She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment Chapter 1009

She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment Chapter 1009

Nora said hesitantly: “Cherry must have had her cell phone confiscated for playing games again. What happened to Xander, though?”

Although Cherry didn’t take her studies seriously in school, she was very well-behaved. Moreover, she was good-looking and a sweet-talker, so even if the headmasters confiscated the cell phone, they would return it to her within just a couple of days.

Over the years, the school had rarely ever called her parents because of disciplinary issues.

As for Xander, he was pretty much the model student and had never had any incidents where the school had to call his parents!

Justin was perplexed too. “… I’m free tomorrow anyway. Let’s go and have a look.”

As the Hunts’ children, the three children’s information was confidential to outsiders and they also faked their identities in school.

Moreover, the three kids all had different last names…

Apart from Cherry and Pete who looked too alike to be entirely unrelated, nobody knew that Cherry and Xander were also siblings. Nobody knew that they were the Hunts’ children either.

After all, for their safety, they had to be low-key about it!

Furthermore, the three children were enrolled in a private school from the start anyway…

In order to make Cherry and Xander independent, the two of them even chose to move to the boarding school after fourth grade… Cherry was the one who requested this, of course.

Needless to say, Nora knew that she did it because nobody would be able to stop her from using her cell phone once she moved to the school dorms.

Little Cherry knew that it would be difficult to convince Nora, so she had pestered Justin to agree to the request instead. Mr. Slave-To-His-Daughter Justin would never turn down her requests, so he had signed the application form for moving into the school dorms.

Nora had even lost her temper because of this.

In the end, it was only when Xander also decided to move into the dorms to monitor her that Nora finally let the matter go.

All three children were extremely outstanding. Pete did everything systematically and did not hide his capabilities—after all, he was going to take over a publicly-known company like the Hunt Corporation in the future.

In that case, Pete’s excellent capabilities must be clear to all.

As for Xander… he was even smarter—after all, he had been injected with the gene serum. However, it was precisely because of this that Nora and Justin decided to have him progress through his education systematically. Xander was raised by Trueman, so his moral compass had become a bit misguided. The two hoped that Xander could slowly correct this through contact with his peers, even if his current classes were way too simple for him…

Besides, Xander was taking over the Imperial League in the future, so he would stand out less if he did everything systematically.

After all, with people like Pete, one was enough to create a sensation in the country.

Nora and Justin also chose different ways to educate the three children.

The next day, the two arrived at the school together.

As it was the headmaster who had asked for them to come, the two went to his office.

The headmaster was a bit taken aback when he saw Nora. However, when he saw how lazy and half-asleep the woman looked, he frowned, though he refrained from saying anything nasty. After all, the woman looked like she wasn’t one to be messed with.

“Are you Cheryl’s mom?” He asked.

Nora nodded.

The headmaster then looked at Justin.

Justin’s elite aura was impossible to conceal, even if he tried his darnedest to tone it down and make himself seem more approachable.

With a smile, the headmaster said, “You must be Alexander’s father? Here, please take a seat.”

With confused looks, Nora and Justin sat on the sofa opposite the headmaster’s desk and looked at him.

Nora was reticent, so Justin asked, “Sir, did the two children do something wrong?”


The headmaster became stern and said, “That’s exactly why I asked the two of you to come! People who enroll their children in our private school are all rich and noble, so I understand that you would have higher expectations for your children! That is why I must let you know in advance if they make any mistakes, so that the problem can be nipped in the bud!”

Justin frowned, his voice turning a little stern. “What did Alexander do? He must have instigated it!”

After all, his daughter was so well-behaved.

Now, Nora didn’t like hearing that. She frowned and looked at Justin as she said, “Maybe it’s Cheryl who did something wrong and implicated Alexander?”

Nora didn’t like how Justin pampered their daughter.

He pretty much had no boundaries.

Fortunately, the family still had her, the mother, around. If not, he would have neglected both their sons.

Justin’s voice immediately softened. “… There’s that possibility too, but Cheryl definitely wouldn’t do it on purpose. Since Alexander failed to protect her, the responsibility lies with him!”

Nora: “…”

The headmaster opposite them: “??”

The confused man lowered his head to check if he had invited the wrong people over.

When conflicts arose among other children, their parents always took their own children’s side unconditionally. Why was this pair of parents so strange?

Had he invited Cheryl’s father and Alexander’s mother over instead of Cheryl’s mother and Alexander’s father?

In the midst of his confusion, Nora slowly asked, “Sir, what exactly did the children do?”

The headmaster looked up at once. With a frown, he replied, “They are dating at an early age!”

Nora: “?”

Justin: “?”

The headmaster said righteously, “Children these days mature very quickly. By the time they turn ten, they already know what it means to have a crush on someone. There are quite a few couples in our school too… As parents, you should be strict with them! Nip it in the bud! And put an end to this!”

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