancy and given birth to three children?

She rolled her eyes and opened the laboratory door.

When Liam took the serums and left just, he had threatened her against pursuing him. On top of that, he had even switched on the security cameras in the laboratory to monitor her. For the lives of those in Horgen District, Nora had refrained from taking any rash actions.

But now…

It was time to counterattack!

She might not be able to beat Barbarian in a fight but Spacey would most certainly be a breeze!

On the highway.

Liam was driving at high speed. He stared ahead of him with a savage smile, but it was at this moment that he received a phone call from Barbarian.

“The bomb has been defused!”

His words took Liam by surprise. “What?”

Barbarian’s voice was also full of shock and horror. He said, “It’s true! I couldn’t locate the bomb just now, so I checked the surveillance cameras. That’s when I found that the police have already surrounded it. I pressed the remote control after that but the bomb had already been defused!”

Liam hammered the steering wheel.

“It’s only been half an hour! Didn’t we agree that you would buy me three hours? Half an hour is not enough for me to get away at all!”

Barbarian said grudgingly, “Never mind, with the V16 in your hands, they won’t dare to do anything to you! Besides, no one went after you when you fled. It’ll be too late even if they start chasing after you now! There are no traffic jams here, after all!”

Liam felt enlightened when he heard him. He said, “You’re right. Putting aside whether or not they can catch up to me, just the fact that the V16 is in my possession is already as though I have a hostage with me. If they dare so much as to capture me, I will destroy the V16! Everyone can forget about living then!”

After hanging up the phone, Liam looked behind him.

Half an hour had passed and he was already a great distance from Staav University. Unless the other party was a godlike car racer, they could forget about ever catching up to him…

Liam breathed a sigh of relief when he thought of this.

Nevertheless, he did not dare to slack off and continued forward.

Ten minutes later, Liam suddenly sensed something amiss.

He turned his head sharply to the side to see a big black jeep driving side by side with him on the road.

The moment he looked over, the jeep’s window slowly rolled down, revealing Nora’s cool and beautiful visage.

Liam: “!!”

His pupils shrank abruptly and he slammed down on the gas pedal.

However, the next moment, the jeep caught up once more.

No matter how hard he tried, he simply couldn’t shake off the jeep. On top of that, he was obviously driving very fast and there were several bends on the highway. It was as if one would be thrown right out of the car if they didn’t slow down…


He spun the steering wheel frantically before he finally managed to turn a corner, but when he looked over at Nora—the woman had one hand on the steering wheel while she slowly stretched out the other.

Suddenly, she made a finger gun, pointed it at him, and uttered, “Bang.”

At that moment, Liam felt like he had just encountered the Devil himself.

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