Pregnant and Rejected by My Alpha Mate By Caroline Above Chapter 79 by NovelsYou

#Chapter 79 The Truth Comes Out

Selene’s POV

When we arrive at the hospital I’m on the verge of hysterics.

My mind is still foggy from the Starlight, and my emotions are all over the map. I feel as moody and sensitive as I did when I was pregnant, like my feelings are a surging river dragging me along and I’m pow erless to stop it.

More than anything else, I’m afraid for my pup’s life. I’m terrified were going to be too late and furious with myself for not protecting her better. I should have shifted when Luna wanted to, I should have at tacked Martin – no matter the risk.

The guilt is crushing, not only for failing my daughter, but for the secret which is about to come to light. I’ve already caused Bastien so much pain, and I’m about to cause him more. I don’t know how I’m go ing to tell him – he’s going to be so angry. I know Bastien would never hurt me, but his temper is still a dreadful thing to behold.

. His anger is only the tip of the iceberg. Once the truth comes out, my life in Asphodel is going to be over. The future I imagined, everything I’ve been working towards since arriving here, disappears. Losing those things will hurt, but not nearly so much as losing Lila.

There’s no doubt in my mind that I’m doing the right thing. I just wish I’d never told this damned lie in the first place. Bastien loves me, he’s claimed me, and all the things I thought I knew turned out to be wrong. It’s hard not to feel like everything I went through trying to survive these last few years was for noth ing.

My knees buckle when I try to step out of the car, and Bastien catches me before I fall. He tries to hand Lila to Drake so that he can carry me, but I cry out in protest, latching onto my pup even as I hang in his arms.

“Shhh,” He croons, carefully prying my fingers off of Lila. “Were not going to take her from you, little wolf. We just need to get situated.” With that he hands off the pup, sweeping his arm behind my knees and lifting me into the air. Afterwards Drake returns Lila to me, and Bastien carries us both inside.

Donovan is already in the lobby, rattling off orders and clearing the way for us. No one raises a single objection when the two Alpha’s storm inside, stalking straight past the admissions desk and triage station and into the treatment area. Nurses and orderlies jump out of the way to let us pass, and before I know it l’ m being lowered onto an upright stretcher,

A doctor is already standing at the foot of the bed, her sharp eyes scanning Lila and me. “Just the pup, or Mom too?”

“Just the pup.” I sniffle at the same time Bastien replies, ‘They’re both patients.”

I shake my head stubbornly, “I’m fine, my daughter is having an allergic reaction to Starlight.”

“They were both kidnapped.” Bastien interjects sternly, “She needs to be checked out after youve stabi lized the pup.”

I’m glaring at Bastien, but both he and the doctor seem unfazed. “May 1?” The strange woman asks, pulling on a pair of gloves.

“Of course.” I immediately adjust Lila, arranging her so the physician can examine her more easily.

Luna is growling as the unfamiliar shifter begins measuring Lila’s pulse and vital signs, but I fight back my protective instincts. My daughter might be in mortal danger, but this woman is a doctor. She’s going to help.

I can see Bastien fighting the same impulses, though he’s not quite as successful at quelling them. He moves around to my other side, reaching out to rest his hand on my nape. His calloused fingers begin mas

saging the sore muscles, and I wish I could climb back into his lap.

“How long ago was she given the drug?” The doctor asks, lifting Lila’s eyelids and shining a stark white light into her pupils.

Confusion assails me. I don’t know the answer. How much time passed between Martin administering the Starlight and his meeting with our supposed buyers? How long did they talk before Bastien found us? “I don’t know.”I admit frantically.

Was it already dark out?” She presses, still poking and prodding my pup.

“I don’t know, I couldn’t see outside.” I reply, beginning to get impatient. “Does it really matter? We know what’s wrong with her, we just need an antidote.”

