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#Chapter 88 Consequences

Selene’s pov

Oh Goddess, why did I just say that?

It seemed like a good idea in the moment. Bastien was watching me with that predatory gleam in his eye and my heat sparked with a vengeance. One look and I combusted, flames of passion engulfing my body and driving all sense from my head.

Luna got the better of me, convinced me I needed him more than I needed oxygen, told me to say whatever it took to make him claim me. But I just challenged him, told him he hadn’t done his job as my mate – as if he wasn’t already angry enough.

He was going to rut me either way, I tell Luna ruefully, I didn’t have to provoke him.

Yes you did, his wolf needs this – and so do I. She insists. She’s right, I realize, and she’s not alone in her desires. I need to feel Bastien’s dominance, I need to feel his possession so deeply that it permanently brands my soul.

Bastien’s eyes flash and the next thing I know I’m spinning, turning to face the table. Bastien clears the surface with one powerful sweep of his arm, sending glass and china clattering onto the bench. Pressure between my shoulder blades bends me over the table, and the next thing I know my cheek is flush against the cool wood.

Bastien keeps one large hand splayed across the small of my back to pin me in place – not that he needs to. My palms rest on either side of my head, but I don’t try to rise. My heart races as Bastien flips up my dress and rips away my panties, my breath diminishing to a ragged pant.

I can barely keep up with what’s happening, but I don’t need to, I know my mate will take care of me. I know

*Smack!* Bastien’s hand comes down hard on my exposed backside, drawing a startled yelp from my lips. Now I do try to push myself up, pressing my hands into the wood with all my strength, but I’m powerless beneath him.

“What are you doing?!” I cry in shock, even as another swat lands. Forgetting about standing, I throw my hands back to try and cover my bottom, but Bastien simply gathers my wrists and holds them behind my back.

**What does it look like I’m doing?” He growls, his voice like gravel.

Suddenly I remember where we are, and I strain to see over the top of the booth. “Bastien, someone could see!” I exclaim, thinking of the floor to ceiling windows lining the front of the cafe.

“Then they’ll see an Alpha punishing his naughty mate.” He replies nonchalantly, as if spanking fully grown women is something that happens every day. A series of five sharp smacks pepper my behind, Bastien punctuating each one with his scolding words. “I. Could. Never. Hate. You.” He says the phrase so viciously I wince. I know he’s only using a tiny fraction of his strength, but my skin burns beneath his touch. I writhe, trying to escape his punishing hands and whining like a pup.

“You are my everything, Selene.” Bastien declares fiercely, rubbing my aching bottom and then delivering another whack to the spot he just soothed. “Don’t you dare forget it.”


My poor little mate doesn’t know what hit her – literally.

I’ve given Selene a few playful swats over the years, even a few real ones in the bedroom, but I’ve never disciplined her this way. I was always afraid of triggering her post traumatic stress, of reminding her of Garrick and making her afraid of me.

To be fair, I didn’t actually intend to do this. Axel responded to our mate’s challenge so abruptly I didn’t even think about what was doing. One moment Selene was whispering that I hadn’t claimed her thoroughly enough, and the next I had her sprawled over the table with her luscious bottom on display.

Bright red handprints mark her pale cheeks, and I can hear her sniffling softly. “I’m sorry.” Selene pleads, still trying to wriggle out



#Chapter 88 Consequences

of my hold. Apparently my concerns about frightening her were unnecessary. Not only is she not afraid, but the scent of her arousal has grown stronger, spiking every time I land a s***k.

“You’ve been a very bad girl.” I purr, giving her two strong smacks. Selene squeals in protest, more affronted than pained. “Doubting your mate.” *Smack!* “Lying to him.” *Smack!* “Keeping secrets.* *Smack!* *Putting your precious life in danger.” This smack is the hardest of all, and my mate finally stops struggling.

Her body relaxes, the fight draining out of her limbs. Little by little, she submits, accepting her punishment and yielding to my control. This time when she apologizes, she means it. “I’m sorry, Bastien.” She murmurs, her voice thick with tears. “For everything.”

“I know you are, sweetheart.” I flip her over onto her back, smirking when she hisses as her rear end meets the hard table. “But I’m not done with you yet.”

Her eyes widen as I reach for my fly, and she pushes up onto her elbows, frantically checking the windows. “Not here.” She begs, “we’re practically in public.”

The only reason I agree is because I don’t want any wolves passing by to get an eyeful of what’s rightfully mine. I scoop up Selene and cart her into the kitchen, kicking the door shut behind me and laying her out on the metal island.

She sighs, and I realize the cold surface probably feels good against her stinging backside. Chuckling darkly, I withdraw my c**k from my trousers, pulling the neckline of Şelene’s dress down to expose her b*****s.

Axel groans in my head as I sweep my gaze over her naked skin, the sight making my already rock hard arousal stiffen further. For a moment I consider taking a picture of her. I would love to be able to see her like this whenever I want: spread out like a feast for me to devour, disheveled and needy, ripe for the taking.

In the end I’m too impatient. I may have reasserted my dominance in the dining room, but I’ve yet to reassert my claim, and I can’t wait a second longer. “Hold on tight little wolf.” I instruct, teasing her swollen c**t with the head of my c**k. “You’re in for a rough ride.”

Selene’s pov

Rough was putting it mildly.

In the delirious aftermath of our lovemaking, Bastien lies with his head pillowed on my b*****s, bent over the island counter in exhaustion as I run my hands through his soft hair. I feel completely boneless: drowsy and satisfied beyond belief.

The strange thing is how peaceful I feel; not just calm but light as a feather. I didn’t realize how heavily the burden of my secrets was weighing on me until it lifted. Even my guilt has faded. It was still eating me up inside before Bastien bent me over the table, but somehow his spanking freed me of it.

I still can’t believe he did that. I still can’t believe how much I liked it. It hurt like hell, but every time his hand fell my s*x throbbed and clenched, needing to be filled. Deep down I secretly loved Bastien taking me in hand that way, dominating me with so much raw power and control. Somehow it made me feel safe and cared for, like some sort of catharsis which set everything right with my mate.

I hazard shifting my hips and hiss with discomfort. My backside is even more sore than it was before, which isn’t surprising given how ruthlessly Bastien rutted me. The big wolf lying on top of me rumbles contentedly, and lingering kisses shower my b*****s, “You took that so well baby.” He croons, petting my sides. “I’m very proud of you.”

While his praise fills me with warmth, there is one thing I have to make clear. “If you ever,” I begin sleepily, “s***k Lila I will-”

Bastien’s head suddenly jerks up, his expression so horrified that I stop speaking. From the look on his face you would think I accused him of murder. “I would never.” He proclaims, straightening up and taking his comforting weight with him. “Spankings are for naughty mates, not innocent pups.”

I snort, adjusting my dress to cover my nudity and gingerly sitting up. I’m sore in all the right places, and I really could use a nap. I stretch, emitting a little moan before I catch Bastien watching me hungrily. “Oh no you don’t.” I tell him, wagging a finger. “I can’t take any more of your love today, mister.”

Bastien laughs, swooping his head down to steal a kiss before righting his own clothes “That’s probably for the best.” He agrees reluctantly, “We still have to talk about the move.”

That stops me in my tracks. “What are you talking about?” I ask, furrowing my brow.


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#Chapter 88 Consequences

What move? I think, surely he doesn’t mean…

Bastien looks down at me with steely-eyed resolve. “We’re going back to Elysium.”

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