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Chapter 84 Changing Plans

It’s over.

Bastien marked Selene. He knows the pup is his.

All my best plans, all the money and resources I wasted, all the trouble I’ve gone to in order to keep them apart: it has all been for nothing. Bastien is going to bring this mate and pup back to Elysium, and he’ll be stronger than ever. He’ll have no distractions, no depression or grief to weaken his spirit. If anything he’ll have more of a reason to fight. He has something to protect now.

To top it all off Arabella has fled to the Calypso pack, leaving me completely high and dry. My only remaining ally is my mother, and she’s more of a figurehead than anything else. When Uncle Gabriel killed my father she instigated the plot, determined for our family to have revenge and to see me take my rightful position as Alpha.

She sent me to the best schools, found shifters to train me in one on one combat and battle strategy; she gave me all the tools needed to succeed. She even set me on track to get a job that would permanently put me in Durand’s orbit.

As far as she was concerned, her part concluded when my education was complete. She made it my responsibility to design the plot and find allies, then set me loose. Of course, the further downhill things roll, the more vocal she becomes. She hasn’t set foot back in Nova territory since the day of the revolt, but she’s got a powerful influence even at a distance.

Sometimes I think my mother is the one who should have planned Dad’s insurrection. She’s cunning and ruthless in a way I can never be. She wants me to put things right and kill Selene and Lila. “Like I should have from the beginning.” She says.

She insists it’s the only way, but I can’t do it. I might have been able to once, but I already lost that fight when I saved Selene from the fire. I don’t care much about Bastien’s brat, but I can’t even bring myself to do away with her, because of the pain it would cause Selene.

I’ve always seen a kindred spirit in Selene, only she’s a thousand times stronger than I am. I lost my father and my birthright, she lost her freedom and her wolf. She suffered for so many years, and I felt for her even before I met her – and what a mistake that was.

As soon as I saw her, and saw how miserable she was with Bastien, I was a goner. Despite my promises to Arabella, I even started thinking about taking Selene as my wife when I finally got rid of Bastien. The blonde would have thrown a tantrum beyond all reason, but by then I’d be Alpha it wouldn’t matter what she wanted.

As inconvenient as it is currently, having Arabella out of the picture actually makes my future plans for Selene easier. I just have to figure out how to get her away from Batien first.

I have to separate them, one way or another. I don’t want Selene in the line of fire, and the worse their relationship suffers, the weaker Bastien becomes. Mother is threatening to come take matters into her own hands if I don’t get things under control within the month, and I can’t afford to let that happen.

The clock is ticking

Selene’s Pov

Lila runs up the stairs in front of Bastien and I, her tiny legs propelling her forward at a snail’s pace – not that we mind. We’re finally home. Not at the Pack House or a Safe House, but back in the apartment where I raised Lila.

My pup is all giggles and sunshine, thrilled to be back in the familiar space and away from all the stress of the last weeks. The hospital released us early this morning, and we spent the rest of the day packing up our belongings and shopping for essentials like groceries

Bastien has his arm slung across my shoulder, and he’s whispering in my ear as I unlock the door, “I hope you’re feeling rejuvenated little wolf, because it’s been almost two days since I last had you and my wolf is getting very impatient.”

“Is that so?” I ask archly, every bit as eager as he is. Though Lila’s kidnapping and poisoning completely distracted me, my body was still awash with the tortuous hormones and impulses of my heat. Now that the danger has passed and I’m no longer exhausted to the point of insanity, they’ve risen again to take control.

Not to mention I will take any excuse to delay our inevitable fight about Lila’s paternity. Right now we’re still reveling in the joy of



#Chapter 84 Changing Plans

health and security, I want to keep that going as long as possible.

“And how do you propose we get a moment alone?” I murmur back, nodding toward our pup, who is currently zooming around the apartment in an irrepressible burst of energy.

Bastien shoots me a wolfish grin, nibbling on my earlobe as he points out, “in case you hadn’t noticed, it’s almost nine o’clock. That means bedtime for pups and playtime for mommy and daddy.”

It hasn’t escaped me how frequently he’s been using these monikers, I remember how strange and surreal it was to become a mother – to actually think of myself as a mommy. It fills me with joy to see Bastien experiencing the same wonder now, despite our rocky start as a family.

I snort, “First lesson in parenting big bad wolf, pups are notorious for sneaking into Mommy and Daddy’s bed, especially after a lot of stress and excitement.”

Bastien doesn’t look concerned – amatuer.

After a bath and a lot of cajoling Lila finally goes down, but Bastien doesn’t even have all my clothes off before the door creaks open and Lila’s little head pokes into the bedroom. “Mommy, can’t sleep.”

Down to my underwear and hitched up against my mate while he kisses and licks his mark, all the while making delightful growly sounds, I try to respond naturally. “I’m sorry baby, I’ll be right there.” I promise, pushing at Bastien’s shoulders in hopes of prying his big body off of me.

It doesn’t do any good, he pauses his affections but he doesn’t allow me to put even an inch of space between us. His head raises to study the tiny creature in the doorway, and his features immediately shift from predatory to tender.

Lila’s lower lip sticks out in a full on pout, and her eyes go big and wide, “I want sleep with you.”

I know I predicted it, but I’m so worked up right now that the thought of going to sleep before Bastien ruts me makes me want to cry. I’m struggling to come up with an answer, torn between my pup and my mate. If it weren’t for the heat it would be no contest: my daughter comes first.

“Of course, little one.” Bastien answers before I can get myself under control. He didn’t think about it for one moment, he immediately caved. Lila already has her Daddy wrapped around her little finger. I’m thrilled and frustrated all at once.

I drop my face to his chest, whining softly. “Hush little wolf, I’ll take care of you too.” He rumbles, pressing gentle kisses to my


Lila is running toward us now, and Bastien scoops her up to snuggle between us. “What were you doing?” She asks sleepily. melting into my arms.

“Cuddling.” Bastien says, a note of humor in his voice, “But now we should all get to bed.”

My gaze jumps questioningly to his, and he gives me a look urging me to be patient. I sigh and climb into bed with Lila, turning onto my side and wrapping my arm around her. Stripping to his boxers, Bastien climbs into the other side, slipping his arm beneath us both so we’re curled against him.

Lila is nestled between our bodies in a perfect fit, and she falls asleep so quickly I almost don’t believe it. I can’t help but stare at her with utter adoration: she looks so serene, so perfect i’m mesmerized. She’s safe and whole, and in my arms. I couldn’t ask for a better gift.

After a moment I realize Lila isn’t the only one being watched. I look over at Bastien and find him watching us both in much the same way I was watching our pup. “It’s incredible, isn’t it?” I ask, “how one little being can give so much joy just sleeping?”

“It is,” he agrees, a well of unspoken emotion rising between us. “But I felt that way long before I met Lila.”

My heart swells in my chest, and I can feel his love pulsing through the bond. My desire spikes, and I feel myself squirming, trying to relieve the ache without disturbing Lila. “Bastien, I need..”

“I know, baby.” He leans forward to capture my lips, dark promise in his eye. *Just hold on a little while longer. Once she’s completely out – you’re not going to know what hit you.”

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