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#Chapter 85 I Don’t Think I Can Be Gentle

Bastien’s Pov

Selene’s eyes are glowing with barely contained emotion when I finally sneak her out of bed, unraveling Lila’s plump limbs from our bodies and slipping out from beneath the covers. Tossing my mate over my shoulder, I cart her into the living room and pull the bedroom door shut.

Depositing Selene onto the sprawling sectional, 1 pounce, covering her body with my own and reveling in the feel of her bare skin on mine. I know the Goddess created us for each other, but it never ceases to amaze me how perfectly our bodies fit together.

giant, her little form fits so snugly in my arms I could happily carry her forever. And that’s not to mention the glove-like embrace of the sleek channel i’m about to bury myself in.

“What if she wakes up?” Selene whispers in between kisses, her hands trailing over every inch of my body. She’s exploring me as if she’s afraid some part of me has changed in the last 24 hours, as if she’s no longer certain I’m real.

“You’re just going to have to be very quiet,” I tease, licking and nipping my way down her throat.

“Bastien, I’m ser-” Her words are cut off with a strangled gasp when I s**k her nipple into my mouth, all protests forgotten. She arches her back, offering up her charms to my questing lips, biting down on her fingers to keep quiet.

In truth, I’m not worried about waking the pup because I know this is going to be over fast. We’ve both been waiting too long to be reunited this way and are positively frenzied with need after denying our instincts for so many hours.

“I don’t think I can be gentle this time, baby.” I warn her. The truth is I need to be inside her so badly it hurts. My frustrated anatomy aches with unrequited l**t, and my sanity teeters on the edge. I might have seemed in control to Selene when we put Lila to bed, but I simply have more experience being in rut.

“Good.” She growls passionately, sinking her little teeth into the bulging muscles of my shoulder.

Swearing under my breath, I rip the thin undergarments from her body, groaning when I see the wetness pooled at her center. The scent of her arousal has been torturing me all evening, but I didn’t realize how drenched she was until this moment.

Selene is so ready I don’t even need to touch her, so I bury myself inside her with a single thrust. I sink into her soaked sheath all the way to the hilt, swallowing my mate’s cry as she throws her head back with rejoice.

I claim her savagely, giving her everything and taking the same in return. When we were married I would have been afraid to take her so roughly, but now that her wolf has returned she’s egging me on, encouraging me and begging for more.

I don’t hold back, pinning her to the sofa as 1 pound into her tight heat, my pelvis slamming into hers almost savagely. I know the exact moment Selene loses control completely, when her efforts to silence her euphoric moans cease and she begins crying out and whimpering without restraint.

I pause, eliciting a snarl from Selene. Flipping her onto her hands and knees, I deliver a s***k to her luscious behind, changing her snarl to a whine. I give her another, liking her plaintive sounds just a bit too much.

Driving into her from behind, I drag her torso up, pulling her body against mine and covering her sweet mouth with my hand. Selene’s back bows as her hips undulate into my thrusts and her shoulder-blades shake against my chest, the muffled sounds of her pleasure growing lowder.

My mark is red and swollen, mere inches away from my mouth, and I can’t resist. I sink my teeth into the imprint, not hard enough to break the skin, but forcefully enough to prevent her from moving as I chase my climax.

When I feel it begin to tingle in the base of my spine I slide my free hand to her slippery c**t, spurring her to a sudden and explosive peak. Her body goes rigid as it takes her, and her spasming muscles squeeze my c**k so fiercely that I cannot last another second. I spill into her with a ragged growl, riding her through the throws of ecstasy and only stopping when her body goes limp in my arms.

Selene’s head lolls back against my shoulder, wearing a delirious smile that fills me with smug pride. I steal one final kiss from her lips, delving my tongue into her mouth and savoring the taste of my mate.


#Chapter 85 I Don’t Think I Can Be Gentle

I never forgot Selene’s taste or smell in the years I believed she was dead, but I never imagined I would experience them again. Now that I am, I never want to stop… but my little wolf is already half-asleep in my arms, and I know we need to rest.

The bedroom door is still tightly closed, and Lila remains dead to the world when we make it back to bed, showered and freshly clothed. Selene is out the second her head hits the pillow, and the last thing I see before I go to sleep is Lila unconsciously snuggling into her mother’s warmth.


Some very silly part of me thought Bastien might actually forget about the DNA test and my lie. He’s been nothing but adoring ever since rescuing us, and after a morning of family time and frantic quickies whenever Lila takes a nap, I’ve almost forgotten myself.

After lunch Bastien pulls me aside, glancing at Lila out of the corner of his eyes and speaking softly. “How are you feeling about


His words may be vague, but I know what he means. The immediate danger may be passed now that Martin is dead, but having my baby kidnapped in broad daylight has made me fairly determined to never let her out of my sight again. “I’m afraid to turn my back.” I admit in a whisper, “everytime I do I’m filled with panic, even though I know she’s still here.”

Bastien tsks and pulls me into a hug, “I know exactly how you feel.” He rumbles, lips moving against my hair. “I’ve been that way every since I realized you were alive.”

Guilt ties my stomach into knots. I hate the idea of causing Bastien to feel what I am now. I tilt my face up to tell him how sorry!

am, but the words die in my throat when I see his expression.

Luna immediately tucks her tail between her legs. Where there was only love and desire moments ago, there is now an Alpha’s stern disapproval. Cupping my cheek, he proclaims, “We need to find some alone time to talk.”

“Talk?” I squeak, not liking the sounds of that at all.

“Among other things.” He replies ominously, but I don’t want to separate you from Lila if it’s going to cause either one of you stress.”

“It wouldn’t cause you stress?” I ask with mild disbelief. I’ve seen the way he keeps scanning the room for invisible threats every fifteen minutes.

“I’m not talking about taking her out of the apartment. I thought we could go down the street to the cafe and leave her here with Aiden and Mom.” He thinks about it, then adds, and a full security team.”

I know Bastien’s giving me an out. Being separated from Lila and facing the consequences of my lies are the very last things! want to do. However, I also know that my mate will see right through me if I refuse him just to get out of being held accountable.

I try to imagine having Lila a few doors down, knowing Aiden’s mental link with Bastien will alert us the very second something goes wrong. I don’t love the idea, but if the situation were different and we were using the alone time to mate, I think I might be okay with it – in theory at least.

My lower lips quivers, I hate confrontations. I hate people being angry with me, and Bastien knows it. It seems like no matter how much time passes, I can’t shake Garricks ghost – not when it comes to this.

My mate is frowning now, as if a new thought is just occurring to him. “How have you deal with the episodes all these years?”

I know he’s really asking if Drake helped me through them, but when my PTSD strikes, any man who isn’t my mate becomes Garrick reincarnated – even my friend. “On my own.” I answer honestly.

He nods grimly, then compresses his lips into a hard line. “We can’t put it off forever, little wolf.” Bastien remarks gently, stroking my hair back from my face. “And the sooner it happens the sooner we can put it behind us.”

“I know.” I whisper, dread leeching into my veins. “Tonight?”

Bastien considers me for one long moment, then agrees. “Tonight.”

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