“The timing matters, I’m afraid.” The doctor answers. “The antidote will take about half an hour and we need to keep her stable until it’s complete. Knowing how much time has passed will help inform the treat ment plan.”

My lower lip begins to tremble, “I don’t know.” I repeat pitifully, looking to Bastien for help.

“It hasn’t been more than a few hours.” He supplies, stroking my neck comfortingly. “I don’t know exact ly when he did it or what dosage, but Selene woke up about five minutes ago.”

The doctor makes a note on the chart in her hand, and I think I might explode. How can they possibly be moving this slowly? Doesn’t she understand that my pup is dying? If it weren’t so frustrating I might find humor in the irony – moments ago I was in a tizzy over telling Bastien the truth and now I’m practically chomping at the bit to get it over with.

“This is a pre-existing allergy?” She continues blithely.

“Yes.” I confirm, my heart beating a little more loudly. “But we were never able to get an antidote made.”

She nods, making another note. “We’ll need blood from both mother and father to make it, is that going to be a problem?”

“No.” I answer immediately, My heart beginning to beat a little louder.

“In that case there shouldn’t be any cause for concern, but I’m afraid we are going to have to separate

is gently, “We need to get Lila set up with an IV and start her on some fluids. We’ll keep her going with epinephrine until the antidote is finished. In the meantime, a lab tech will be by to take your blood.”

nod, pressing hurried kisses to my daughter’s sweet-smelling hair before tearfully relinquishing her to the nurses. Bastien too leans over to kiss her soft cheek before they take her away, and I feel a deep pang of longing and remorse. He doesn’t even know she’s his, and already he loves her like a daughter,

The doctor helps me lean back against the flimsy pillow, ‘Your pup is in good hands, Selene. We have every reason to be optimistic.”

“Thank you.” | hiccup, jolting slightly when she reaches for my wrist. “Easy now, we need to have a look at you too.”

“I’m fine.” I say again, feebly resisting her.

Bastien is back by my side, fingers twitching like they watch to reach for me but he holds himself back. When I continue squirming he growls gently, encouraging me to behave, but Luna rears up, snarling right back. One thick brow arches, his silver eyes hard as steel, and I suddenly feel very small indeed. I lower my gaze and sullenly settle, submitting to the examination.

The lab tech arrives just as the doctor is trying to convince me to be admitted overnight for observa tion. She’s already set a nurse upon me with an IV bag and is wielding a horrid hospital gown, but I don’t

#Chapter 79 The Truth Comes Out

want to be admitted. If I’m stuck in a hospital bed then I won’t be able to stay with Lila, and I refuse to leave her.

I jump at the diversion, brandishing my arm for the young man to do his work and extract the life-sav ing liquid from my veins. I focus only on him as he carries about his work, drowning out the scolding voices around me. The worst is about to happen, but the sooner it does, the sooner my daughter will be well.

The tech finishes up promptly and deposits the crimson vials into a biohazard cooler before turning to Bastien, “Now you, sir.”

Before I can say anything Bastien shakes his head. “I’m not her biological father. He is.” He announces, pointing to Drake.

The tech turns to the Eros Alpha, but I put a staying hand on his arm. “No.” I croak, my mouth suddenly feeling like it’s full of cotton, “you were right the first time.”

The young man furrows his brow, clearly confused, and I swing my gaze to Bastien. ‘They need your blood, not Drake’s.”

All the men in the room go very still, but none more so than Bastien. His molten eyes are boring into me like a thousand daggers, and I want to crawl under the bed and hide. “What?”

“They need your blood.” I repeat anxiously. “She isn’t Drake’s.”

Bastien looks back and forth between us, a riot of emotions already playing across his countenance. “The DNA test was negative.” He reminds me.

“It was wrong.” I state, as calmly as I can. “I don’t know how or why but it was wrong. Lila is yours. I’ve never been with anyone else…” Sucking in a deep breath, I share the final d*****g details before I can lose my nerve. “I was already pregnant when I met Drake.”

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